Minutes of the 5th ISOPE NWT Group Meeting

and 2nd NWT Workshop

Time : Thursday (June 3, 1999), 2:00pm

Place : room Sein, Le Quartz Convention Center, Brest, France

Chair : K.Tanizawa (Ship Research Institute-Japan), leader of ISOPE NWT group

Co-chair : A.H.Clement (Ecole Centrale de Nantes-France).

1. Clement first made a short presentation and summarize the results of the 1998 benchmark cases about numerical wave absorption.

2. Tanizawa introduced the brief history of ISOPE NWT group and following benchmark cases proposed last year.

3. Tanizawa presented the results of the 1999 benchmark cases about 2D wave radiation problem. The contributors were (in alphabetic order):


4. From the above list of future topic, Tanizawa picked up two topics as next benchmark cases.

5. It was announced by leaders that the 1st and 2nd benchmark cased are still opened for NWT group and everybody can submit their simulation results.

6. The meeting adjourned at 4:00 pm.

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