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The Proceedings of

the Fourth (2001) ISOPE


Szczecin, Poland, September 23-27, 2001


Environment, Exploration and Survey,

Mining Systems and Technology, and Processing


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Foreword ..... iii
Acknowledgement ..... iv
Partial List of Reviewers ..... iv
Announcements and Publication Order Information ..... v


Mineral Resources of the World Oceans – their Importance for Global Economy in the 21st Century
Ryszard Kotlinski ..... 1
Deep Seabed Mining Environment: Preliminary Engineering and Environmental Assessment
Jin S. Chung, Gerd Schriever, Raul Sharma and Tetsuo Yamazaki ..... 8
Indian Polymetallic Nodule Programme
S.K. Das ..... 14
Geological Controls of Marine Ferromanganese Deposits on Regional and Small-Scales: an Example in the Northwestern Pacific
Akira Usui, Maki Sekimoto and Kantaro Fujioka ..... 20
Drilling Survey at the Suiyo Seamount in the Izu-Ogasawara Arc, Japan
Nobuyasu Nishikawa ..... 25
Summary of the Japanese Environmental Study for Direct Impact Experiment on Seamount (DIETS)
T. Matsui, S. Okubo and E. Kuboki ..... 31
Changes in Genus-Level Diversity of Meiobenthic Free-Living Nematodes (Nematoda) and Harpacticoids (Copepoda Harpacticoida) at an Abyssal Site Following Experimental Sediment Disturbance
Teresa Radziejewska, Valentina V.Galtsova, Idzi Drzycimski, Lena V. Kulangieva and Valcana Stoyanova ..... 38
Preliminary Experiment on Powderization of Deep-Sea Sediment during Hydraulic Transportation
T. Yamazaki and R. Sharma ..... 44
Evaluation of Physical Environmental Consequences of Deep-sea Mining
H.U. Oebius and G. Schriever ..... 50
Comparison of geochemical and geotechnical sediment-baseline profiles of COMRA (CCFZ) and TUSCH (Peru Basin) Study areas within the scope of Mn-nodule mining
B. Grupe, M. Maggiulli, H.-Y. Zhou and J.-Y. Ni ..... 56
IOM BIE Revisited: Meiobenthos at the IOM BIE Site 5 Years After the Experimental Disturbance
Teresa Radziejewska, Joanna Rokicka-Praxmajer and Valcana Stoyanova ..... 63
DIETS: A New Benthic Impact Experiment on a Seamount
T. Yamazaki, E.Kuboki and T. Matsui ..... 69
The Responses of Deep-Sea Benthic Organisms to Experimental Removal of the Surface Sediment
Y. Shirayama, T. Fukushima, T. Matsui and E.Kuboki ..... 77
Environmental Management of Tailings from Deep-sea Mining through Soil Engineering
John Wiltshire, Kathleen Moore and Terry Lay ..... 82
Deep Ocean Mining Reconsidered a Study of the Manganese Nodule Deposits in Cook Islands .....
Fredrik Sřreide, Trygve Lund and Jan Magne Markussen 88
Developmental Tests on the Underwater Mining System Using Flexible Riser Concept .....
C.R. Deepak, M.A. Shajahan, M.A. Atmanand, K. Annamalai, R. Jeyamani, M. Ravindran, E. Schulte, R. Handschuh, J. Panthel, H. Grebe and W. Schwarz 94
Innovative Deep Ocean Mining Concept Based on Flexible Riser and Self-Propelled Mining Machines
R. Handschuh, H. Grebe, J. Panthel, E. Schulte, B. Wenzlawski, W Schwarz, M.A. Atmanand, R. Jeyamani, M. Shajahan, R. Deepak and M. Ravindran ..... 99
Instrumentation and Control System of a Sand Mining System for Shallow Water
E. Schulte, H. Grebe, R. Handschuh, J. Panthel, B. Wenzlawski, W. Schwarz, M.A. Atmanand, C.R. Deepak, R. Jeyamani, M.A. Shajahan and M. Ravindran ..... 108
Experimental Study on Grouser Shape Effects on Trafficability of Extremely Soft Seabed
Sup Hong and Jong-Su Choi ..... 115
An Experimental Study on the Flow Characteristics of Solid-Liquid Two-Phase Mixture in a Flexible Hose
Chi Ho Yoon, Kwang Soo Kwon, Seok Ki Kwon, Dong Kil Lee, Won Mo Sung, Yong Chan Park and Ou Kwang Kwon ..... 122
Slip Velocity in Nodules Vertical Flow – Experimental Results
Jerzy Sobota, Stanislaw Boczarski, Leszek Petryka, Ryszard Kotlinski and Valcana Stoyanova ..... 127
Effects of Particle Size and Concentration on Pressure Gradient in Two-Phase Vertically Upward Transport
Jin S. Chung, K. Lee, A. Tischler and G. Yarim ..... 132
Hydraulic Losses Prognosis of Coarse Particles Flows in Vertical Pipes
E. Bournaski, I. Ivanov, J. Sobota and V. Berman ..... 139
Deep-Ocean Water UTILIZATION
Recent Researches on Deep Ocean Water Applications in Japan
Koji Otsuka ..... 144
Conceptual Design of a Deep Ocean Water Upwelling Structure for Development of Fisheries
S. Ogiwara, Y. Awashima, H. Miyabe and K. Ouchi ..... 150
A Feasibility Study on the Energy Source for the Ocean Nutrient Enhancer
Kazuyuki Ouchi, Toshio Yamatogi and Sadayuki Jitsuhara ..... 158
India’s Demonstration Metallurgical Plant to Treat Ocean Nodule
R.P.Das ..... 163
Hydrometallurgical Processing of Manganese Deep-Sea Nodules: Dissolution and iron Recovery
Jitka Jandová, Hong Vu, Katerina Lisá, Tomáš Grygar and Jaroslav Bohácek ..... 167
Optimization of Technologies for Processing of the Polymetallic Nodules
Frantisek Vranka ..... 172
Hydrometallurgical Processing Technology of the Polymetallic Nodules from Interoceanmetal Mining Site
M. Pelegrín Rodríguez, A. Mosqueda Martínez and S. Ariza Borges ..... 177
Solvent Extraction Process for Recovery of Nickel and Cobalt from Ocean Nodules Leach Liquor
S.K. Tangri, R. Sadanandam, M.F. Fonseca, and A.K. Suri ..... 182
Acid Leaching with Sulfur Dioxide and Air of the Polymetallic Marine Nodules
A. Mosqueda Martínez, M. Pelegrín Rodríguez and S. Ariza Borges ..... 186
The non-refereed papers for oral presentations only are not included in the proceedings.