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The Proceedings of

the Second (1997) ISOPE


Seoul, Korea, November 24-26, 1997


Exploration and Survey, Environment,

Mining Systems and Technology, and Processing


A single volume: 202 pp.

International Standard Book Number: ISBN 1-880653-33-8



Foreword ..... iii
Acknowledgement ..... iv
Partial List of Reviewers ..... iv
Partial List of Reviewers ..... vi
Announcements and Publication Order Information ..... v


DEEP-OCEAN MINING - General and Review
An R & D Plan for Deep-Ocean Manganese Nodule Production Technology: Development of a TIS Program
In-Kyu Park, Keh Sik Min and Jin S. Chung ..... 1
New Era for China Manganses Nodules Mining Summary of Last Five Years’ Research Activities and Prospective
Ning Yang and Minghe Wang ..... 8
Survey Technologies and Their Breakthroughs for Deep-Sea Mineral Deposits
Tetsuo Yamazaki and Katsumi Yokokawa ..... 12
Review of Studies on Manganese Nodules Processing
Kazuhiro Kojima ..... 19
Submersible Observations of Marine Manganese Deposits on Some Seamounts in the Northwestern Pacific: A Review
Akita Usui and Akira Nishimura ..... 23
Law of Distribution of Manganese Nodules in the China’s Pioneer Investor Area
Dongyu Xu and Liang Hongfeng ..... 30
Development and Preliminary Sea Trial of "OKPO-6000" AUV
Jongsik Woo and Mikhail D. Ageev ..... 35
Estimation of Coverage and Size Distribution of Manganese Nodules Based on Image Processing Techniques
Seung Ho Park, Dae Hee Kim, Choon-Woo Kim, Chan Young Park and Jung Keuk Kang ..... 40
Integrated Underwater Communication Network for Deep Sea Mining
Yong-Kon Lim, Jong-Won Park, Sup Hong and Seok Won Hong ..... 45
Polymetallic Nodules - A Possible Source of Rare Earth Elements
R. Kotlinski and A. Parizek ..... 50
Comparison of Control Systems for Longitudinal Vibration of a Pipe String
Kazuo Aso ..... 57
Feasibility Study on the Installation of a Lifting Pipe by the Tow Method
Young Sik Jang ..... 64
Bending Strength of Lifting Pipes During Handling of Pipe Connection in Manganese Mining System
Tohru Ohta and M. Morikawa ..... 68
3-D Dynamic Analyses of Lifting Pipe Systems in Deep-Seabed Mining
Sup Hong ..... 75
An Articulated Pipe System with Thrust Control for Deep-Ocean Mining
Jin S. Chung ..... 82
Conceptual Design of a Hybrid Pick-up Device for Deep Ocean Mining
Keh Sik Min, Jae-Yong Shim, Sup Hong, Jong-Su Choi and H. Amann ..... 91
The China’s Manganese Nodules Miner
Li Li and Jilong Zhang ..... 95
A Kinematic and Sensitivity Analysis of Pick-Up Device of Deep-Sea Manganese Nodule Collector
Sup Hong, Jong-Su Choi and Jae-Yong Shim ..... 100
A Study on Economics of Development of Deep-Seabed Manganese Nodules
Kyung-Sik Ham ..... 105
Studies on Reasonable Hydraulic Lifting Parameters of Manganese Nodules
Jianxin Xia, Lingxu Xie, Weishen Zou, Dashen Tang, Jiazhen Huang and Shengzhan Wang ..... 112
Overflow Volume Generated by Air-Lift Pump
Hi Sun Lee, Chi Ho Yoon, In Kee Kim, Kwang Soo Kwon, Joon Soo Kim, Sang Soo Kang and Dae Woo Kang ..... 117
Mining for Cook Islands Nodules and Other Deposits Using the Turning CLB
Yoshio Masuda and Michael J. Cruikshank ..... 122
The Japanese Environmental Impact Research for Manganese Nodule Mining
Yuji Kajitani ..... 131
The Ecological Impacts of the Joint U.S.-Russian Benthic Impact Experiment
Dwinght D. Trueblood, Erdogan Ozturgut, Mikhail Pilipchuk and Ivan F. Gloumov ..... 139
Benthic Disturbance and Monitoring Experiment in the Central Indian Ocean Basin
Rahul Sharma and B. Nagender Nath ..... 146
Temperature Dependence of CO2 Solubility in Hydrate Region
Kenji Yamane, Izuo Aya and Hideki Nariai ..... 154
Development of Image Analytical Technique for Resedimentation Induced by Nodule Mining
Tetsuo Yamazaki, Yuji Kajitani, Brian Barnett and Toru Suzuki ..... 159
Aqueous Reduction of Polymetallic Nodule for Metal Extraction
R. P. Das and Shashi Anand ..... 165
Study on the Leaching Mechanism of Cu and Ni from Deep-Sea Manganese Nodules with Hydrochloric Acid
Dong-Jin Kim and Kyung-Ho Park ..... 172
Reduction Roasting of Deep Sea Manganese Nodules Using Liquid and Gaseous Reductants
S. Srikanth, T. C. Alex, Archana Agrawal and Premchand ..... 177
Ammonia Leach and Solvent Extraction for the Recovery of Valuable Metals from Roast-Reduced Polymetallic Ocean Nodules
G. V. K. Puvvada, R. K. Jana, B. D. Pandey, D. Bagchi, V. Kumar and Premchand ..... 185
India’s Manganese Nodule Programme - An Overview of Its Activities
A. E. Muthunayagam
Sampling Strategies for Biological Deep-Sea Studies
Hjamal Thiel, H. Bluhm, C. Borowski, K. Vopel, A. Ahnert and G. Schrieber