The Proceedings of

the First (1995) ISOPE

Ocean Mining Symposium







Tsukuba, Japan



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National Program and Overview


Deep Ocean Resource Development Program of Korea

H. S. Kim                                                                                                                 1


InterOceanMetal Joint Organization: Achievements and Challenges

R. Kotlinski                                                                                                              5


Current Status of Deep-sea Mineral Resources Development in Japan

A. lnokuma                                                                                                              9




Exploration Inputs for Exploitation of Manganese Nodules in Central Indian Basin

R. Sharma and R. R. Nair                                                                                       15


Mining System and Technology


Assessment of Options in Design of Deep-Ocean Mining Pipe Systems

J. S. Chung                                                                                                             23


NIRE's Research in Ocean Mining

M. Kuriyagawa                                                                                                       31




The German Environmental Impact Research for Manganese Nodule Mining in the SE Pacific Ocean

H. Thiel and Forschungsverbund Tiefsee-Umweltschutz                                       39


Overview "Japan Deep-Sea Impact Experiment = JET"

T. Fukushima                                                                                                          47





Mining System and Technology


Preliminary Geotechnical Properties of Deepsea Sediments from the Central Indian Basin

N. H. Khadge                                                                                                           55


Simulation Study on Motions of a Towed Collector for a Manganese Nodule Mining System

H. Yasukawa. K.lkegami and T. Minami                                                                 61


Three Dimensional Analysis on Behaviour of Mining Pipe of Deep Seabed Mineral Resources

S. Hong                                                                                                                    69


Studies on the Optimum Shape of Buffer for Reducing the Longitudinal Vibration

of a Pipe String for Mining Manganese Nodules

K. Aso. K. Kan and H. Doki                                                                                    75


Chaotic Heave Motion of Marine Cable-body Systems

S. Huang and D. Vassalos                                                                                        83


Study of the CLB Mining System for Nodule & Crust Recovery

Y. Masuda and M. J. Cruickshank                                                                           91




Influence of Bathymetry in Manganese Nodule Pilot Mine Site Selection:

A Case Study from the Central Indian Basin

V. N. Kodagali                                                                                                          99


Integration of Deeptow Data for Mapping of Deepsea Resources

R. Sharma, S. J. Sankar, M Sudhakar and T. Ramprasad                                      105


Nodule Size: An Important Factor in Nodule Mining?

A. B. Valsangkar                                                                                                     113


Influence of Distribution Characteristics and Associated Seabed Features on

Exploitation of Cobalt-Rich Manganese Deposits

T. Yamazaki, R. Sharma and K. Tsurusaki                                                              119


Formation Patterns and Preservation Condition of Polymetallic Nodule

L. Dehua                                                                                                                  125


Deep-Sea Mineral Resources in the Northwest Pacific Ocean: Geology, Geochemistry, Origin and Exploration

A. Usui and K. lizasa                                                                                               131


Resource Potential of Hydrothermal Activities on the East Pacific Rise (8N-14N)

N. Okamoto and Y. Matsuura                                                                                 139




Behavior of Sediment-Laden Negative Buoyant Jet in Flow

K. Fujisaki and H. Ogata                                                                                        149


Numerical Modeling of Sediment Transport Caused by the Deep-sea Mining

W. Zielke, J. A. Jankowski, J. Sundermann and J. Segschneider                            157


DISCOL -Disturbance and Recolonization Experiment of a Manganese Nodule Area

of the Southeastern Pacific

G. Schriever                                                                                                             163


Environmental Study on the Deep-sea Mining of Manganese Nodules in the

Northeastern Tropical Pacific

K. Taguchi, K. Nakata, A. Aoki and M. Kubota                                                      167


Deep Sea Sediment Resuspension System Used for the Japan Deep Sea Impact


B. Barnett and H. Yamauchi                                                                                     175


Preliminary Results of Meiofauna and Bacteria Abundance in an Environmental

Impact Experiment

T. Kaneko(Sato), K. Ogawa and T. Fukushima                                                       181


Chemical and Radiochemical Studies of Sediment Samples from the JET Site

K. Harada, Y. Shibamoto and H. Kokubun                                                              187


Materials and Processing


Reduction Leaching of Manganese Nodules with Sodium Sulfite in Ammonium

Chloride Solution

K.-S. Choi and J.-W. Sohn                                                                                        193


Bioleaching of Marine Manganese Nodules by Acidophilic Sulfur-Oxidizing Bacteria

Y. Konishi and S. Asai                                                                                               201


Carbon Dioxide Fixing-Type Hydrogen Reduction Leaching of Deep-Sea Oxide

Minerals Using a Pt/PTFE Catalyst in Ammonium Carbonate Solution at Moderate Temperature and Atmospheric Pressure

T. Konta, T. Ohkoshi, T. Yoshioka and A. Okuwaki                                                207


Leaching of Cobalt-Rich Ferromanganese Crust with Ammoniacal Solutions Using Ammonium Sulfite and Ammonium Thiosulfate as Reducing Agents

M. Niinae, C.-H. Park, Y. Nakahiro, T. Wakamatsu and J. Shibata                       211


Development for Hydrometallurgieal Process of Cobalt Rich Crusts

N. Rokukawa                                                                                                           217


The Adsorption Behavior of Copper Ion on Manganese Nodules

K.-H. Park, B.-S. Roh and D .J. Kim                                                                       223





National Program and Overview


Indonesia's Ocean Resource Developments

Kuntoro Mangkusubroto                                                                                         229