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The Proceedings of
The Twenty-fifth (2015) International

Kona, Big Island, Hawaii, USA, June 21-26, 2015

VOLUMES 1~4, 2015



ISBN 978-1-880653-89-0

(Vols. 1-4 Full Proceedings Set)

ISSN 1098-6189

(Vols. 1-4 Full Proceedings Set)

Indexed by Engineering Index, EI Compendex, Scopus and Others


International Society of
Offshore and Polar Engineers

The Proceedings of
The Twenty-fifth (2015) International

Kona, Big Island, Hawaii, USA, June 21-26, 2015

VOLUME I, 2015



EOR & Drilling


Gas Hydrates, Manganese Nodules & Crusts, Massive Sulphide, Deep Ocean Mining and Environment


Wind Turbines – Foundations, Support Structures, Floating Turbines, Analysis & Testing, Wind & Wave Loading, Aerodynamics & Blades, Installation & Maintenance, Ocean and Wind Resources, Hybrid Installation, Tidal & Current Energy, OWC, OTEC


Carbon Capture Sequestration (CCS), Environ Impact & Monitoring


Rules And Codes, Subsea, Installation, Decommissioning & Installation, Jackup & Fixed Structures, TLP, SPAR & Mooring, Offshore Systems, VLFS & Floating Structures, FLNG & FPSO


Arctic Environment, Arctic Mechanics, Arctic Test Methods, Arctic Operations, Arctic Operations, Arctic Ship Technology, Arctic Structures

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 ISBN 978-1-880653-89-0

(Vols. 1-4 Full Proceedings Set)

ISSN 1098-6189

(Vols. 1-4 Full Proceedings Set)

Indexed by Engineering Index, EI Compendex, Scopus and Others

Edited by:

Jin S. Chung, ISOPE, Cupertino, CA, USA
Fabian Vorpahl, Fraunhofer-IWES, Bremerhaven, Germany
Sa Young Hong, KRISO, Daejeon, Korea
Ted Kokkinis, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company, Houston, TX, USA
Alan M. Wang, China Offshore Oil Engineering Company, Ltd, Tianjin, China

Presented at:

The Twenty-fifth (2015) International Ocean and Polar Engineering Conference held in Kona, Big Island, Hawaii, USA, June 21-26, 2015

Organized by:

International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers

Sponsored by:

International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers (ISOPE) with cooperating societies and associations

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International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers (ISOPE)
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EOR and Drilling

1Cement Sheath Integrity under Two Different Formation Conditions in Steam Stimulation Well

Shenglai Guo, Yuhuan Bu, Xiangzhen Yan

6Integrated Reservoir Flow and Geomechanical Model to Generate Type Curves for Pressure Transient Responses in Shale Gas Reservoirs

Tae Hong Kim, Kanghee Park, Jinsuk Choi, Kun Sang Lee

14CO2 WAG Process with Gel Treatment Considering Flowing Gel Viscosity in Heavy Oil Reservoir

Jinsuk Choi, Moon Sik Jeong, Kanghee Park, Kun Sang Lee

22Interpretation of Permeability-Dependent Residual Resistance Factors Caused from Polymer Retention Using Conditional Selection of Mechanical Trapping Constant

Byungin Choi, Kanghee Park, Jinsuk Choi, Kun Sang Lee

30Optimizing the Design Parameters for Performance Evaluation of the CO2-WAG Process in a Heterogeneous Reservoir

Gongyeong Kim, Hochang Jang, Minwoo Cho, Jeonghwan Lee

36Operation Constraints of Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage Considering Steam Interference to Accomplish Optimum Bitumen Recovery

Changhyup Park, Jiyeon Choi, Changsoo Lee, Taewoong Ahn, Ilsik Jang

41Determination of Key Parameters and Hydraulic Fracture Design for Shale Gas Production

Kyoungsu Kim, Sungkyu Ju, Jongchan Ahn, Hyundon Shin, Changhoon Shin, Jonggeun Choe

48Footage-Based Hydraulic Optimization of Deepwater Drilling for Maximum Drilling Rate

Ning Wang, Baojiang Sun, Yonghai Gao, Zhiyuan Wang

54Numerical Simulation of Mud Discharge after Drilling Riser Emergency Disconnection

Chaowei Li, Honghai Fan, Zhiming Wang, Weige Shen, Xu Feng, Song Deng



62The Summary of Environmental Baseline Survey for Mining the Cobalt-Rich Ferromanganese Crust on Deep Seamount in Japan's License Area

Teruyoshi Narita, Junya Oshika, Nobuyuki Okamoto

Gas Hydrates (OMGH-2015)

69Numerical Simulation of Gas Hydrate Bearing Sediments for Enhanced Recovery Using Partial Oxidation Method

Takeshi Komai, Yasuhide Sakamoto, Atsushi Kishita, Noriaki Watanabe

73Adiabatic Conversion Method for the Development of Marine Hydrate Deposits

Alexsandr N. Gulkov, Victor D. Lapshin, Vacheslav V. Slesarenko, Alexey A. Morozov, Sergey F. Solomennik

77P-wave Velocity Monitoring during the Dissociation of Methane Hydrate Bearing Sand by Using Giant Pressure Cell

Tatsuya Yokoyama, Makoto hoshino, Eiki Nakayama, Masaki Ono, Hideki Saito

82Depressurization and Electrical Heating of Hydrate Sediment for Gas Production

Hideki Minagawa, Takuma Ito, Sho Kimura, Hiroaki Kaneko, Shohei Noda, Hideo Narita

89Geological Constraint on Gas Hydrate Accumulation in Qilian Mountain Permafrost – A Case in DK-9 Hole

Zhengquan Lu, Gangyi Zhai, Yongqing Zhang, Shiqi Tang, Panpan Tan, Ting Wang, Hui Liu, Youhai Zhu

95Effect of Fines on Shear Strength of Methane Hydrate Bearing Sand

Masayuki Hyodo, Akira Nishimura, Shintaro Kajiyama

101Experimental Study of Mud Erosion Phenomena at Sand Mud Alternate Layer

Hiroyuki Oyama, Shungo Abe, Toru Sato

105Displacement of Solution and Hydrates Formation in Cooled Glass Beads

Mingjun. Yang, Wen Jing, Yongchen Song, Yuechao Zhao, Yu. Liu

110Validation of Numerical Model for Methane Hydrate Formation in Porous Media

Kentaro Kamada, Toru Sato, Hiroyuki Oyama, Takero Yoshida

114The Reverse Circulation (RC) Drilling Techniques for the Mineral Resources Exploration and Production in Ocean

Yongqin Zhang, Linxia Zhang, Hanbao Wang

118Shear Behaviour and Localized Deformation of Methane Hydrate-bearing Sand by High Pressure Plane Strain Shear Tests

Shintaro Kajiyama, Akira Nishimura, Masayuki Hyodo

124Numerical Simulation of Mud Erosion by Water Flow in Porous Media Using Lattice Boltzmann Method

Takero Yoshida, Toru Sato, Hiroyuki Oyama

128Friction Strength between Well and Sediment under Confining Pressure for Methane Hydrate Production Well Integrity

Masayo Kakumoto, Jun Yoneda, Jun Katagiri, Kuniyuki Miyazaki, Norio Tenma, Kazuo Aoki

132Electric-Submersible-Pump Performance under Methane/Water/Methane-Hydrate Pipe Flows

Tsutomu Shimizu, Yoshitaka Yamamoto, Norio Tenma, Hideo Narita

139Experimental Study on Gas Hydrate Inhibitors for Hydrate Control during Deep-Sea Drilling

Xin Zhao, Zhengsong Qiu, Guowei Zhou, Weian Huang, Ganghua Chen

Deep Ocean Mining (OMS-2015)

147Reconsideration of Polymetallic Nodule Processing Methods -- Further Improvement of Existing Methods

Kenji Haiki, Masatsugu Okazaki, Tadayuki Ishiyama

153Effect of Size Distribution of Deep-Sea Polymetallic Nodule on the Estimation of Abundance Obtained from Seafloor Photographs Using Conventional Formulae

Akira Tsune

160Research on Variably Accelerated Settling of Coarse Mineral Particles in Still Water

Dasheng Tang, Jianxin Xia, Dehuai Xu, Hong Xiao

165Change of Biogenic Ba Content in Pacific Ferromanganese Crusts since Cenozoic –A Signal of Paleoproductivity Pulses?

Guoqing You, Tingdong Li, Jiahua Pan, Liudong Ren, Wenhong Sun, Shuqin Liu

174Comparison of the Lifecycle Impacts of Seafloor Mining with Onshore Equivalents

Benjamin Craig McLellan, Ran Motoori, Tetsuo Tezuka

179Economic Feasibility Impacts of Waste and Waste Water Treatment Regulations for Deep Ocean Hydrothermal Ore Mining in Japan

Ran Motoori, Benjamin C. McLellan, Tetsuo Tezuka

186Spatial Configurations and Particle Transportation Parameters of Flexible Hose in Deep-sea Mining System

Peng, Y., Xia, J.X., Cao, B., Ren, H.T., Wu, Y.

191Water-hammer Pressure in the Hydraulic Lifting Pipeline of Deep-sea Mining System

Y. Zou, J.X. Xia, B Cao



198Investigation on Monopiles Behavior under Cyclic Lateral Loads in Dense Sand

Giulio Nicolai, Lars Bo Ibsen

204Design of Monopiles for Offshore Wind Turbines with Different Approaches to Estimate Characteristic Soil Properties from Cone Penetration Tests

Lars V. Andersen, John D. Sørensen, Sun-Bin Kim, Jin-Hak Yi, Gil-Lim Yoon, Lance Manuel

212Lateral Behavior of Monopile for Offshore Wind Power using Centrifugal Model Tests on Sandy Soil

Kyung-tae Bae, Myungjae Lee, kangkoo Rho, Jongpil Lee, Youseok Kim, Heejung Youn, Daeyong Lee

218Experiments on Sinking Composite Bucket Foundations for Offshore Wind Turbines in Silty Clay

Puyang Zhang, Hongyan Ding, Conghuan Le, Jing Liu

222Numerical Prediction for the Stability of Wind Turbine Foundation under Complex Load in Hangzhou Bay

Xiyuan Sun, Chaoyang Heng, Zhi Zhou

225Wave Induced Seabed Liquefaction around the Composite Bucket Foundation of Offshore Wind Turbines

Jin-Feng Zhang, Cong Yu, Dong-Sheng Su, Qing-He Zhang

231The Study of Geotechnical Parameters and Risk Assessment for the Supported Foundation Design of Offshore Wind Farm

Lien-Kwei Chien, Shu-Yi Chiu, Ruan-Ruey Lee, Chia-Chi Wu, Meng-Hsiu Hsieh, Yuan-Chieh Wu

239Study on Foundation Anchorages of Offshore Wind Turbines under Severe Environmental Condition

Junwon Seo, Monique Head, Ishtiaque Tuhin

Support Structures

245Weight Optimisation of Steel Monopile Foundations for Offshore Windfarms

Nils Fog Gjersøe, Erik Bouvin Pedersen, Brian Kristiansen, Niels-Erik Ottesen Hansen, Lars Bo Ibsen

253Numerical Investigations on the Deformation Behaviour of Horizontal Loaded Injection Piles

Stefan Herion, Oliver Fleischer, Rüdiger Ernst, Claas Bruns

260Fatigue Assessment of High Strength Bolts with Very Large Diameters in Substructures for Offshore Wind Turbines

Peter Schaumann, Rasmus Eichstädt

268Experimental and Numerical Investigations on Grouted Joints in Monopiles Subjected to Early-age Cycling to Evaluate the Influence of Different Wave Loadings

Ludger Lohaus, Peter Schaumann, Dario Cotardo, Sebastian Kelma, Michael Werner

277Influence of Joint Flexibility on Local Dynamics of a Jacket Support Structure

Wojciech Popko, Sofia Georgiadou, Eva Loukogeorgaki, Fabian Vorpahl

285Influence of Pile–Soil Interaction on the Dynamic Properties of Offshore Wind Turbines Supported by Jacket Foundations

Jin-Hak Yi, Sun-Bin Kim, Gil-Lim Yoon, Lars Vabbersgaard Andersen

289A Study on Low-Cost Gravity Base Foundations for Offshore Wind Turbine in Taiwan

Yun-Chih Chiang, Pei-Yu Lee, Po-Chen Chen, San-Shen Lin, Sung-Shan Hsiao

297A New Fixed Offshore Wind Turbine Foundation and Its In-Situ Responses to Winds and Waves in East China Sea

Ling Chen, Jie Li, Jifu Zhou, Yifeng Lin, Jianying Li

301Ultra-Fast Analysis of Offshore Wind Turbine Support Structures Using Impulse-Based Substructuring and Massively Parallel Processors

Sebastian Schafhirt, Niels Verkaik, Yilmaz Salman, Michael Muskulus

Floating Turbines

309CFD Simulations on Tension Leg Buoy Platforms for Offshore Wind Turbines and Comparison with Wave Tank Experiments

Luca Oggiano, Emile Arens, Anders Myhr, Tor Anders Nygaard, Steve Evans

316Sub-harmonic Motion of a Buoy Tethered to Seabed

Chong Ma, Kazuhiro Iijima, Masahiko Fujikubo

324Collective Pitch Feedforward Control of Floating Wind Turbines Using Lidar

David Schlipf, Eric Simley, Frank Lemmer, Lucy Pao, Po Wen Cheng

332Development of a Motion Stabilizer for a Shallow Sea Area Spar Buoy in Wind, Tidal Current and Waves

Toru Katayama, Kazuki Hashimoto, Hiroshi Asou, Shigenori Komori

340Hydrodynamic Analysis of a Semi-Submersible FOWT by Hybrid Panel-Stick Models

Yingyi Liu, Changhong Hu, Makoto Sueyoshi, Hidetsugu Iwashita

346Hydrodynamic Analysis of the Semi-Submersible Floating Wind System for Phase II of OC4

Ping Cheng, Decheng Wan

354Sensitivity of Estimated Tower Fatigue to Wind Modeling for a Spar Floating Wind Turbine

Harald Ormberg, Erin Bachynski

362Fatigue Life Evaluation for Mooring Line and Tower of Floating Wind Turbine

Byoung Wan Kim, Sa Young Hong, Hong Gun Sung, Seok Won Hong

367Coupled MBS-CFD Simulation of the IDEOL Floating Offshore Wind Turbine Foundation Compared to Wave Tank Model Test Data

Friedemann Beyer, Thomas Choisnet, Matthias Kretschmer, Po Wen Cheng

375CFD Simulations for the Design of Offshore Floating Wind Platforms Encompassing Heave Plates

Pauline Bozonnet, Adrien Emery

385Numerical Modeling of the Aero-Hydro Coupling of a Floating Offshore Wind Turbine

Wei-ting Hsu, Krish P. Thiagarajan, Shan Shi

394Study on Stress Monitoring Method in Supporting Structure of Floating Offshore Wind Turbine

Chutatsu Hirao, Yosuke Anai, Shigesuke Ishida, Shunji Inoue

401An Investigation of the Blade Tower Interaction of a Floating Offshore Wind Turbine

Sean Quallen, Tao Xing

408Hydrodynamic Performance of Heave Plates on Floating Offshore Wind Turbine Platforms

Javier Moreno, Matt Cameron, Krish P. Thiagarajan, Carlos A. Garrido Mendoza

415Dynamic Modelling and Analysis of Three Floating Wind Turbine Concepts with Vertical Axis Rotor

Zhengshun Cheng, Kai Wang, Zhen Gao, Torgeir Moan

Analysis and Testing

424An Experimental Study on the Motion and Structural Characteristics of an Interlinked Spars’ Array

Yunho Kim, Jang Pyo Hong,Young Shik Kim, Hyun Sung Kim, Sa Y. Hong, Seok W. Hong

432A Simulation Model for Single and Multi-rotor Wind Turbine Performance

Kirk A. Martin, John M. Niedzwecki

440Features of Offshore Wind Farms in China and Deformation Analysis of Wind Turbine Foundation in Shanghai Donghai Bridge Wind Farm

Zhang Haitao, Luo Xianqi, Bi Jinfeng, Shen Hui

4463D Nonlinear Beam Dynamics Time Domain Modeling of Offshore Wind Turbines

Carsten Corte

455Dynamic Analysis of a Floating Wind Turbine with a Hydraulic Transmission System

Yang, Limin, Zhiyu Jiang, Zhen Gao, Torgeir Moan

463Research on Proper Fins Designed for an Axial Flow Fan to Produce Homogeneous Wind for Model Test of Floating Wind Turbines

Long Yu, Chao Huang, Yongsheng Zhao, Yanping He

Wind and Wave Loading

471OC5 Project Phase I: Validation of Hydrodynamic Loading on a Fixed Cylinder

Amy N. Robertson, Fabian F. Wendt, Jason M. Jonkman, Wojciech Popko, Fabian Vorpahl, Carl Trygve Stansberg, Erin E. Bachynski, Ilmas Bayati, Friedemann Beyer, Jacobus B. de Vaal, Rob Harries, Atshushi Yamaguchi, Hyunkyoung Shin, Byungcheol Kim, Tjeerd van der Zee, Pauline Bozonnet, Borja Aguilo, Roger Bergua, Jacob Qvist, Wang Qijun, Xiaohong Chen, Matthieu Guerinel, Ying Tu, Huang Yutong, Rongfu Li, Ludovic Bouy

481Coupled Dynamic Analysis of a MUFOWT with Transient Broken-blade Incident

H.C. Kim, H.K. Jang, M.H. Kim, Y.H. Bae

489Directional Dependence of Extreme Load Parameters for Offshore Wind Turbines

Boso Schmidt, Michael Hansen, Steffen Marx

497A Validation Method for Fluid-Structure-Interaction Simulations Based on Submerged Free Decay Experiments

Matthias Arnold, Matthias Kretschmer, Jonas Koch, Po Wen Cheng, Frank Biskup

507Comparison of Second-Order Loads on a Tension Leg Platform for Wind Turbines

Sébastien Gueydon, Pierre-Yves Wuillaume, Jason Jonkman, Amy Robertson, Andrew Platt

517Effect of Difference-frequency Forces on the Dynamics of a Semi-submersible Type FVAWT in Misaligned Wave-wind Condition

Kai Wang, Zhengshun Cheng, Torgeir Moan, Martin Otto Laver Hansen

525Why Design Load Calculations for Offshore Wind Turbine Support Structures Cannot Use Load Time Series from Moving Rotors

Michael Muskulus

530Experimental Analysis of Slamming Load Characteristics for Truss Structures in Offshore Wind Applications

Ying Tu, Michael Muskulus, Øivind Asgeir Arntsen

538Validation of SWAY Wind Turbine Response in FAST, with a Focus on the Influence of Tower Wind Loads

Jian Hao Koh, Amy N. Robertson, Jason M. Jonkman, Frederick Driscoll, Eddie Yin Kwee Ng

Aerodynamics and Blades

547Experimental and Numerical Study of a New Dynamic Phenomenon for Two-bladed Wind Turbines

Torben Juul Larsen, Taeseong Kim

554Study on Unsteady Aerodynamic Performance of Floating Offshore Wind Turbine by CFD Method

Jun Wu, Jin-hong Ding, Yan-ping He, Yong-sheng Zhao

561Comparison of Engineering Models for the Aerodynamic Load Distribution along a Wind Turbine Blade

Erin E. Bachynski, Harald Ormberg

568CFD Simulation of Aerodynamic Performance of Floating Offshore Wind Turbine Compared with BEM Method

Lin Lin, Dracos Vassalos, Saishuai Dai

576Unsteady Aerodynamics of Offshore Floating Wind Turbines Using Free Vortex Wake Model

Qi Qi, Nigel Barltrop

584A Calibrated Blade-Element/Momentum Theory Aerodynamic Model of the MARIN Stock Wind Turbine

Andrew J. Goupee, Richard W. Kimball, Erik-Jan de Ridder, Joop Helder, Amy N. Robertson, Jason M. Jonkman

593Influence of Air Inclusions on Marine Composites Inter-laminar Shear Strength

Mattia Godani, Marco Gaiotti, Cesare Mario Rizzo

Installation and Maintenance

602Stability Analysis of Offshore Wind Turbine Installation Jack-Up Vessel Based on Multi-attribute Decision Making Theory

Tao Lv, Chang-hang Xu, Guo-ming Chen

608Offshore Wind Construction Sound Hazards and Hierarchy of Control Measures

Claas Bruns, Vendula Braunova, Phillip Jorgensen

616Offshore Deployment of Marine Substation in the Lysekil Research Site

Maria A. Chatzigiannakou, Irina Dolguntseva, Rickard L. Ekström, Mats Leijon

621Prospects of Application of Lithium Batteries for Marine Engineering

Sergey L. Sinebryukhov, Denis P. Opra, Sergey V. Gnedenkov, Alexander N. Minaev, Alexander A. Sokolov, Valerii G. Kuryavyi, Veniamin V. Zheleznov

629ROVs with Semi-Autonomous Capabilities for Use on Renewable Energy Platforms

Alison A. Proctor, Amos Buchanan, Bradley Buckham, Colin Bradley

637New Vessel Concepts for Operation and Maintenance of Offshore Wind Farms

Ole-Erik Vestøl Endrerud, Knut Ragnar Austreng, Nenad Keseric, Jayantha P. Liyanage

Ocean and Wind Energy, and Resources

644Optimisation of Offshore Wind Farms Using a Genetic Algorithm

Ajit C Pillai, John Chick, Lars Johanning, Mahdi Khorasanchi, Sebastien Pelissier

653Experimental Study on Floating Offshore Platform in Combined Wind/Wave/Current Environment

Wen-Yang Hsu, Ray-Yeng Yang, Fang-Nan Chang, Hua-Tung Wu, Hsin-Hung Chen

659DNV GL Standard Harmonization – Recommended Practice on Corrosion Protection of Offshore Wind Farms

Lars Lichtenstein

664A Comparative Study on the API and NORSOK Standards Apply to Design Analysis for an Offshore Wind Turbine with Jacket Support Structure

Lin C.Y., Huang C.C., Wu T.Y.

670Comparison of Load Calculation between IEC and GL Offshore Wind Turbine Design Guideline Using NREL 5 MW Reference Wind Turbine

Wei-Nian Su, Chin-Cheng Huang, Huei-Jeng Lin

677Reliability of Offshore Wind Turbine Drivetrains Based on Measured Shut-Down Events

Anand Natarajan, Thomas Buhl

684Probabilistic Fatigue Life Assessment of an Offshore Wind Turbine in Greece

Dimitrios V. Bilionis, Dimitrios Vamvatsikos

692Reliability Allocation and Fault Tree Qualitative Analysis for Floating Wind Turbines

Yongjin Guo, Liping Sun, Na Luo, Zijian Liu

699Coastal Wind from Satellite Measurements and Meteorological Models for Offshore Wind Power Prediction

Malin Abrahamsen, Yngve Birkelund

706Comparison of WRF-based Methods for Wind Resource Assessment at an Offshore Site

Teruo Ohsawa, Kazuki Ishigami, Takeshi Misaki, Yasuyuki Baba, Koji Kawaguchi

713Energy Harvesting Using Wake-Induced Vibration: Experiment in a Circulating Water Channel

Yoshiki Nishi, Yuta Ueno, Takuma Miyamoto

Hybrid Installation

721Comparison of Simulations and Offshore Measurement Data of a Prototype of a Floating Combined Wind and Wave Energy Conversion System

Anders Yde, Torben J. Larsen, Anders M. Hansen, Miguel Fernandez, Sarah Bellew

730Parameter Optimization of Power Take-Off System in a Floating Wind-Wave Energy Hybrid System

Qi Wang, Fasuo Yan, Qingwei Ma, Longchao Yu

737Conceptual Design of 10MW Class Floating Wave-Offshore Wind Hybrid Power Generation System

Kyong-Hwan Kim, Kangsu Lee, Jung Min Sohn, Se-Wan Park, Jong-Su Choi, Keyyong Hong

744A Parametric Study on Motion Reduction Device for Floating Hybrid Power Generation Platform

Sewan Park, Kyoung-Hwan Kim, Jeong-Seok Kim, Kang-Su Lee, Keyyong Hong

750Design and Dynamic Analysis of the Floating Platform for a Hybrid Ocean Renewable Power Generation System

Yong Ma, Tengfei Li, Xuewei Zhang, Mou Lin, Liang Zhang

755Numerical Approach for the Derivation of Interaction Diagrams for Piles under Cyclic Axial Loading

Martin Achmus, Katrin Lemke, Khalid Abdel-Rahman, Yu-Shu Kuo

Tidal and Current Energy

761Numerical Simulation on Hydrodynamic Performances of Tidal Current Horizontal Axis Twin-Turbines

Fengmei Jing, Weijia Ma, Yang Liu, Shuqi Wang

767Numerical Simulation for Cavitation around Horizontal-axis Counter-rotating Type Propellers in a Tidal Stream Power Unit (in Preparation for Suppressing Cavitation)

Bin Huang, Toshiaki Kanemoto

772Experimental Study on New Active Yaw Controller in Scale Model of Tidal Current Turbines

Jin Hwan Ko, Jihoon Kim, Hoon Cheol Park, Jong Su Yoon, Jin Hun Choo, Tae Gyu Hwang

778Research on the Key Technologies for Tidal Power System with Low Current Velocity

Li Zhang, Zhichuan Li, Gang Xiao, Liang Zhang

783Actuator Disc Model of a Tidal In-Stream Energy Converter - Voith HyTide®

Frank Biskup, Philipp Daus, Lukas Engbroks, Matthias Arnold

792A Measurement Based Analyses of the Hydrokinetic Energy in the Gulf Stream

Maria Carolina P. M. Machado, James H. VanZwieten, Allan P. O. Callou, Isabella Pinos

798Supply Effect of Nutrient Load Flowing to Shido Bay by Open Floodgate

Machi Miyoshi, Junya Miyoshi, Kengo Fushimi, Hiroki Shirai, Jumpei Nagao, Hiroaki Tagawa

Oscillating Water Column (OWC)

804Closure Schemes for Nonlinear Bi-Stable Systems Subjected to Correlated Noise - Applications to Energy Harvesting from Water Waves

Han Kyul Joo, Themistoklis P. Sapsis

812The Future Viability of Ocean Wave Energy

Robert L. Waid

815Applying Site Specific Resource Assessment: Emulation of Representative EMEC Seas in the FloWave Facility

S.Draycott, T.Davey, D.M.Ingram, J.Lawrence, A.Day, L.Johanning

822Wave energy potential offshore Apulian coasts (Italy)

Alessandra Saponieri, Nico Valentini, Leonardo Damiani, Vitoantonio Amoruso

827Green-Island (Lyudao) Ocean Energy Investigation and Evaluation Project

Chen-Shan Kung, Kuo-Hsu Su, Nian-Tzu Wu

835Recent Additions in Modeling Capabilities of an Open-Source Wave Energy Converter Design Tool

Nathan Tom, Michael Lawson, Yi-Hsiang Yu

843Experimental Study of the Generating Efficiency of a Fixed Oscillating Water Column Type Wave Energy Converter

Yasutaka Imai, Shuichi Nagata, Tengen Murakami, Manabu Takao, Toshiaki Setoguchi

849Hydrodynamic Performance of a Flap-type Wave Energy Converter in Viscous Flow

Lifen Chen, Jun Zang, Andrew J Hillis, Andrew R Plummer

857Optimization of the Power Absorption for a Linear Generator Wave Energy Converter

Wei Li, Jan Isberg, Jens Engström, Rafael Waters, Mats Leijon

862Improved Energy Production Estimates from Wave Energy Converters through Spectral Partitioning of Wave Conditions

Bryson Robertson, Dan Clancy, Helen Bailey, Bradley Buckham

869Effects of Wave-Current Interaction on a Submerged Wave Energy Converter

Lixian Wang, Yanhua Wu, Hui Tang

876CFD Analysis of Flow Field around Wing for Small Hydropower Generator Driven by Karman Vortices

Kenta Hasegawa, Takanori Hino

881One-way Coupled Dynamic Analysis of Floating Platform with Wave Energy Converters

H. Lee, Y.H. Bae, I.H. Cho, K.H. Kim, K. Hong

888Performance of Floating Breakwater Double Used as Wave Energy Convertor

Bing Chen, Chongqi Liu, Haigui Kang

893Performance Enhancement of the Oscillating Wave Surge Converter by a Breakwater

Dripta Sarkar, Frederic Dias

902Viscous Damping of Wave Power Extracting System with a Resonant Channel Attached to an Existing Vertical Breakwater

JiHye Seo, Woo-Sun Park, Jin-Hak Yi, Sang-Ho Oh, JoongWoo Lee

907Development of a Multi-Water-Chamber Type Seawall for Effective Wave Power Extraction and Wave Dissipation

Firman Husain, Kunimitsu Inouchi, Takayuki Nakamura

913Characteristics of Volume of Overtopping and Water Supply Quantity for Developing Wave Overtopping Type Wave Power Generation Equipment

Hiromichi Tanaka, Tomoya Inami, Tetsuo Sakurada

9183-D Numerical Analysis of Overtopping-type Wave Power Generation Equipment

Masato Minami, Hiromichi Tanaka

924Experimental and Numerical Simulations of Moored Self-Reacting Point Absorber Wave Energy Converters

Scott J. Beatty, André Roy, Kush Bubbar, Juan Ortiz, Bradley J. Buckham, Peter Wild, Dean Stienke, Ryan Nicoll

936Surrogate-Based Design of a Mooring System for a Self-reacting Point Absorber

Juan P. Ortiz, Helen Bailey, Bradley Buckham, Curran Crawford

944Wave Loads on a Point-Absorbing Wave Energy Device in Extreme Waves

Malin Göteman, Jens Engström, Mikael Eriksson, Martyn Hann, Edward Ransley, Deborah Greaves, Mats Leijon

951The Study on Design of the Floating Pendulum Wave Energy Converter (FPWEC) Operation System

Chang Hyuck Lim, Ji Yong Park, Jong Su Choi, Ho Jeong Cheon, Seung Ho Shin

957Design of a Physical Point-Absorbing WEC Model on which Multiple Control Strategies will be Tested at Large Scale in the MASK Basin

Diana L. Bull, Ryan G. Coe, Mark Monda, Kevin Dullea, Giorgio Bacelli, David Patterson

966Study on Design of Mooring Lines for Floating Pendulum Wave Energy Converter

J. Y. Park, D.H. Jung, S.H. Shin

974Preliminary Study on Global Spectral Analysis of Floating Pendulum Wave Energy Converter

Jung Min Sohn, Ho Jeong Cheon, Seung Ho Shin, Keyyong Hong

979Performance Analysis and Optimization of a Bottom-Hinged Flap-Type Wave Energy Converter

Shouqiang. Qiu

985Structural Response of Seawave Slot-cone Generator (SSG) from Random Wave CFD Simulations

Diego Vicinanza, Fabio Dentale, Daniela Salerno, Mariano Buccino

992Experimental Studies on Wave Forces Acting on the Caisson Foundation of Wave Energy Devices

Yu Xu, Yong Liu, Hongda Shi

997The Simulation of Oscillating Wave Surge Converters Using a Boussinesq Model; Wave Disturbances around an Array

Charles E. B. Greenwood, David Christie

1003Layout Optimization of Wave Energy Converters in a Random Sea

G. Jia, A.A. Taflanidis, J.T. Scruggs

1011A Study of Motion and Mooring Force of Hinged Joint Type Wave Energy Convertor

Xiaofei Mao, Minghao Wu, Yu Chen

1018Design Study of a Novel Flex Mooring System of The Floating Wave Energy Converter in Ultra Shallow Water

Shuo Huang, Songwei Sheng, Yage You, Wensheng Wang, Tianyu Zhang

1025Numerical Analysis of a Large Floating Wave Energy Converter with Adjustable Structural Geometry

Francesco Ferri, Arthur Pecher, Jens Peter Kofoed

1034Numerical Simulation of Multi-body Wave Energy Converter

Linghan Li, Mingyi Tan, James Blake

1041Relative Heave Motion Responses of a Floating Dual-Buoy Wave Energy Converter in Waves

Jeong Rok Kim, Yoon Hyeok Bae, Il Hyoung Cho

1049Power Flow Analysis and Dynamic Performance of a Nonlinear Vibration Energy Harvesting System Coupled to a SD Oscillator

Yuan Li, Yeping Xiong

1054Measurement System for Evaluating Wanted and Unwanted Forces on a Point Absorbing Wave Energy Converter during Offshore Operation

Liselotte Ulvgård, Ling Hai, Mats Leijon

1059Wave Energy Converter Using a Compressed Type of Flexible Piezoelectric Device

Hidemi Mutsuda, Motoki Otake, Kenichi Morisaki, Yoshikazu Tanaka, Yasuaki Doi

1066Automation of Subsea Connection for Clusters of Wave Energy Converters

Flore Remouit, Miguel F.P. Lopes, Pedro Pires, Luis Sebastiao, Magnus Rahm

1072A Nonlinear Response Amplitude Operator for Complex Maritime Dynamical Systems, Wave Energy Converters and Offshore Applications

Georgios D. Gkikas


1080OTEC Cycle Applying a Liquid-vapor Ejector and Motive Pump

Jung-In Yoon, Chang-Hyo Son, Sung-Hoon Seol, Chang-Min Son Ho-Saeng Lee, Hyeon-Ju Kim

1084A Novel Working Fluid for Building Air-conditioning and Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

Ho-Saeng Lee, Myungkyu Park, Joo-Hyung Kim, Hyeon-Ju Kim, Dongsoo Jung

1088Performance Characteristics of 20kW OTEC Pilot Plant in Korea

Ho-Saeng Lee, Young-Kwon Jung, Young-Seok Kim, Seung-Teak Lim, Hyeon-Ju Kim

1094An Experimental Study on the Motion Response of OTEC Platforms

Dong Yeop Lee, Bo Woo Nam, Dong Ho Jung, Sa Young Hong, Hyeon-ju Kim


Carbon Capture Sequestration (CCS)

1100Influence of Heterogeneous Capillary Pressure on CO2 Sequestration in Different Wetting Conditions

Sung Soo Park, Jooseon Park, Tae Hong Kim, Kun Sang Lee

1108Numerical Simulation of Fate of CO2 Seeping from Seabed Considering Tidal and Ocean Currents

Ryosuke Sakaizawa, Takaya Kawai, Toru Sato, Hiroyuki Oyama, Takero Yoshida, Daisuk Tsumune, Takaki Tsubono

1113Sub-CO2 Joint Industry Project: Experimental Investigation of CO2 Subsea Releases

Carlo Maria Spinelli, Mohammad Ahmad

Environmental Impact and Monitoring

1119Inclusive Impact Assessment of a Conceptual Integrated Offshore Platform in East China Sea

Fengjun Duan

1126Viscous Effects for Submerged Oil Leakage from Damaged Tank of Double-Hull Tankers

Jinshu Lu, Zhenbo Yang, Haoxiao Wu, Wanqing Wu

1132A Study of the Red-tide Monitoring System Using Drifting Buoy and Wireless Networks

Hiroshi Shibata, Hiroaki Miyake, Hiromasa Tokimune, Atsushi Hamasaki, Yukihiko Matsuyama

1139Inclusive Impact Index of Biodiesel Production and Cruise Ship Utilization

Tu Anh Nguyen, Kana Kuroda, Koji Otsuka

1147Development and Application of the Platform Based Marine Environment Monitoring System

Bo-Tao Xie, Fang-Hui Lei, Jun-Qin Wang, Bi-Gui Huang, Qin Hu

1152Mixing and Transport Processes in Tidal Channels of Radial Sand Ridges Area  in the South Yellow Sea, China

Jing Yao, Jianfeng Tao, Fan Xu

1157Application of Hydrodyanmic Model on Environmental Management of Offshore Cage Farming

Huiwen Cai, Xueqing Zhang, Yinglan Sun, Tiejun Li, Changwen Wu, Yonghua Ren

1163The Relationship between Sea Level Change of China's Coast and ENSO

Hui Wang, Kexiu Liu, Wenjing Fan, Qi Zhang, Zengjian Zhang, Guosong Wang

1170Weakening Relationship between the Atmospheric Circulation in Middle-high Latitude and Sea Surface Temperature over China Seas after Mid-1980s and Possible Cause

Yan LI, Yang CAI, Lin MU, Guosong WANG, Huan LI, Jun SONG, Jia GAO

1175Sonar for Environmental Monitoring: Initial Setup of an Active Acoustic Platform

Francisco Francisco, Jan Sundberg

1180Concentrations, Seasonal and Spatial Distributions and Possible Sources of Organochlorine Pesticides in Atmosphere of Shanghai, China

Yunjuan Zhu, Yongsheng Ding, Weibing Feng, Nuoer Yang


1187Characterization of Minimum Base Metal CTOD Values to Screen for API RP2Z Preproduction Qualification

Tom McGaughy, Paul Zelenak, Murali Manohar

1195Research on Flow Assurance of PY 35-2/35-1 Gas Field in South China Sea

Kai Zhou, Peilin Liu, Hao Ni, Pengpeng Ju, Feng Su ,Dong Wang, Feilong Liu

1203Parameters Influencing Birdcaging Mechanism for Subsea Flexible Pipe

Alireza Ebrahimi, Shawn Kenny, Amgad Hussein

1208Detailed Simulation of Interference between Clump-Weight and Subsea Pipelines

Odd Martin Lyngsaunet, Pål Foss, Svein Sævik

1215Damage Assessments of a Free-fall Dropped Object on Sub-seabed in Offshore Operation

Jonghwa Won, Youngho Kim, Jong-Sik Park, Hyo-dong Kang, YoungSeok Joo, Mincheol Ryu

1222Design and Installation of Subsea Jumper with CRA Liner

Weixiu Hao, Kevin Huang, Zhuangchun Yang, Yinglian Lin

1228Installation of Infield Umbilical with Compliant UTH

Yinglian Lin, Kevin Huang, Xiaqi Hu, Weixiu Hao, Taiyuan Liu

1234Fall Pipe Rock Dumping Technology for Protection of Subsea Pipeline in Deepwater

Jing Hou, Weirong Wei, Yu Liang, Qiwei Sun, Shijun Chang, Yuan Gao

1242Buckling of Domes with Localized Imperfections

J. Blachut

1249Analysis of Motion of Underwater Platform Interfered by Moving Vehicle

Chang Meng, Xian Zhou Wang, Da Kui Feng, Peng Zhang, Zhi Guo Zhang

1253Integration Methodology of Separation Units Using Steady-State Particle Size Approach

Eduardo J. Pereyra, Ovadia Shoham, Luis E. Gomez, Ram S. Mohan


1258Weight Monitoring and Reporting Considerations of Liwan 3-1 Mega Jacket

Tui Deng, Baojie Chen, Zhengrong Song, Yi Lv, Shanhui Xu, Wenhao Zhang, Jiantao Pang

1262DP Time Domain Analysis for HLV Loaded with Topsides in Float-over Installation

Huailiang Li, Weiwei Xie, Jingkuo Xu, Alan M. Wang, Xiufeng Liang, Haiyang Tan

1271Parametric Sensitivity Studies for Floatover Installation Analyses of Lufeng 7-2 Topsides Using Low-deck Floatover Method

Chen He, Wentai Yu, Licheng Qin, Alan Minglun Wang, Bichun Zhu, Haiyang Tan

1279An Experimental Study on Deepwater Crane Installation of Subsea Equipment in Waves

B.W. Nam, N.W. Kim, Y.M. Choi, S.Y. Hong, J.W. Kim

1284Offshore Installation of Subsea Equipment Considering Elasticity of the Crane Boom in Harsh Environment

Jeong-Woo Hong, Seung-Ho Ham, Luman Zhao, Xing Li, Sol Ha, Myung-Il Roh

1290Comparative Study of Lifting Operations of Offshore Wind Turbine Monopile and Jacket Substructures Considering Vessel Shielding Effects

Lin Li, Zhen Gao, Torgeir Moan

1299High Position Fabrication Method of Topside Based on Transverse Loadout

Chao Liu, Zhengrong Song, Ting Li, Shengnan Lu

1304The Influence of Topside on Installation Design in Ultra-shallow Sea Water

Xueping Bai, Da Li, Cong Yi, Dianfu Fu

Decommissioning and Installation

1308Geotechnical Aspects of North Sea Decommissioning

Andrew Small, Greg Cook, Ronye Egborge, Afam Ejidike

1315Hydrodynamic Simulation for a Large Self-propelled Cutter Suction Dredger Working at Sea

Xinquan Chen, Qi Yang, Jiahua Tan

1320Design and Installation of Subsea Foundation and Protection Frame

Fei Wu, Hongsheng Ci, Xu Jia, Chunjie Yu, Jun Huang

Jackup and Fixed Structures

1325Feasibility Analysis and Application for Cantilever Beam Extension of Self-elevating Drilling Unit

Jianjun Wang, Weiliang Dong, jianbo Li, Linsong Song, Wenli Chen

1330A Wave Basin Model Test Study for a Jackup Moored on the Dock

Lei Liu, Hongtao Yuan, Jianmin Yang, Xinliang Tian, Chunhui Li, Haining Lu

1338Preloading Process Analysis of Jack-up Based on ALE Algorithm

Z.D Zhang, X. Zhang

1346Optimization for Jacket Buoyancy Tank on Launching and Upending Stage

Won-Hyuk Choi, Yong-Sun Baik, Jin-Tae Kim

1354Research and Application of Technique for Building 200ft Jack-up on Horizontal Skidway

Wenhao Zhang, Hong Gu, Yujun Tong, Weihe Shen, Menglong Zhao, Junyi Qiu

1358Research on the Formation Mechanism of Suction Force during Uplift of Jack-up

Ruilong Tan, Menglan Duan, Zhiming Wang

1365The Effect of Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Shape in Buckling Strength on Fixed Offshore Platform

Muhammad Zubair Muis Alie, Juswan, Silfiani Daud, Widya Tami Sriadi, Ratnawati

1372Structural Damage Alarming of Offshore Platform Based on AR Model and PCA in Changing Environment Conditions

Yansong Diao, Yadong Cao, Panpan Hua

1378Dynamic Elastic Response Testing Method of Bridge Structure under Wind-Wave-Current Action

Gao Liu, Tiancheng Liu, Anxin Guo, Shangyou Chen, Xiaodong Bai

TLP, SPAR and Mooring

1386Study on Prediction Method for the Springing-Induced Tension Responses of TLP

Taeyoung Kim, Yonghwan Kim

1393Application of Dam-Break Flow Solution to Predict the Green Water Velocity on a 2D Tension-Leg Platform

Wei-Liang Chuang, Kuang-An Chang, Richard Mercier

1398Void Fraction and Impact Pressure Caused by Breaking Wave Impingement on a 2D Tension-Leg Structure

Wei-Liang Chuang, Kuang-An Chang, Richard Mercier

1404Study on Global Fatigue Analysis for Deep Water Tension-Leg Platform Based on Simplified Spectral Method

Yang Li, Yongjun Chen, Zhongmin Shi, Wenhui Xie, Kankan Ni

1411Characteristics of Tension Leg Platform with Tender Semi-Submersible

Young Myung Choi, Bo Woo Nam, Sa Young Hong, Hyun Joe Kim, Dong Woo Jung, In Bo Park

1416Hydrodynamic Performance Analysis of New MINI Tension Leg Platform

Shaoshi Dai, Wensen Nong, Hongyang Zhang

1425Experimental Investigation on Global Responses of a Large Floatover Barge in Extremely Shallow Water

Lingzhi Xiong, Haining Lu, Jianming Yang, Wei Zhang, Guang Yang

1432The Hydrodynamic Characteristics Research of Freak Waves Interaction with JIP Spar--Analysis of Wave Run-Up

Zhen Liu, Xiaojian Ma, Runze Mao, Xiang Ji, Saihua Tao, Chen Zhao

1439Effect of Heave Plate on Hydrodynamic Response of Spar

Subbulakshmi. A, Sundaravadivelu. R

1446Time History and Spectral Fatigue Analyses of Deepwater Offshore Truss-Spar Platform under In-service and Trans-ocean Tow Conditions

Bor-Feng Peng, Cheng-Yo Chen, Carlos Llorente

1453Coupled Motion Response of a Moored Floating Body in Breaking a Mooring Line in Waves

Motohiko Murai, Nozomi Suyama

1461Heading Instability Analysis of FPSOs

Razieh Zangeneh, Krish P. Thiagarajan

1470Dynamic Analysis of Bridge Tower under Wind and Wave Action

Shangyou Chen, Gao Liu, Hongbo Wu, Tiancheng Liu, Qian Cheng

1478Wear of Axially Loaded Mooring Chains in Dry and Wet Conditions

Amin Lotfollahi Yaghin, Robert E. Melchers

1483Floatover Mooring Analysis with Different Mooring Lines Property in Shallow Water

Zhihao Ruan, Wanli Zhang, Wenjuan Wang, Jian Gao, Xinn Chao Li, Alan M Wang

1495An Investigation of Dynamic Stiffness Changing with Loading Cycles on Taut Mooring Analysis

Wei Huang, Binbin Li, Xiao-bo Chen

1503Prototype Monitoring Technology of Soft Yolk Mooring System in Bohai Bay

Zheliang Fan, Qianjin Yue, Yanlin Wang, Ye Sun, Yang Jin

Offshore Systems

1511Reliable Estimation of Short Term Maximum from a Limited Number of Simulations of Offshore Mooring Systems Responses

Quentin Derbanne, Martin Dumont

1519Dynamic Measurement of Spatial Attitude at the Bottom Rotating Drillstring

Qilong Xue, Leilei Huang, Baolin Liu, Guomin Li, Yuanbiao Hu, Yu Wang

1527Development of Large-scaled SAFE Helideck Structure

Yeong-Su Ha, Joo-Shin Park, Jeong-Bon Koo, Ki-Bok Jang, Yong-Suk Suh, Jung-Kwan Seo, Won-Heaop Shin, Young-Ik Seo

1535Deformation Analysis of Fish Cage Rigged with Synthetic Fiber and Copper Net Using Numerical Methods

Chun Woo Lee, Jihoon Lee, Dae Hyun Kim, Subong Park, Gebremeskel Eshetu Kebede

1542Research on the Cutting Thermodynamic Behavior of High-strength Large-thickness Offshore Jack-up Platform Leg Rack

Hong Zhou

VLFS and Floating Structures

15483D Numerical and Experimental Investigation of the Performance of a Modular Floating Structure

Eva Loukogeorgaki, Margarita Vasileiou, Evgenia Rapanta

1556Research on the Characteristic of the Multi-segment Beam Model of Very Large Flotation Structure

Jian-qun Sun, De-yu Wang, Yong-gang Sun, Shi-xiao FU

1564Experimental Research on Sliding Launching of Ultra Large Floating System

Jianhui Liu Keli Shen Alan M.Wang

1572Hydrodynamic Excitation Forces on Floating Structures with Finite Displacements

Morten Thøtt Andersen, Søren Rasmus Kjærshøj Nielsen

1577Scale Effects on Hydrodynamic Manoeuvring Force Prediction

Yuting Jin, Shuhong Chai, Jonathan Duffy, Christopher Chin, Neil Bose

1583Nonlinear Network Dynamic Characteristics of Multi-Module Floating Airport with Flexible Connectors

Haicheng Zhang, Daolin Xu, Shuyan Xia, Enrong Qi, Chao Tian, Yousheng Wu

1591Jacket Dry Tree Semi-submersible Platform with TTR System

XL.Qi, GS.Lv, H.Li, YH.Li, Y.Luo

Session 135 continues here!


1598Exergy Analysis of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Boil-off Gas (BOG) Re-liquefaction Cycles for On-board Application

Junghyun Yoo, Cheonkyu Lee, Jisung Lee, Sangkwon Jeong

1605Investigation on the Hydrodynamic Performance of a FLNG in South China Sea

Jingrui Zhao, Bin Xie

1614A Study on Fatigue Characteristic of an FPSO Flare Tower in Offshore West Africa

Ho Young Cho, Eun Byeol Cho, Sung Woo Seo, Byung Gook Kim, Joo Kyung Joo

1620Generation of Multiple Equivalent Regular Waves for Preliminary Analyses of Floating Production Systems

Caio S. Brandão, Fabricio Nogueira Correa, Breno Pinheiro Jacob

1625Hydrodynamic Analysis of Semisubmersible Platform to Operate in Deepwater Fields in Mexican Part of the Gulf of Mexico

AO Vazquez-Hernandez, SK Cho, HG Sung, NW Kim, JP Hong, A Cruces, E Olivera, JA Martinez

1631Transient Effects of an FPSO with a Broken Mooring Line

Aldo Roberto Cruces Girón, Byoung Wan Kim, José Alberto Martínez Farfán, Alberto Omar Vázquez Hernández, Hong Gun Sung

1638Spectral Fatigue Analysis for the Topside Structure of Offshore Floating Vessel

Dae-Ho Kim, Jae-Woo Ahn, Sung-Gun Park, Seock-Hee Jun, Yeong-Tae Oh

1644Experimental Research of Wind Loads on a FPSO

Cong Yi, Da Li, Xueping Bai, Chao Zhang, Wentao Zheng

1649A Study on the Supplementary Towing System for an FPSO Using Active Thrusters

Youngjun You, Jaewook Hur, Junhyung Jung

1656Determination of Roll Damping Coefficients for an FPSO through Model Tests and CFD Analysis

Chang Seop Kwon, Hyun Joe Kim, Dong Woo Jung, Sung Wook Lee

1666Motion Response Analysis of Multi-point Moored FPSO

Guo-qing Feng, Xue-yun Jiang, Hui-long Ren, Qing-yue Zhang

1675Gangway Motion Evaluation of an Accommodation Vessel Operating along a Turret Moored FPSO

Binbin Li, Wei Huang, Rodrigo Araujo, Julien Boulland, Xiaobo Chen

1682Security Assessment of Soft Yoke Moored FPSO for the Hinge Point Problems

Yanlin Wang, Zheliang Fan, Yu Du, Shanshan Sun, Guoxun Zhang, Qianjin Yue


Arctic Environment

1690The Detection and Characterization of Massive Marine Ice Features Derived from Moored Upward Looking Sonar Ice Draft Measurements: Seasonal Variability

David B. Fissel, Ed Ross, Dawn Sadowy, Glenda J. Wyatt

1698The Development of Sea Ice Thickness Measurement Sensor

Shuo Li, Ralf Bachmayer, Jian Cui

1706A Method of Above-water Iceberg 3D Modeling Using Surface Imaging

Yahui Wang, Brad deYoung, Ralf Bachmayer

1713Fast Methods for Measuring Ice Ridges in Full-scale

Teemu Heinonen, Annu Oikkonen, Jani Pötrönen

1720Long-term Characteristics of Sea Ice in Bohai Sea and Sea Ice Impact Assessment on Port

Yonghua Xue, Jingfeng Bai, Mingxin Dai

Arctic Mechanics

1723The Ice Load Formation Modeling in the Interaction of Ice Plate with a Cylindrical Indenter

Alexander T. Bekker

1730Towards a First Principles Model of Curling Ice Friction and Curling Stone Dynamics

Edward P Lozowski, Krzysztof Szilder, Sean Maw, Alexis Morris, Louis Poirier, Berni Kleiner

1739Methodology for Experimental Determination of Local Ice Pressures on Flexible Hull of Platforms and Ships

Lev V. Kim, Victor A. Kulesh, Vladimir G. Tsuprik

1746Global Ice Loads on the Sakhalin Offshore Structures: Statistical Overview by Existing Design Codes

Olga A. Sabodash

1753A Stochastic Dynamics Approach for Ice Gouge Depth Determination

Nikolaos Gazis, Ioannis A. Kougioumtzoglou

1760Estimating Sea Ice Thickness Using an Ice Drift Forecast Model

Douglas A. Mitchell

1765Effects of Fine Contents on the Mechanical Response of Frozen Sands

Wanjei Cho, Deokho Chae, Bumsik Hwang, Myounghak Oh, Hoki Ban

1771A Study on Statistical Analysis of Local Ice Loads Measured during the Arctic Voyage of the IBRV ARAON

Yong-Hyeon Kwon, Jong-Hyun Lee, Kyungsik Choi, Tak-Kee Lee

1777Impulse Model for Estimation of Local and Global Ice Loads on Fixed Offshore Ice-resistant Structures

Anatolii Aleksandrov, Roman Matantsev

1781Finite Element Analysis of New Structure against Ice Impact

Chuan Cao

1786Experimental Study of Ice Loads in a Test Basin under Action of Granulated and Columnar Crystal Ice on an Elastic Model

Gennady Kryzhevich, Marina Karulina, Evgeny Karulin

1792A New Ice Load-Response Model for Structural Design of Ice Classed Ships

Ling Zhu, Shiyun Shi, T.X. Yu

1798Stress - Strain Characteristics of Frozen Silty and Clayey Soils

Burak Evirgen, Mustafa Tuncan, Ahmet Tuncan

1803The Fracture Laws of Ice Edge in its Interaction with the Shaft Surface of the Structure

Vladimir G. Tsuprik

Arctic Test Methods

1809A Note on Ice Tank Experimentation

Hiromitsu Kitagawa

1814Validation of Määttänen–Blenkarn Ice Model for Ice–Structure Interaction against Ice Tank Tests

Wojciech Popko, Sofia Georgiadou

1822Ice Resistance Estimation and Comparison the Result with Model Test

Woo Jin. Kim, Sung Pyo. Kim, In Hwan. Sim, Jae Wook. Hur, Hyun Soo. Kim, Cheol Ho. Ryu

Arctic Operations

1829The Influence of Operational Risks for Ice Transit Simulations

Robert Bridges, Kaj Riska

1833Port and Coastal Logistics Infrastructure Development on the Shelf of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation

V. I. Pavlenko, E. K. Glukhareva, S.Yu.Kutsenko

1838Analysis of Outside Factors’ Influence on Perspectives of Container Traffic Development in Arctic Region

Andrey D. Burmenskiy, Nikolay A. Taranukha

1843Effect of Shock Pulse Load on the Ice Cover during Landing of an Airplane

Anna A. Matiushina, Alexandra V. Pogorelova, Victor M. Kozin

1849Numerical Modeling for Dynamic Positioning in Pack Ice

Jie Dai, Heather Peng

1856Simulating Traveling Time and Exhaust Emissions along the Northern Sea Route

Christian Schröder

1863Preparation of Arctic Oil and Gas Condensate Deposit Formation Fluid for Storage and Transport in the Form of Hydrocarbon Hydrate-Containing Dispersed System

Victor S. Vlasenko, Vacheslav V. Slesarenko, Alexsander N. Gulkov, Victor D. Lapshin

1867Winterization of Drilling Systems and Equipment in Cold Climate Conditions

Won Ho Lee, John Dasch

1875A Method of Ice Field Reduction in Port Sabetta Water Area

Alexander Ivanovich Alhimenko, Ivan Dmitrievich Kazunin, Mikhail Uvinalevich Nikolaevskiy

Arctic Ship Technology

1879Technologies of Use of Two Hovercrafts for Destruction of the Ice Cover

Victor M. Kozin, Vitaliy L. Zemlyak, Elena G. Rogozhnikova

1884Experimental Study of Possibility of Submarine Vessels Emerging in the Compact Ice at a Limited Depth of Water Area

Vitaliy L. Zemlyak,Victor M. Kozin, Nikita O. Baurin, Gayane V. Petrosyan

1890Analysis of Technical Decisions of Exploration Platforms in Shallow Waters for the Russian Arctic

Alexander T. Bekker, Olga A. Sabodash, Konstantin D. Shpagin, Yulia A. Krikunova

Arctic Structures

1896Application of Integrated Ice Load Analysis and Model Test Result in Design of WHP-A of an Oilfield in China's Bohai Sea

Jianmin Li, Keqin Chen, Guoxiong He, Zhenping Sun, Jian Xin

1901Development of Methods for Modeling Dynamic Interaction of Fixed Offshore Structures with Drifting Ice Fields and Features

Valery Shaposhnikov, Anatolii Aleksandrov, Viktor Platonov, Oleg Litonov, Evgeny Appolonov, Gennady Demeshko

1905Interface Friction Parameters for the Mathematical Modeling of Shell Structures with Infill

Alexander T. Bekker, Nikita Ya. Tsimbelman, Tatiana I. Chernova, Vadim D. Bruss, Ömer Bilgin

1913Increasing Resistance to Ice Impact for Conductors of Jackets with Floatover Decks

Qing Zhu, Jinlin Hou