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The Proceedings of
The Twenty-fourth (2014) International

Busan, Korea, June 15-20, 2014

VOLUMES 1~4, 2014



ISBN 978-1-880653-91-3

(Vols. 1-4 Full Proceedings Set)

ISSN 1098-6189

(Vols. 1-4 Full Proceedings Set)

Indexed by Engineering Index, EI Compendex, Scopus and Others


International Society of
Offshore and Polar Engineers

The Proceedings of
The Twenty-fourth (2014) International

Busan, Korea, June 15-20, 2014

VOLUME I, 2014



Shale Gas, Permafrost and Hydrates, Offshore Wind Energy


Clean Coal, Shale Gas, Heavy Oil and EOR


Offshore Wind Energy – Foundation, Substructures, Loads, Floating Turbine Systems, Dynamics and Analysis, Design and Test, Control, Ocean Energy – OTEC and Emerging Energy, Wave Energy, Resources and Systems, Tidal and Ocean Current Energy


CO2 Capture and Transport, Energy and Environment, Oil Spill and Containment


South China Sea (Liwan 3-1 Field Development and Installation), TLP and Semisubmersibles, FLNG, Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU), FPS, FPSO and SPAR, Dynamic Positioning and Control, Subsea Installation and Operation, Jacket Structures, Offshore Systems


Arctic Environment, Ice Mechanics and Loads, Arctic Vessels and Structures, Arctic Operations, Operations in Ice, Ice Mechanics

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ISBN 978-1 880653 91-3

(Vols. 1-4 Full Proceedings Set)

ISSN 1098-6189

(Vols. 1-4 Full Proceedings Set)

Indexed by Engineering Index, EI Compendex, Scopus and Others

Edited by:

Jin S. Chung, ISOPE, Cupertino, CA, USA
Fabian Vorpahl, Fraunhofer-IWES, Bremerhaven, Germany
Seok-Won Hong, KRISO, Daejeon, Korea
Sa Young Hong, KRISO, Daejeon, Korea
Ted Kokkinis, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company, Houston, TX, USA
Alan M. Wang, China Offshore Oil Engineering Company, Ltd, Tianjin, China

Presented at:

The Twenty-fourth (2014) International Ocean and Polar Engineering Conference held in Busan, Korea, June 15-20, 2014

Organized by:

International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers

Sponsored by:

International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers (ISOPE) with cooperating societies and associations

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International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers (ISOPE)
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Gas Hydrates

1Status of Methane Hydrates Production R&D and Enhanced Recovery Technologies (Keynote)

Takeshi Komai

51-Dimensional Productivity Evaluation for Methane Hydrate Replacement Using Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen

Yun-Ho Ahn, Dong-Yeun Koh, Hyery Kang, Seongmin Park, Jaehyoung Lee, Joo-Yong Lee, Se-Joon Kim, Huen Lee

10Gas-Hydrate-Associated Carbonates and their Implications in the Qilian Mountain Permafrost

Zhengquan Lu, Junjun Cai, Qing Sun, Ting Wang, Shiqi Tang, Panpan Tan

15Experimental Study on Methane Hydrate Accumulation from Dissolved Gas in Three-Dimensional Simulation Device

Qinglan Ma, Xiaoyu Zhong, Nan Li, Kehua Su, Changyu Sun, Guangjin Chen, Lanying Yang, Bei Liu

23Thermodynamic and Kinetic Effect of a Dual-Function Inhibitor on Gas Hydrate Formation

Dongwook Lim, Seongmin Park, Hyeyoon Ro, Jong-Won Lee, Hyery Kang, Minchul Kwon, Huen Lee

29Exploration and Identification of Gas Hydrate in Muli Permafrost

Huaijun Wen, Liyang Wei, Jinning Guo, Jinping Wang, Yonghong Li, Xin Chen, Shaolin Zhang, Weichao Wang, Haijun Fan

34Natural Thermoluminescence Prospecting of Gas Hydrate in the Qilian Mountains Permafrost, Qinghai

Zhongjun Sun, Ziye Han, Hui Fang, Zhibin Yang, Aihua Qin, Fugui Zhang, Yalong Zhou, Shunyao Zhang

40Laboratory Study on Physical and Mechanical Properties of Hydrate Sediment Samples

Shuyun Wang, Xuhui Zhang, Xiaobing Lu, Xuyuan Nie

44The Influence of Dissolution of Hydrate in Blocked BOP on Gas Volume Fraction in Deepwater Drilling

Yonghai Gao, Baojiang Sun, Xingru Wu, Changsheng Xiang, Yanli Guo, Xinxin Zhao

49Modeling of Methane Hydrate Inhibition in the Presence of Green Solvent for Offshore Oil and Gas Pipeline

Venkata Ramana Avula, Ramesh L Gardas, Jitendra S Sangwai

55Sand Grain Size Dependence of Viscoelastic Properties of Artificial Methane-Hydrate-Bearing Sediment Sample

Kuniyuki Miyazaki, Endo Yoshihiro, Norio Tenma, Tsutomu Yamaguchi

Deep Ocean Mining

61Nonlinear Finite-Element Analysis of Flexible Marine Pipes for Deep-Sea Mining

Yuxiang Chen, Ning Yang, Xing Jin

66Effect of concentration and velocity on conveying of coarse grained mixtures in pipe

Pavel Vlasak, Zdenek Chara, Jiri Konfrst, Jan Krupicka

72Some Considerations about Image Analysis of Seafloor Photographs for Better Estimation of Parameters of Polymetallic Nodule Distribution

Akira Tsune, Masatsugu Okazaki

78A Classification Society´s Experience with Subsea Mining

Marco Figoni, Sudheer Chand

Clean Coal

86Design of Rheological Modifiers for Dispersion and Stability of Petroleum Coke Slurries

David J. Marchand, Youngkwang Kim, Nanhee Ko, Juhoe Kim, Yong L. Joo, Seong H. Kim

89Continuous Operation Results of Pre-combustion CO2 Capture Process Integrated with Coal Gasifier and Desulfurization Process

Ho-Jung Ryu, Dong-Ho Lee, Seung-Yong Lee, Sung-Ho Jo, Young Cheol Park

92Chemical and Physical Properties of Petroleum Pitch

Nader Nciri, Kim Jeong Hyun, Suil Song, Namho Kim, Namjun Cho

Drilling & Production

100Application of a Probabilistic Method to the Forecast of Production Rate Using a Decline Curve Analysis of Shale Gas Play

Ji-Su Kim, Hyo-Jin Shin, Jong-Se Lim

106Type Curves for Analyzing Production from Horizontal Wells with Multiple Hydraulic Fractures in Shale Gas Reservoirs

Tae Hong Kim, Kanghee Park, Kun Sang Lee

113Impact of Fracture Design Parameters on the Production Performance in Hydraulically Fractured Shale Gas Reservoir

Hochang Jang, Changhoon Shin, Jeonghwan Lee

118Multifunctional Ultrasound Imaging Logging Tool Design for Casing Wells of Offshore Oilfield in China

Honghai Chen, Zhifeng Sun, Xien Liu, Ao Qiu

123A Practical and Innovative Application of OPEX Allocation Relating to Joint and Exclusive Operations in Indonesia Offshore PSC Block

Seungkyun Huh, Junghyun Yoo, Kwangseok Jeong, Mark Schneider

Enhanced Oil Recovery

127Optimization and Uncertainty Assessment for Gel Treatment Based on Technical-Economical Model

Ji Ho Lee, Kun Sang Lee

135Steam Communication of Well Pad System under Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage in a Heterogeneous Oil-sands Reservoir

Jaehoon Yoo, Changhyup Park, Chulhwan Lee, Jiyeon Choi

140Evaluation of Real-Time Injection Performance for Polymer Flooding in Heterogeneous Reservoir

Youngmin Kim, Jeonghwan Lee

147Sensitivity Analysis on the Design Parameters of Enhanced Oil Recovery by Polymer Flooding with Low Salinity Waterflooding

Banseok Han, Jeonghwan Lee

152Optimized WAG Cycle and Well Pattern of CO2 EOR Projects for Maximum NPV in Heterogeneous Reservoirs

Moon Sik Jeong, Jinhyung Cho, Kun Sang Lee

159Screening Criteria for Application of EOR Processes in Offshore Fields

Pan-Sang Kang, Jong-Se Lim, Chun Huh

166A New Type of High Temperature Clean Fracturing Fluid to Enhance Oil Recovery on Bohai Bay, China

Xingzun Wang, Wenhui Bao, Lei Chen, Yina Cai, Meng Li, Zhi Gao, ShangGuan

170Study of Multi-component Thermal Fluid Recovery on Offshore Heavy Oilfield in Bohai Bay of China

Hailin Yang, Yongtao Sun

174Acidizing Technology of Carbonate Reservoir Used for Enhanced Oil Recovery in the Oilfield of Iraq

Bo Cui, Puyong Feng, Xinming Rong, Yongqing Yang

180Multi-component Thermal Fluid Technology on Extra-heavy Oil to Enhance Oil Recovery in Bohai Bay of China

Guimin Yu, Tao Lin, Yongtao Sun, Yubao Sun

185Foam Flooding Technology Used for Enhanced Oil Recovery in Offshore Oilfields of China's Bohai Bay

Yunbao Zhang, Guorui Xu, Haijiang Bo, Xiang Li


Wind Turbine Foundation

189Application of the NGI-Procedure for Design of Bucket Foundations for Offshore Wind Turbines

Kristoffer Skjolden Skau, Hans Petter Jostad

199The Effects of Pile Shape on the Lateral Capacity of Monopiles used as Wind Turbines Embedded in Sand Deposits

B. Pedram

207Comparison of Lateral Behavior of Rock-Socketed Large-Diameter Offshore Monopiles in Sands with Different Relative Densities

Dongwook Kim, Yun Wook Choo, Kiseok Kwak

211Design of Composite Pile Foundations for Offshore Wind Turbines

Yunsup Shin, Thomas Langford, Kyunghwan Cho, Jongheon Park, Jaehyun Park

218Hydrodynamic Motion of Composite Bucket Foundation for Offshore Wind Turbines

Puyang Zhang, Hongyan Ding, Conghuan Le, Jing Liu

222Suitability of a Pile Group Foundation for an Offshore Wind Turbine

Y.-S. Kuo, K. Abdel-Rahman, K.-T. Wu, T.-Y. Huang, M. Achmus

227Numerical Simulation of Morphological Changes around Offshore Wind Turbine Foundations in Taiwan Western Coast

Yun-Chih Chiang, Sung-Shan Hsiao, Hui-Ming Fang, Hsing-Yu Wang, Ming-Chung Lin

Wind Turbine Structure

234Reanalysis of Jacket Support Structure for Computer-Aided Optimization of Offshore Wind Turbines with a Genetic Algorithm

Sebastian Schafhirt, Daniel Zwick, Michael Muskulus

242A Conceptual Natural Period Active Control System for Fixed Offshore Wind Turbine Structure and Assessment of Consequential Impacts on Substructure Design

Ho Young Cho, Joo Kyung Joo

250Robust Requirements and Design Optimization for Supporting Structure of Offshore Wind Turbine Utilizing Approximate Model Technology

Hezhen Yang, Yun Zhu

260Damage Detection for Tripod-type Offshore Wind Turbine Structures Using Modal Strain Energy Methods

Min Zhang, Yan Li, Weichen Ding, Xiaolong Xu

268Conceptual Design of an Offshore Wind Tower (OWT) Support Structure Stable to Transport with Hybrid In-place Tethering System

Robert W. Copple, Cuneyt Capanoglu

Floating Wind Turbine

275Comparison of Wave-induced Response of a TLP Wind Turbine Obtained by CFD Method and Potential Theory

Ali Nematbakhsh, Erin E. Bachynski, Zhen Gao, Torgeir Moan

283Towing tests with the GICON®-TLP for wind turbines

Thomas Myland, Frank Adam, Frank Dahlhaus, Jochen Großmann

288Time Domain Simulation of a Semi-submersible Type Floating Wind Turbine

Yingyi Liu, Changhong Hu, Makoto Sueyoshi, Shigeo Yoshida, Yuichiro Honda, Yuji Ohya

294Wind Turbine Impacts on Its Semi-Submersible Floating Supporting System for Phase II of OC4

Wenchao Zhao, Decheng Wan

302Comparative Study of a FVAWT and a FHAWT with a Semi-submersible Floater

Kai Wang, Chenyu Luan, Torgeir Moan, Martin Otto Laver Hansen

311Study on Characteristics of Darrieus-type Straight-bladed Vertical Axis Wind Turbine by Use of Ailerons

Kazuhisa Naoi, Kentaro Tsuji, Mitsuhiro Shiono, Katsuyuki Suzuki

317The Dynamic Coupling Effects of a MUFOWT (Multiple Unit Floating Offshore Wind Turbine) with Partially Broken Blade

Y.H. Bae, M.H. Kim, Q. Yu

325CFD Simulation of a Floating Wind Turbine Platform in Rough Sea Conditions

Cheng Liu, Changhong Hu

Wind Energy Analysis and Management

330Key Technologies of Suizhong Demonstration Offshore Wind Turbine Project in China

Jun Hao, Jinghong Shang, Jianhua Zhang, Liang Zhang

336Development of an Electric Power Transformation and Energy Management System for Marine Renewable Energy Generation Plant

Zhaochun Ping, Li Zhang, Che Wei, Qiang Li

342Influence of Superelement Support Structure Modeling on the Loads on an Offshore Wind Turbine with a Jacket Support Structure

Ying Tu, Fabian Vorpahl

350Comparison of Wind Tunnel Test and CFD Simulation Results for Newly-Proposed Steel Wind Turbines

JinWook Joung, Boo-Hyung Bang, YoungMin Kim, MinOh Hwang

355Shape Design and Cavitation Analysis on a 1MW HATCT Rotor Blade by CFD

Patrick Mark Singh, Young-Do Choi

362Effect of Outliers in Wind Speed Assessment

Takvor H. Soukissian, Flora E. Karathanasi, Evangelos G. Voukouvalas

370Numerical Simulation of Transition Piece - Monopile Impact during Offshore Wind Turbine Installation

Cheng Li, Zhen Gao, Torgeir Moan, Nianli Lu

376Global In-Place Analysis of WTIV Leg for Korean West-South Offshore Wind Zone

Tae-Min Cho, Joo-Shin Park, Yeong-Su Ha, Bong-Jae Kim, Ki-Bok Jang

384Multi-Criteria-Decision-Making of a TLP Support with Large-capacity OWT at Deep Water

Xun Meng, Qi Lou, Ruifeng Shi

390Comparison of Numerical and Experimental Analyses of Motion Response of a Spar-Type Floating Offshore Wind Turbine in Waves

Xiaorong Ye, Zhen Gao, Torgeir Moan, Liang Zhang

398Parametric Analysis of a Cylinder-like Shape Floating Platform Dedicated to Multi-Megawatt Wind Turbine

Jean-Christophe Gilloteaux, Pauline Bozonnet

407A Simulation Tool with an Optimal Controller for Offshore Floating Wind Turbines

Lei Duan, Hiroyuki Kajiwara

415Fully Integrated Design: Lifetime Cost of Energy Reduction for Offshore Wind

James Dobbin, Andrew Cordle, Lindert Blonk, David Langston, Avishek Kumar, Ervin Bossanyi, Francesco Vanni, Marc de Batista, Oscar Hughes Salas, Fred Davison

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC)

424Heat Transfer Characteristics of Working Fluids for Closed OTEC Power Plants

Myungkyu Park, Joo-Hyung Kim, Dongsoo Jung

429Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop Characteristics of Plate Heat Exchanger of R22 and R32

Young-Kwon Jung, Hyeon-Ju Kim, Ho-Saeng Lee, Yong-Sung Lee

433Performance Characteristics of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion cycle according to various Composition Ratios of R32/R152a

Sang-Won Cha, Ho-Saeng Lee, Hyeon-Ju Kim, Seung-Won Lee

438Performance Characteristics of Seawater Heat Pump Using R32/R152a Mixed Refrigerant

Ho-Saeng Lee, Hyeon-Ju Kim, Sang-Won Cha, Deok-Soo Moon

445Numerical Modeling Approach of an OTEC Thermal Discharges in Coastal Waters of Kosrae, Micronesia

Jong Yoon Mun, Hyeon-Ju Kim, Jongkyu Kim

449Performance Indicator on OTEC Power System for Selected Working Fluids

Patricia Kwakye-Boateng, Jung-In Yoon, Kwang-Hwan Choi, Chang-Hyo Son, Hyeon-Ju Kim, Ho-Saeng Lee

45320 kW ORC Turbine Off-Design Performance Analysis

S. Han, JongBeom Seo, Hyeon-Ju Kim, Bum-Seog Choi

456Effect of Couplers on Structural Responses of Subsea Risers in Water Flows

Hajung Hwang, Won-Bae Na, Hyeon-Ju Kim


462An Analysis of Biomass in Higher Trophic Level of Coastal Ecosystem for Sustainable and Effective System of Biomass Application

Yohei Tsukahara, Naoki Nakatani

Oscillating Water Column (OWC)

467Interactions between an OscillatingWave Surge Converter and a Heaving Point Absorber

Dripta Sarkar, Emiliano Renzi, Frederic Dias

476Evaluation of Energy Gain of Float Type Wave Energy Converters

Kesayoshi Hadano, Pallav Koirala, Keisuke Taneura, Toshiaki Ohnishi

484Structural Analysis of the Primary Transduction System of a Floating Pendulum Wave Energy Converter

Ho Jeong Cheon, Jung Min Sohn, Seung Ho Shin, Key Yong Hong

489Comparative Study of Wave-induced Motion for Two Types of Floating Pendulum Wave Energy Converters

J. Y. Park, B.W. Nam, S.H. Shin, S.Y. Hong

496Wave Power Extracting System with Multi-Resonators Attached to Vertical Breakwaters

JiHye Seo, Woo-Sun Park

502Effectiveness of a New Double-Water-Chamber Type Sea Wall for Long Wave Dissipations and Wave Energy Extractions

Firman Husain, Takayuki Nakamura, Shintaroh Kagimoto

508Determination of Wave Model Uncertainties used for Probabilistic Reliability Assessments of Wave Energy Devices

Simon Ambühl, Jens Peter Kofoed, John D. Sørensen

516Ultimate Bending Strength Behaviors of Tubular Connections on Floating Type Wave Energy Converter

Jung Min Sohn, Ho Jeong Cheon, Seung Ho Shin, Key Yong Hong

522Numerical Study of an Oscillating Wave Energy Converter with Nonlinear Snap-Through Power-Take-Off Systems in Regular Waves

Xiantao Zhang, Jianmin Yang, Longfei Xiao

528Wave Energy Absorption in IrregularWaves by a Floating Body Equipped with Interior Rotating Electric-Power Generator

Riku Takaramoto, Masashi Kashiwagi, Katsuhiro Sakai

534Experimental Study on Electrode Potential Drop in Liquid Metal MHD Generator Driven by Wave Energy

Ran Li, Qi Xia, Yan Peng, Lingzhi Zhao, Baoling Liu, Jian Li

537An Experimental Study of Wave Power Generation Using Flexible Piezoelectric Device

Yoshikazu Tanaka, Takuya Oko, Hidemi Mutsuda, Rupesh Patel, Stewart McWilliam, Atanas A. Popov

545Performance Study of Magnetohydrodynamic Generator for Wave Energy

Baolin Liu, Jian Li, Yan Peng, Lingzhi Zhao, Ran Li, Qi Xia, Ciwen Sha

549Study on the Unsteady Characteristics of Impulse Turbine for OWC Wave Energy Converter under Sinusoidal Flow

Jiyuan Jin, Keyyong Hong, Beom-soo Hyun, Geonggi Lee, Zhen Liu

554Numerical Simulations of WEC (Wave Energy Conversion) Device Used for Oceanic Data Buoys

Yongseok Lee, Hyunseong Min, Mindo Choi, Jun Zhang

561Introduction of an Innovative Wave Energy Converter: SPA-OWC

Seung Kwan Song, Jin Bae Park

Tidal and Current Energy

568Study on the Gear Ratio for a Tidal Current Power Generation System Using the MPPT Control Method

Kentaro Tsuji, Kazuhisa Naoi, Mitsuhiro Shiono, Katsuyuki Suzuki

575Performance Investigation of a Counter-rotating Tidal Current Turbine by Front and Rear Blade Angle by CFD and Model Experimentation

Nak Joong Lee, In Chul Kim, Beom Soo Hyun, Young Ho Lee


Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)

580Economic Evaluation of CO2 Liquefaction Processes for Ship-based Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Chain

Youngkyun Seo, Cheol Huh, Daejun Chang

584CO2 Injection System with CO2 Cold Energy Recovery

Hwalong You, Youngkyun Seo, Cheol Huh, Daejun Chang

588The Cost Estimation of CO2 Pipeline Transport for the Offshore CCS in Korea

Kwangu Kang, Cheol Huh, Seong-Gil Kang

Oil Spill and Containment

592A Study of Detection and Prediction of Oil Spill in Ice Seasons of the Bohai Sea

Shasha Song, Wei An, Yupeng Zhao

597Numerical Simulation and Structural Analysis of Oceanic Oil Containment Booms in Towing Condition

Ruifeng Shi, Xun Meng

605Numerical Simulation of Accidental Oil Spill Diffusion in Xiamen Sea Area

Ting Xu, Bing Yan, Liancheng Sun

610Preliminary Numerical Study on Oil Spilling from a DHT

Hao Yang, Jinshu Lu, S. Yan

618Effects of Initial Water Layer Thickness on Oil Leakage from Damaged DHTs

J.S. Lu, F.C. Liu, Z.Y. Zhu

624Structure of Control System of Spilled Oil and Gas Tracking Autonomous Underwater Vehicle SOTAB-I

M. Choyekh, M. Ukita, R. Kimura, N. Kato, H. Senga, M. Yoshie, T. Tanaka, N. Sakagami

632Modelling and Control Design of Spilled Oil Tracking Autonomous Buoy

Swarn Singh Rathour, T. Akamatsu, N. Kato, H. Senga, N. Tanabae, M. Yoshie, T. Tanaka

Ocean Environment

640A New Eco-Friendly Wave-Dissipating Concrete Block and Verification of Its Effectiveness from Field Observations

Norikazu Hirose, Sanae Shibata, Ichiro Nishiwaki, Satoshi Noboru, Eisuke Nakamura, Jun MItsui

648Which Parameter Does Affect the N2O Exchange between the Air and the Sea?

Mitsuru Hayashi, Mitsuki Ohya, Kentaro Sakamoto, Eiji Yamashita

652Applying Comprehensive Evaluation Method and Satellite Ocean Color Chlorophyll Analysis to Assess Coastal Eutrophication in Taiwan

Ta-Kang Liu, Ping Chen, Hou-Yu Chen

Ocean Ecology

657The Role of Oil and Gas Companies in Ensuring the Ecological Safety of theArctic

V. I. Pavlenko, S.Yu.Kutsenko, E. K. Glukhareva

663The Evaluation of Fuel Injection Strategies on Performance of Small Bore Two-Stroke Marine Diesel Engine

Haiqiang Liu, Lu Lin, Zhongjun Wang

667Proposal of a Water Quality Measurement Method by Spectrophotometer

Kohji UNO, Natsuha TOZAWA, Gozo Tsujimoto, Tetsuya KAKINOKI

674Recuperation Vapors of Crude for Reducing Polluting Emissions

Victor Sergeyevich Vlasenko, Viacheslav Vladimirovich Slesarenko, Aleksandr Nefedovich Gulkov


South China Sea (Liwan 3- Floatover Installation)

679Design Considerations for Challenging Floatover Installation of Liwan 3-1 Mega Topsides with a T-Shaped Barge

Yun Yang, Alan M. Wang, Ruhua Yuan, Huailiang Li, Weiwei Xie, Xiaojian Jin

689A Model Test Study and Its Application for Challenging Floatover Installation of Liwan 3-1 Mega Topsides in South China Sea

Xuezhong Zhou, Alan M. Wang, Zhigang Li, Jingkuo Xu, Xin Li, Jun Li, Lijun Yang

700Virtual Simulation Program and Its Application for Challenging Floatover Installation of Liwan 3-1 Mega Topsides in South China Sea

Alan M. Wang, Ruhua Yuan, Huailiang Li, Weiwei Xie, Jan S. Bakker, Jakob Pinkster

712Parametric Sensitivity Studies for Floatover Installation Analyses of Liwan 3-1 Mega Topsides with a T-Shaped Launch Barge

Ruhua Yuan, Min He, Wentai Yu, Alan M. Wang, Daniel Merino, Tormod Bøe

723Research on Load Transference Technology of The Whole Large Topside

Chao Liu, Shumin Li, Ting Li, Shengnan Lu, Yuexia She

South China Sea (Liwan 3-Subsea Construction)

727Challenge and Solution of PanYu35-2 Subsea Manifold Design Fabrication and Testing

Yongwei Gu, Pengpeng Ju, Jiajun Qin, Changtao Wang, Huidong Wei

733The Significance of Stretch Bending Combination Four-Point Bending Test in Composite Pipe Laying

Mingxing Yu,Xiaohua Huang, Jinlong Qi

740Analysis on Flow Assurance and Dynamic Simulation of Deepwater Subsea Processing System

Kai Zhou, Peilin Liu, Hao Ni, Dong Wang, Feng Su, Feilong Liu

748Technical Challenges and Practice of SSIV Umbilical Project in South China Sea

Huidong Wei, Ying Jiang, Xuanze Ju, Hui Liang, Wei Fang, Hanjun Yin, Wentao Yan, Chunsheng Miao, Chunna Song

754A Study on Piping Stress Analysis of Subsea Riser Base for HYSY111 FPSO in South China Sea

Ying Jiang, Xuanze Ju, Wei Fang, Hanjun Yin

759New Subsea Dynamic Riser Base Design for HYSY111 FPSO in South China Sea

Xuanze Ju, Hanjun Yin, Ying Jiang, Wei Fang, Xiaowei Zhang, Fengyun Wang

South China Sea (Liwan 3- Field Development)

766Design Considerations of Liwan 3-1 Topside Float-over Mating Analysis

Meng Yuan, Larry Chen, Yue Li, Yu Liang, Xu Sun, Huailiang Li, Weiwei Xie

775Multi-Body Response Analysis of Subsea Umbilical Termination Assembly Installation

Hui Liang, Hanjun Yin, Ying Jiang, Wei Fang, Xuanze Ju, Huidong Wei

779An Investigation on the Subsea Equipment Influenced by the Dropped Object Impact Loads

Fengyun Wang, Meizhen Zhou, Wei Fang

Offshore Installation and Operations

783Dynamic Responses of Immersing Tunnel Element during Freeboard Elimination

Yuguo Pei, Guoxing Huang, Yue Song, Xianying Shi, Ningchuan Zhang, Liyang Lin

790Studies on Jacket Effective Stiffness Estimation for Float-over Mating Analysis

Meng Yuan, Jiafei Wang, Larry Chen, Xiaofei Li, Yujun Liu

796Motion and Structural Analysis of Floaters Float-over during the Mating Operation

Khaled A. Geba, Yousri M. A. Welaya, Heba W. Leheta, Yehia A. Abdel-Nasser

805A Hydrodynamic Study of Deepwater Mooring Characteristics

Zi Lin, P.Sayer

813Improved Method of Seismic Data Processing for Exploring Offshore Oil/Gas Field in the South China Sea

Wei Wang, Xiang Zeng, Chaoyin Qu

817A Comparative Study on Motion Monitoring and Numerical Simulation of T-Shaped Launch Barge with PY34-1 Jacket during Transportation

Huailiang Li, Hanbing Luo, Xin Liu, Jingjian Wu, Licheng Qin, Alan M. Wang

824Acceleration Monitoring, Benchmarking and Environmental Correlatinin Module Ocean Transportation

Yaochen Sun, Yinguo Cheng, Xin Hai, Andy Ji, Chun Liang

832Numerical Modeling of Load Transfer Unit of the Float-over Installation

Young Myung Choi, Bo Woo Nam, Sa Young Hong

837Model Testing Capabilities for Verification of Floatover Operations

A. Magee, N.Z.M. Yunos, V.J. Kurian

844Effect of Lifting Heavy Object on Construction Vessel's Motion

Tuyen Van Luong, Natthaphong Hiranchaiyaphruek, Tack-Geun Lee

Jackup and Jacket Structures

850Operating Capability of Big-foot Jack-up in China's Offshore

Weiliang Dong, Jianjun Wang, Jianbo Li, Linsong Song, Menglan Duan

855Behaviour and Analysis of Grouted Connections in Offshore Monopile Wind Turbine Structures subject to Bending Moment Loading

Al-Amir Alwan, L.F. Boswell

860Parametric Study of Allowable Stress Design and Load & Resistance Factor Design for Jack-up Rig

Joo-Shin Park, Yeong-Su Ha, Jeong-Bon Koo, Ki-Bok Jang, Yong-Suk Suh

Offshore Systems – Design, Installation and Drilling

867A Study on Towing Characteristics of a Transportation Barge during Multi-tug Operation

B.W. Nam, S.Y. Hong, Y.M. Choi, I.B. Park, D.Y. Lee

873An Introduction to Foundation Design of Steel Gravity Substructure

Hyun-Wook Cho, Hae-Jung Jung, Gwang-Gi Min, Hyung-Seung Nam

881Design Implementation of Offshore Skid in Compliance with DNV Regulations

Atul B. Bokane, Micah Stewart, Nitinkumar P. Katke, Siddharth Jain

890Performance-based Seismic Design of Fixed Offshore Platforms and Comparison with ISO and API Seismic Design Guidelines

Abe Nezamian, Patrick M Morgan

898Vertical Wave-in-Deck Loading and Pressure Distribution on Fixed Horizontal Decks of Offshore Platforms

Nagi Abdussamie, Walid Amin, Roberto Ojeda, Giles Thomas

907The Turbine Parameter Study of Down-hole Turbine Generator of While Drilling for Exploring of China Sea

Zhiming Wang, Zhijun Jian, Yun Guo, Weihong Zhu, Hongliang Wang

911A New Equipment for Measuring the Setting Precision of Flood Hole and Air Hole Open/Close Devices

Yun Lu, Weijia Li, Wenzhuo Tian, Kai Zhou, Xiao Wang

919The Design of Hydraulic Simulating Apparatus for Active Heave Compensation Systems

Sungil Shin, Jong Kun Lee, Sang Jun Kim

924Study on Operation Probability for a 3000 Meters Pipe-Lay Vessel

Jian wei. ang, Ke yi Li, Li ping Sun, Shang mao Ai, Gang Ma, Shao heng Sun

931Forward Distance Performance of a Free Fall Lifeboat in a Seaway

Jingzhe Jin, Edvard Ringen, Anders Östman, Thomas Sauder, Ole Andreas Hermundstad, Dariusz Fathi, Svein-Arne Reinholdtsen

941Design of the Fiber and Gyro Azimuth Logging Tool for Open Hole or Cased Wells of Offshore Oilfield of China

Ao Qiu, Xien Liu, Honghai Chen, Zhifeng Sun

945Application of the Ahead Fluid System in the Moxi16 Liner Cementing

Chong Wang, Jianlong Zou, Feiyan Xie, Baohui Zhao

949Coupled Analysis of a SPM Buoy-Feeder-Cage System for Offshore Aquaculture

Cristian Cifuentes, M.H. Kim, Neil Anthony Sims, Gavin Key

956Modeling the Forces and Motions of a Single Point Mooring Marine Aquaculture Cage

Mohd Atif Siddiqui, Vishwanath Nagarajan, Chanchal Kumar Mukherjee


964Scenario Research and Design of FPSO in South China Sea

Da Li, Cong Yi, Zhenghai Xu, Xueping Bai

970Dynamic Coupled Analysis of FSRU with Broken Mooring Line

Byoung Wan Kim, Hong Gun Sung, Sa Young Hong, Seok Won Hong

977Nonlinear Structural Response Analysis for Aluminum Helideck

Jeong-Bon Koo, Joo-Shin Park, Yeong-Su Ha, Ki-Bok Jang, Yong-Suk Suh

Semisubmersibles/SPAR andTLP

985Model Test and Simulation of a New Concept of Dry Tree Semi-Submersible

XL. Qi, GS. LV, Y. Luo,WQ. Zhu, YG. Zhang

993Coupled Analysis of a Semisubmersible Platform with Two Types of Mooring Systems

Dongsheng Qiao, Fei Wu, Jinping Ou

1001Global Structural Analysis for Semi-submersible Drill Rig

Chang-Hyun Lee, Chang-Hwan Jang, Seock-Hee Jun, Yeong-Tae Oh

1007Analysis on Effects of Varying Parameters and Hull Shapes on Parametric Instability of Spar

Peiji Xu, Hezhen Yang

1014Study on the Nonlinear Dynamic Characteristics of a Truss Spar

Wenjun Shen, Yougang Tang, Feng Gao, Yunpeng Jiang

1019Effect of Tendons' Material on the Dynamic Behavior of a Tension Leg Platform Analyzed in Frequency and Time Domain

Lazaros Theodoridis, Eva Loukogeorgaki, Demos C. Angelides

1027Study on the Transient Dynamic Characteristics of TLP under Impact Load

Jia-yang Gu, Jie Wu


Arctic (NSR) Shipping

1035Ice Plate Deflections during Aircraft Take-off and Landing

Alexandra V. Pogorelova, Victor M. Kozin, Anna A. Matuyshina

1043Simulation of Ice Management Operations

Quentin Hisette, Peter Jochmann, Robert Bronsart

1052Design and Power Management of a Wind-Solar Powered Polar Rover

Jiao Chen, Jianhong Liang, Tianmiao Wang, Taoyi Zhang, Yao Wu, Xuanxia Linghu

1060Fundamental Study of Navigation Simulation on the Northern Sea Route During the Sea Ice Decrease Period

Yoichi Shimada

1066A New Hub-port Concept for Tomakomai in Anticipation of the Era of Arctic Shipping

Hiromitsu Kitagawa, Natsuhiko Otsuka

1074Organization and Evaluation of Effectiveness of Container Traffic on Northern Sea Route

Nikolay A. Taranukha, Andrey D. Burmenskiy

Arctic and Ice Mechanics

1078On the Estimation of the Distribution of Massive Marine Ice Features Derived from Moored Upward Looking Sonar Instruments

David B. Fissel, Ed Ross, Anudeep Kanwar, Glenda J. Wyatt

1086Comparison of Ice Load Development on Non-Planar Surface

Hyunwook Kim, Claude Daley

1093Review and Research of Physical and Mechanical Properties for Sea Ice

Nikolay A. Taranukha, Sergey V. Koshkin

1096Movement of Two Loadings on the Ice Cover

Alexandra V. Pogorelova, Victor M. Kozin, Elena G. Rogozhnikova

1102A Model of Ice Friction for Skeleton Sled Runners

Edward Lozowski, Krzysztof Szilder, Sean Maw, Alexis Morris

1111Creep Behavior of Frozen Sands

Deokho Chae, Youngseok Kim, Bumsik Hwang, Wanjei Cho

Arctic Ships and Ice-Structures Interactions

1118Structural Design for the Ice-Resistant Platform

Jinlin Hou, Weidong Shao

1125On the Measurement of Submersion Ice Resistance of Ships, Using Artificial Ice

Jurrit Monte Bergsma, Coen Wouter Bouhuys, Tobias Schaap, Anne Floor Spaargaren, Max van der Zalm, Solange Esmée van der Werff

1132Parameter Relationships of Ice-Structure Interaction Process

Lev V. Kim, Vladimir G. Tsuprik

1135Influence of Peculiarities of the Form of a Submarine Vessel on the Parameters of Generated Waves in the Ice Motion

Vitaliy L. Zemlyak, Victor M. Kozin, Nikita O. Baurin, Gayane V. Petrosyan

1141Motorway Structures Reinforced with Geosynthetic Materials in Polar Regions of Russia

Sergei Kudriavtcev, Iurii Berestianyi, Elena Goncharova, Tatyana Valtseva, Roman Mihailin

1144Initial Concept Design for a Self-Icebreaking Container Vessel in Ice-Covered Water Region

Shao-Peng Ji, Zi-Lin Li, Miao-Miao Huang, Ying-Hui Wang, Yu-Kui Tian, Zhong-Gang Li

1152Operational Monitoring of Vessel's Vibration Parameters When Operating in Ice

Nikolai N. Spiridonov, Roman V. Repin

1159Study on Influence of Ship Speed on Local Ice Loads on Bow of the IBRV ARAON

Tae-Wook Kim, Ha-Na Kim, Kyungsik Choi, Tak-Kee Lee

1165Comparison and Cause Analysis of Ice-Induced Structural Vibration of Upward and Downward Cones

Ning Xu, Qianjin Yue, Yan Qu, Shuai Yuan, Xueqin Liu

1171Different Technologies for Making a Wider Channel in Ice for Large-Size Ships

Kirill Evgenievich Sazonov, Aleksey Alekseevich Dobrodeev

1177Global Path Planning of Maritime Unmanned Vehicle Based on Real-time Environment Information

Man Zhu, Yuanqiao Wen, Changshi Xiao, Chunhui Zhou, Bo Wu