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The Proceedings of
The Eighteenth (2008) International

Vancouver, Canada, July 6-11, 2008

VOLUMES 1~4, 2008

ISBN 978-1-880653-70-8 (Vols. 1-4 Full Proceedings Set)

ISSN 1098-6189 (Vols. 1-4 Full Proceedings Set)

Indexed by Engineering Index, Compendex and Others


International Society of
Offshore and Polar Engineers

The Proceedings of
The Eighteenth (2008) International

Vancouver, Canada, July 6-11, 2008

VOLUME I, 2008


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ISBN 978-1-880653-70-8 (Vols. 1-4 Full Proceedings Set)

ISSN 1098-6189 (Vols. 1-4 Full Proceedings Set)

Indexed by Engineering Index, Compendex and Others

Edited by:
Jin S. Chung, ISOPE, Cupertino, California, USA
Seok Won Hong, Maritime and Ocean Engineering Research Institute, Daejeon, Korea
Simon Prinsenberg, Bedford Inst of Oceanography, Dartmouth, Canada
Shuichi Nagata, Saga University, Saga, Japan

Presented at:
The Eighteenth (2008) International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference held in Vancouver, BC, Canada, July 6-11, 2008

Organized by:
International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers

Sponsored by:
International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers (ISOPE) with cooperating societies and associations

The publisher and the editors of its publications assume no responsibility for the statements or opinions expressed in papers or presentations by the contributors to this conference or proceedings.

International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers (ISOPE)
P.O. Box 189, Cupertino, California 95015-0189 USA



1Synergies Between VLFS Hydroelasticity and Sea-Ice Research

Vernon A. Squire

14The Simulation Study of Gasification System with Various Feedstocks and Products

Hyun Min Shim, Young Hoon Kim, Na-Hyung Chang and Hyung Taek Kim

19World's Oil Shale Available Retorting Technologies and the Forecast of Shale Oil Production

Jialin Qian, Jianqiu Wang and Shuyuan Li

21Materials Selection for Bitumen with Heavy Naphthenic Acid in Canadian Oil Sands

Thomas J.C. Eun

31Oil Sands Gathering Conditions and Models in Compressional Basin

Qun Zhao, Hong-Yan Wang, Ren-He Liu, Nengyu Yang and Fuyuan Mu

38Gas Hydrate R&D Activities of Korea

Tai-Sup Lee, Ho-Young Lee and Keun-Pil Park

44Temperature Calculation and Prediction of Gas Hydrates Formed Region in Wellbore in Deepwater Drilling

Baojiang Sun, Yonghai Gao, Zhiyuan Wang and Hao Li

49Analysis of Reservoir Performance of Messoyakha Gas Hydrate Field

Tarun Grover, George Moridis and Stephen A. Holditch

57Study on the Mechanical Properties of the Tetrahydrofuran Hydrate Deposit

Lu Xiaobing, Wang Li, Wang Shuyun and Li Qingping

61A Study on Competitiveness and GHG Mitigation Effect of IGCC and Carbon Capture Technology Through Carbon Tax Change

Young-Shin Jeon, Young-Chang Kim and Hyung-Taek Kim

68Solid-Liquid Flow Experiment with Real and Artificial Manganese Nodules in Flexible Hoses

Chi-Ho Yoon, Jung-Seok Kang, Yong-Chan Park, Young-Ju Kim, Jong-Myung Park and Seok-Ki Kwon

73Research on Effects of Grounding Pressure Distribution of a Type of Seabed Tracked Vehicle on Traction Force

Hongyun Wu, Xinming Chen, Yuqing Gao, Jiangsan He, Liuhuai Ding and Yan Xu

78Nonlinear Dynamic Responses of the Tensioned Tether Under Parametric Excitations

Xiaohui Zeng, Wanhai Xu, Xuanwen Li and Yingxiang Wu

84Modeling and Simulation of a Tension Leg Platforms

Marco Masciola and Meyer Nahon

92Robust Design Optimization of Mass Dampers for Control of Tension Leg Platforms

Alexandros A. Taflanidis, Demos C. Angelides and Jeffrey T. Scruggs

100Hull Form Optimization of a Tension-Leg Platform Based on Coupled Analysis

June Young Lee and Seung Joon Lim

108Dynamic Responses of a Dry Tree Semi-Submersible Platform with Ram Style Tensioners in the Post-Katrina Irregular Seas

Jun Zou

114Numerical Simulation of Hydrodynamic Resonance in a Narrow Gap Between Twin Bodies Subject to Water Waves

Lin Lu, Liang Cheng, Bin Teng and Yucheng Li

120Performance Evaluation of Articulated Multi-Body Floaters in Harsh Environment

Alaa M. Mansour, Edward W. Huang and Zhengyong Zhong

129Tuning the Air Pressure of Aircushion Supported Structures At Model Scale

J.L.F. van Kessel

137Model Testing and Complex Numerical Simulations for Offshore Installation

J.L. Cozijn, R.J. van der Wal and C. Dunlop

148Simulation of Dynamic Positioning of a FPSO and a Shuttle Tanker During Offloading Operation

Heather Peng and Don Spencer

154Numerical Studies of Green Water Effect on a Moored FPSO

Haidong Lu, Chi Yang and Rainald Löhner

164Coupled Spar Response with Buoyancy Cans Vs. Tensioners

Cheng-Yo Chen, Chang Ho Kang and Trevor Mills

171P53 Turret - A Unique Design of Its Own Class

Babu George, Zhibin Zhong and Frederic Basset

179Fatigue Damage Assessment for Drillship Structure Based on Stochastic Method

Sung-Gun Park, Chang-Hwan Jang, Jae-Hyung Park, and Joo-Ho Heo

185Numerical Methods for the Analysis of Mooring Systems in Deep Water

Hoi-Sang Chan and Tai Pil Ha

192Recent Developments in Offshore Codes, Rules and Regulations for Deepwater and Arctic E&P Systems

G. Abdel Ghoneim

200Gravity Based Substructure Solutions for Arctic LNG

Gordon Jackson, Brian Raine, John Powell, Somchat Suwan and Osama Safaqah

206White Rose: Overview of Current Development and Plans for Future Growth

Penny Norman, Glen Lochte and Shawn Hurley

215Hybrid Offshore Drilling & Production Concepts for the East Coast of Canada and Heavy Sea Ice Environments

John Fitzpatrick, Kurt Kennedy, Scott Lush and Michael J. Paulin

223Evacuation Training Using Immersive Simulators

Brian Veitch, Randy Billard and Anthony Patterson

228Use of Sensor Network for Real-Time Monitoring Systems in Ships and Offshore Structures

Dongkon Lee, Beomjin Park, Bugeun Paik, Seongrak Cho, Jin Choi, Heejin Kang and Younghwan Kim

233Optimized Methodology to Build An Integrated Solution to Offshore Topside Process Engineering

Jihyun Hwang, Joonho Min, Youngjoo Ahn, Heechang Kim, Hakjin Kim, Myungil Roh and Kyuyeul Lee

241Optimization of a Direct Drive Active Heave Compensator

Ryan S. Nicoll, Bradley J. Buckham and Frederick R. Driscoll

249Creating Better Cost Estimates for Floating Offshore Structures by Assessing Cost Correlation and Understanding Risk

Erebi O. Cocodia

255The Numerical Simulation on the Tension Distribution in the Fishing Net in Steady Current

Yunpeng Zhao, Yucheng Li, Guohai Dong, Yuxiang Ma and Fukun Gui

261Methodology for Estimating Tsunami Disaster Damage Using Geo-Spatial Information

Nunthawath Charusrojthanadech, Yoshimichi Yamamoto and Kyohei Kawai

269Experimental Study on Wave-Induced Motion of Offshore Observation Buoy

Tetsuya Hiraishi, Iwao Hasegawa and Ichiro Miyazato

275Development of Pneumatic Type Buoy for Surface and Subsea Region

Shigeki Sakakibara and Shuu Yamada

283Floating Dry Process Caissons for Maintenance of Submerged Ocean Structures

Joong-Woo Lee and Pill-Sung Kim

290Finite Element Modelling of Scour Around a Subsea Structure in Steady Currents

Ming Zhao and Liang Cheng

297Wave Loads on Piles - Spectral Versus Monochromatic Approach

Dilip K. Barua

302Fluid-Structure Interaction for a Jacket Model Structure with Imposed Displacement

A.C. Mendes and H.J.D. Correia

310Practical Fatigue Calculation for Offshore Structures Based on Efficient Wave Spectrum Inputs

Junbo Jia, Rune Ellefsen and Tore Holmås

318A Global Wave Energy Resource Assessment

Andrew M. Cornett

327Modelling of a Wave Energy Harnessing Breakwater

C.G. Koutitas and Y.G. Savvidis

331Analysis and Design of a Wave Energy Conversion Buoy

Yun-Hyung Kim, Jin-Seok Oh and Toshimitsu Komatsu

336Capture and Conversion of Multidirectional Wave Energy

Robert L. Waid

342Frequency Response Tuning for a Two-Body Heaving Wave Energy Converter

Scott J. Beatty, Bradley J. Buckham and Peter Wild

350Application of Numerical Wave Tank to OWC Air Chamber for Wave Energy Conversion

Zhen Liu, Beom-Soo Hyun and Key-Yong Hong

357Efficient Frequency-Domain Analysis of Dynamic Response for the Multi-Body Wave Energy Converter in Multi-Directional Waves

Reza Taghipour and Torgeir Moan

366Experimental Study on Hydrodynamic Forces Acting on a Floating Wave Energy Converter "Backward Bent Duct Buoy"

Shuichi Nagata, Kazutaka Toyota, Yasutaka Imai and Toshiaki Setoguchi

374Study of the Smoothing Effect on the Power Production in an Array of SEAREV Wave Energy Converters

J. Tissandier, A. Babarit, and A.H. Clément

382Sea Slot Cone Generator Overtopping Performance in 3D Conditions

L. Margheritini, D. Vicinanza and P. Frigaard

388Analysis of Liquid Metal MHD Wave Energy Direct Conversion System

Yan Peng, Zuowei Lin, Lingzhi Zhao, Ciwen Sha, Ran Li, Yuyu Xu, Baolin Liu, Jian Li and Jason Jia

393Performance of Wells Turbines for Use in Small-Scale Oscillating Water Columns

David G. Dorrell and Min-Fu Hsieh

401Analysis of the Impact of a Pilot Zone for Wave Energy Conversion Offshore Portugal

Lourenço Mendes, Artur Palha, Conceição Juana Fortes, Ana Brito e Melo and António Sarmento

409Investigation of Fluid Film Bearings for Use in Direct Drive Linear Generators in Submerged Wave Energy Converters

Sarah L. Caraher, John P. Chick and Markus A. Mueller

417An Experimental Study of Closely Spaced Point Absorber Arrays

Tim Stallard, Peter K. Stansby and Alan J. Williamson

425Grouted Connections for Offshore Wind Turbines

Marcus Klose, Torsten Faber, Peter Schaumann and Stephan Lochte-Holtgreven

431Hybrid Towers for Offshore Wind Energy Converters

Peter Schaumann and Christian Keindorf

441Intelligent Wind Turbine Unit with Tandem Wind Rotors Applicable to Offshore Wind Farm (Profiles and Performances as Tandem Wind Rotors)

Koichi Kubo, Toshiaki Kanemot, Hiromi Mitarai, Youhei Hano and Kiyotaka Hirano

447Numerical Consideration of Local Joint Flexibilities

Peter Schaumann and Cord Böker

455Rotor-Floater-Tether Coupled Dynamic Analysis of Offshore Floating Wind Turbines

Sangyun Shim and M.H. Kim

461Application of Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process to Assess the Potential of Offshore Wind Energy in Taiwan

T.L. Lee, H.M. Lin, D.S. Jeng and T.W. Hsu

466Application of Floating Tidal Current Power System in Cooling Water Channel

Chul-Hee Jo, H. Jeong, R.S. Park and W.C. Cho

469Application of End Plates for Vertical Axis Hydro Turbine Performance Enhancement

G.W. Rawlings, M. Alidadi, V.R. Klaptocz, Y. Nabavi, Y. Li, J. Mikkelsen and S.M. Calisal

473Modelling a Tidal Turbine in Unsteady Flow

Simon Gant and Tim Stallard

480Antifouling for Plate Type Heat Exchanger Using Seawater by the Heat-Treatment

Yasuyuki Ikegami, Kazuya Urata, Kimio Iwasaki, Shuichi Tashiro, Kenji Yamane, Izuo Aya, Yoshiyuki Inohara, Nobuhiko Fujiki and Takahiro Matsumoto

484Experimental Study of OTEC Using Ammonia/Water Mixture as Working Fluid

Yasuyuki Ikegami, Junichi Inadomi, Takeshi Yasunaga and Hiroyuki Asou

488Development of the Process for Making Agricultural Cultivation Water from Seawater Using Natural Zeolite

Takaaki Wajima, Tomoe Shimizu, Takehiko Yamato and Yasuyuki Ikegami

492Study on Conservation of Habitat Network of Fiddler Crab Uca lactea in Hyogo Prefecture in Japan

Kohji Uno, Susumu Nakano, Gozo Tsujimoto and Tetsuya Kakinoki

498Non-Steady Growth Modeling of Anaerobic Consortium of Microorganisms Around Methane Seepage

Tetsuo Yamazaki, Rika Takeuchi, Daisuke Monoe, Tomoaki Oomi, Kisaburo Nakata and Tomohiko Fukushima

503A Study on the Cause of Long-Term Variations in Water Exchange and Water Quality in a Semi-Enclosed Bay

Jin-Hee Yuk and Shin-Ichi Aoki

510Automatic Measurement of Dissolved Inorganic Nitrogen Ions in Coastal Field Using a Simplified Flow Injection Method

Rei Arai, Koji Tada, Naoki Nakatani and Taketoshi Okuno

516Material Properties of White Cement Mortar Using Pyroclastic Flow Deposits

Ken Watanabe, Mamoru Fujii and Jun Mauricio Arai

521Estimation of Nutrient Fluxes Over 2 Tidal Cycles in Tidal Flat

Takumi Hatano, Kazuo Murakami and Kouta Nakase

528Diminished Water Purification Capacity of Tidal Areas Covered by Ulva sp.

Eiji Yauchi and Kenichi Ishii

533M2 Tidal Current in the Tokara Strait South of Kyushu, Japan

Toru Yamashiro, Masaki Kawabe and Daisuke Maki

539Measurement Method for Nutrient by Ultraviolet Spectrometry

Rei Arai, Naoki Nakatani and Taketoshi Okuno

545Marginal Stability Analysis on Salt Fingers Convection with Parabolic Temperature and Salinity Profiles

Ray-Yeng Yang and Hwung-Hweng Hwung

551A Risk Assessment Study on Fluid Dynamics of Single CO2 Droplet Released into the Turbulent Seawater

Ryuichi Nagaosa, Akihiro Yamasaki and Fumio Kiyono

558Development and Assessment of a Fine Particle Acquisition Technique Using the Sodagarami Method in Field Tests

Takahisa Tokunaga, Hiroyuki Yamanishi, Hiroyuki Araki, Keisuke Kurogi and Seiichi Ono

563Influence of Air-Sea Fluxes and Breaking Waves on Oceanic Mixed Layer

Dongliang Zhao and Chanjuan Mei

569Seasonal Variation of Nitrogen Cycling in Manila Bay

Mitsuru Hayashi1, Tetsuo Yanagi and Maria Lourdes San Diego-Mcglone

576Topographical Change of the Sandbar and Estimation of Suspended Solid Flux in the Nakdong River Estuary, Korea - Focused on Jinudo -

Sung-Pil Lim, In-Cheol Lee, Han-Sam Yoon, Won-Bae Na and Heon-Tae Kim

583Spatial Distribution of Sea Level Trend and Annual Range in the China Seas from 50 Long Term Tidal Gauge Station Data

Manchun Chen, Juncheng Zuo, Meixiang Chen, Jianli Zhang and Ling Du

588Changes in the Engineering Properties of Reconstituted Ariake Clay Undergoing Drying

Masanori Tanaka and Takeshi Kamei

594Characteristics of Ice Bottom Topography from the Sea of Okhotsk Off Hokkaido - Observation Results in 2007 -

Shinji Kioka, Yasuji Yamamoto, Atsushi Sutou and Takahiro Takeuchi

602Wave Scattering by An Infinite Straight-Line Array of Axisymmetric Floes

Luke G. Bennetts and Vernon A. Squire

610The Scattering and Damping of Ice-Coupled Waves

Gareth L. Vaughan and Vernon A. Squire

618Ice and Ocean Mooring Data Statistics from Barrow Strait, the Central Section of the NW Passage in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago

Simon Prinsenberg and Roger Pettipas

623Formation of the Severe Ice Conditions in the Southwestern Kara Sea

G.K. Zubakin, A.G. Egorov, V.V. Ivanov, A.A. Lebedev, I.V. Buzin and L.I. Eide

630Submarine Moving Close to the Ice-Surface Conditions

Victor M. Kozin and Alexandra V. Pogorelova

638Global Ice Load Prediction for Icebreaking Vessels

Kyungsik Choi and Seong-Yeob Jeong

644Development of a GTT NO96 Membrane-Type 170K m3 LNG Carrier with Ice Class 1A

Heejoong Lee, Sungkon Han, Yeong Tae Oh, In Sang Yoo

650Comparison of Local Ice Pressures on the CCGS Terry Fox with Other Data

Robert Frederking and Michelle Johnston

655ARKTOS Evacuation Craft: History, Capability and Future Developments

Peter S. Hatfield, Bruce Seligman, Gordon Lacy, Norman F. B. Allyn and Terry A. Hall

659Field Trials of an Instrumented Lifeboat in Ice Conditions

Antonio Simões Ré, Andrew Kuczora and Brian Veitch

665Escape-Evacuation-Rescue Response in Ice-Covered Regions

Antonio Simões Ré and Brian Veitch

671State-Of-The-Art of the Problem of Hummock Impact on Seabed and Underwater Pipelines

Alexander T. Bekker and Olga A. Sabodash

679Floating Production Platform for Polar Seas Designed to Resist Iceberg Impact

V.A. Chernetsov, A.A. Malyutin and S.L. Karlinsky

686Detailed Design of Marine Terminal in Edward's Cove, Labrador

Ryan A. MacPherson and Harald G. Kullmann

692Mapping Mean Annual Icing Hours for the Québec Wind Energy Industry

M. Comeau, C. Masson, F. Morency and F. Pelletier


The Proceedings of
The Eighteenth (2008) International

Vancouver, Canada, July 6-11, 2008



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ISBN 978-1-880653-70-8 (Vols. 1-4 Full Proceedings Set)

ISSN 1098-6189 (Vols. 1-4 Full Proceedings Set)

Indexed by Engineering Index, Compendex and Others

Edited by:
Emmanuel Fontaine, AMOG Consulting, Australia
Kazunori Uchida, Kobe University, Kobe, Japan
Jin S. Chung, ISOPE, Cupertino, California, USA
Hermann Moshagen, StatoilHydro, Trondheim, Norway

Presented at:
The Eighteenth (2008) International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference held in Vancouver, BC, Canada, July 6-11, 2008

Organized by:
International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers

Sponsored by:
International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers (ISOPE) with cooperating societies and associations

The publisher and the editors of its publications assume no responsibility for the statements or opinions expressed in papers or presentations by the contributors to this conference or proceedings.

International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers (ISOPE)
P.O. Box 189, Cupertino, California 95015-0189 USA



1Start-Up and Operation of the Ormen Lange Flowlines

Catherine Burns, Susan Lorimer, Micha Hartenhof and Torgeir Vanvik

9On the Dynamics of Suspended Modules During Deep Water Installation Operations

P. Teigen

17Installation of Reeled Rigid Pipelines Connected to Large and Heavy Subsea Structures in Ultra Deepwater

M. Xavier, R. Sampaio, K. Johnson, K. Moen,, D. Hiller, P. Tanscheit, B. Neto and V. Braga

22Direct Electrical Heating for Shallow Water Installations During Continuous Operation

Jens Kristian Lervik, Harald Kulbotten and Ole Heggdal

27Optimised Snaked Lay Geometry

J.O. Rundsag, K. Tørnes, G. Cumming, A.D. Rathbone and C. Roberts

34Fiber Rope Deployment System and Rope Management Process

Sverre Torben, Per Ingeberg, Øyvind Bunes and Per Teigen

42Bending Fatigue Testing of Large Diameter Steel Wire Rope for Subsea Deployment Applications

Olav Vennemann, Rikard Törnqvist and Ian Frazer

48Vessel Motion Based Laying Criteria for Rigid and Flexible Pipes in Deepwater

Jean-Luc B. Legras

53A Discussion of the Effect of the Reeled Installation Process on Pipeline Limit States

S. Manouchehri, B. Howard and S. Denniel

60Model Testing to Reveal the Mechanics of Pipeline Ploughing in Mega-Ripples

Andrew Hatherley, Mark Fraser Bransby, Keith Lauder and Michael Brown

67Development of a Training Simulator for Dynamic Reentry Operations of a Riser Pipe Hanged Off

Wataru Koterayama, Masahiko Nakamura, Hiroyuki Kajiwara, Hitoshi Matsui and Kenzo Noridomi

71Qualification of Weldable X65 Grade Riser Sections with Upset Ends to Improve Fatigue Performance of Deepwater Steel Catenary Risers

Alfonso Izquierdo, Rajiv Aggarwal, Héctor Quintanilla, Enrique García, Victor López, Gilles Richard, Elsa Marques, Diego Dell'Erba and Luigi Di Vito

80Large Scale Soil-Riser Model Testing on High Plasticity Clay

Thomas E. Langford and Charles P. Aubeny

87Effects of the Interaction with the Seafloor on the Fatigue Life of a SCR

Ali Nakhaee and Jun Zhang

94Unburied Offshore Pipeline Stability Analysis Based on Non-Linear Relationship Between Pipeline and Carbonate Soil

Tomiya Takatani and Takanori Kaya

103Development of a Failure Detection System for Flexible Risers

Priscilla Elman and Roberto Alvim

110Seafloor Interaction with Steel Catenary Risers

J. You, G. Biscontin and C. P. Aubeny

118Advances in Deepwater Top Tensioned Riser Design Consideration

Shreenaath Natarajan, Chau Nguyen and Dave Walters

126Minimum Production Riser System for Deepwater Application

Jean-François Saint-Marcoux, Jean-Luc Legras and Mason Wu

132A Deepwater Dry-Tree GoM Solution: the FourStar TLP

Neil Williams, Homayoun Heidari and Sean Large

138Development of Simplified Deep Sea Water Intake System — Plan, Design, Analysis and Experiment

Dong-Ho Jung, Hyeon-Ju Kim, Deok-Soo Moon, Seung-Won Lee, Hyeon Chung and Han-Il Park

145Burst Capacity Solutions for Submarine Pipeline with Long Corrosion Defects

Yanfei Chen, Xin Li, Qiao Jin and Jing Zhou

152Integrity Management of Bundle Hybrid Riser Towers

Jean-François Saint-Marcoux and Jean-Luc Legras

158Design Loads Uncertainties Study - Thermal Buckling of Subsea Pipelines

Jiong Guan and Per R. Nystrøm

164Implementation of Direct Electric Heating as Part of the Hydrate Control and Management System

Harald Kulbotten, Jens K. Lervik, Jonah Kogon and Arne Nysveen

169Riser Integrity Monitoring Techniques and Data Processing Methods

Himanshu Maheshwari, Wolfgang Ruf, and Dave Walters

174Upheaval Buckling Resistance of Pipelines Buried in Clayey Backfill

N.I. Thusyanthan, S.A. Ganesan, M.D. Bolton and Peter Allan

181The Sequential Reeling and Lateral Buckling Simulation of Pipe-In-Pipe Flowlines Using Finite Element Analysis for Deepwater Applications

Paul Jukes, Steven Wang and James Wang

189Monitor of Leakage in Long-Distance Pipeline Based on Detecting Theory of Abrupt Change

Junhua Li, Wenbai Liu, Zhaochen Sun and Li Cui

194Numerical Study on Failure of X52 Wrinkled Pipelines Subjected to Bending Deformation

Yonghong Zhang, Sreekanta Das and Wafaa M El-Tawil

199Finite Element Simulation for Shear Failure of Wrinkled Pipeline

Navid Nazemi, Sreekanta Das and Wafaa M El-Tawil

205Critical Thermal, Corrosion and Material Issues Related to Flowline Pipe-In-Pipe (Pip) Systems

Paul Jukes, Binder Singh, Jose Garcia and Francois Delille

212Experimental Testing of the Performance of Pipeline Ploughs

Keith Lauder, Fraser Bransby, Michael Brown, David Cathie, Neil Morgan, Jim Pyrah and Julian Steward

218Automatic Pipeline Welding System Equipped with Six Welding Carriages, Laser Vision Sensor and Arc Sensor for Offshore Pipeline Laying

Hyeong Soon Moon, Sung Hoon Ko, Jong Joon Kim and Jong Cheol Kim

224Effect of Lateral Pipelay Imperfections on Global Buckling Design

A.D. Rathbone, K. Tørnes, G. Cumming, C. Roberts and J.O. Rundsag

233Integrated Assessment of the Underwater Pipeline Construction Conditions

Gregory L. Koff

237Efficient Assessment of Subsea Pipelines and Flowlines for Complex Spans

James Wang, Paul Jukes, Steven Wang and Gang Duan

245Finite Element Analysis of the Vertical Penetration of 'on-Bottom' Pipelines in Clay

Mark Fraser Bransby, Piotr Zajac and Shiraz Amman

250Numerical Modeling of Onset Conditions of Scour Below Offshore Pipeline in Steady Currents

Liang Cheng, Zhipeng Zang, Ming Zhao and Bin Teng

255Structural Condition Identification for Free Spanning Submarine Pipelines

Xin Feng, Jing Zhou, Xin Li and Jia-Shun Hu

261A 3D Elasto-Plastic Soil Model for Lateral Buckling Analysis

Ole Hededal and Torsten Strandgaard

269Nonlinear Seismic Analysis of Free Spanning Submarine Pipelines Under Spatially Varying Earthquake Ground Motions

Jing Zhou, Xin Li, Xin Feng and Rubo Dong

277Near-Surface BOP Drilling System

Frank Lim, Tze King Lim, Yongfeng Guo, Shaojun Ji and Liangbin Xu

282Responses of Multi Point Mooring Systems Under the Influence of Different Sea Conditions

Deniz Bayraktar and Abdi Kükner

289Design of Moorings for Complex Fish Passage Project

Norman F. B. Allyn, Jing Li, Gang Yang and Jerry Johnson

297Fatigue Life Assessment of a Drilling Riser Containing Corrosion Defects: Pits, Patches and Grooves

George C. Campello, Adilson C. Benjamin, Divino J.S. Cunha, Francisco E. Roveri, Rita C.C. Silva and João N.C. Guerreiro

304Strength Evaluation of Drill Pipe for Scientific Drilling in Nankai Trough with High Current

Tomoya Inoue, Masahiko Ozaki, Tsuyoshi Miyazaki, Makoto Nishigaki and Koji Setta

312Numerical Simulation of Hydrodynamic Behaviors of Single Grid Mooring Net Cage Under Waves

Chang-Ping Chen, Yu-Cheng Li, Yun-Peng Zhao and Guo-Hai Dong

320Mooring Stiffness Impact on the Survivability of MODUs

Zhi Zhang, M.H. Kim, E.G. Ward and Shan Ma

326Communications Within Thetis, a Real Time Multi-Vehicles Hybrid Simulator

Olivier Parodi, Vincent Creuze and Bruno Jouvencel

334On-Line High-Resolution Sonar Image Recognition Technique for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

Son-Cheol Yu, Giacomo Marani and Junku Yuh

341Performance Analysis of IEEE 802.11 Based MAC for Underwater Acoustic Networks

Jong-Won Park, A-Ra Cho, Hak-Lim Ko and Yong-Kon Lim

346Design of a New MAC Protocol for Underwater Acoustic Network

Yong-Kon Lim, Jong-Won Park, Hak-Lim Ko and A-Ra Cho

351Underwater SLAM with ICP Localization and Neural Network Objects Classification

G. Conte, D. Scaradozzi, S.M. Zanoli, L. Gambella and G. Marani

358Short Cluster Airgun Array for Shallow to Deep Crustal Survey

Satoshi Shimizu, Seiichi Miura, Kaoru Tsukuda, Hidenori Shibata and Ayumi Mizota

363Disk Type Underwater Glider for Virtual Mooring and Field Experiment

Masahiko Nakamura, Wataru Koterayama, Masaru Inada, Kenji Marubayashi, Takashi Hyodo,
Hiroshi Yoshimura and Yasuhiro Morii

370Experiments in Direct Energy Extraction Through Flapping Foils

Bradley J. Simpson, Franz S. Hover and Michael S. Triantafyllou

377A Study on Characteristics of a Flexible Body for a Fish Type Robot

Masashi Terada, Hirofumi Sumoto and Satoru Yamaguchi

382A Practical Approach to the Development of Thruster Models for Underwater Robots

Aaron M. Hanai, Christopher A. Mcleod, Kaikala H. Rosa, Giacomo Marani and Song K. Choi

389Maneuverability Experiments of AUV

Tadahiro Hyakudome, Masahiko Nakamura, Satoshi Tsukioka, Hiroshi Yoshida, Akihisa Ishikawa, Takao Sawa, Shojiro Ishibashi, Hidehiko Nakajoh, Junya Ishiwata and Taro Aoki

394The Prototype to Control the Rotational Motion Applied to An Inertial Navigation System Equipped with An Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

Shojiro Ishibashi, Tadahiro Hyakudome, Hiroshi Yoshida and Takao Sawa

399Robust Motion Planning for Marine Vehicle Navigation

Matthew B. Greytak and Franz S. Hover

407Ship and Winch Regulation for Remotely Operated Vehicle Waypoint Navigation

Jonathan D.M. Zand, Bradley J. Buckham, Dean Steinke and Daniela Constantinescu

415Dynamic Simulation of Autonomous Manipulation Task for UVMS with Fusing Vision and Inertial Measurements

Qiang Li, Qifeng Zhang and Xiaohui Wang

423Development of the AUV/UROV "Picasso"

Hiroshi Yoshida, Dhugal J. Lindsay, Hiroyuki Yamamoto, Shojiro Ishibashi, Tadahiro Hyakudome, Hikaru Okuno and Takayuki Uemura

429AUV for Shallow Water Applications - Some Design Aspects

Sankar Nath Shome, Sambhunath Nandy, Subhra Kanti Das, Dilip Kumar Biswas and Dibyendu Pal

436Short Range Full Ocean Depth Underwater Precision 6DOF Position/Motion Tracker for Autonomous Manipulation

G. Marani, L. Gambella, J. Yuh and S.K. Choi

443Exploiting Redundancy in Underwater Vehicle-Manipulator Systems

Serdar Soylu, Bradley J. Buckham and Ron P. Podhorodeski

451Computing the Hydrodynamic Coefficients of Underwater Vehicles Based on Added Momentum Sources

Zhiqiang Hu and Yang Lin

457Ormen Lange Pipelines - Geotechnical Challenges

Gudmund Eiksund, Harald Brennodden, Gunnar Paulsen and Stig-Arne Witsø

463Effect of Press-Type Scrap Tire Isolation Wall on Ground Vibration Reduction

Kiyoshi Hayakawa, Ikuo Nakaya, Takahiko Kashimoto and Tamotsu Matsui

469The Study of In-Situ Pore Pressure Monitoring of Seabed Soil Under Wave Loading

Lien-Kwei Chien, Wen-Chien Tseng, Tsung-Shen Feng and S.C. Chang

475Fem Analysis of Seabed Stabilization Method Against Sea Wave Loading with Permeable Columns

Shingo Asahara, Kinya Miura, Natsuhiko Otsuka and Junya Tanaka

483Field Observation of Wave Induced Seabed Behavior for the Estimation of Geomaterial Properties and the Effect of Permeable Column Method

Kinya Miura, Shingo Asahara, Natsuhiko Otsuka and Junya Tanaka

491Effects of Tidal Currents and Waves on Bottom Suspended Sediment Fluxes Off Two River Mouths

Syamsidik, Shin-Ichi Aoki and Shigeru Kato

498A Successful Case to Mitigate the Slope Instability of Coastal Park in Southern Taiwan During Heavy Waves

Darn-Horng Hsiao

504Finite Difference Analysis of Dilatory Dissipation on Piezocone Test in Overconsolidated Cohesive Soil

Tae-Gyun Ha, Choong-Ki Chung, Hyung-Min Kwon, Sung-Min Cho, and Jong-Hong Jung

512Evaluation of Influencing Factors of Land Development for Sediment Disasters Due to Heavy Rainfall in Eastern Taiwan by Using Genetic Algorithms

Yie-Ruey Chen, Shun-Chieh Hsieh, Jing-Wen Chen and Yiwen Hui

517Development of an Automated-Unmanned Seabed Type Marine CPT System

In-Sung Jang, O-Soon Kwon, Eui-Ryong Jang and Choong-Ki Chung

521Field Load Tests of Geogrid Encased Stone Columns in Soft Ground

Daeyoung Lee, Chungsik Yoo, Sisam Park and Suntae Jung

525Discrete Element Modeling and Shape Characterization of Realistic Granular Shapes

Nivedita Das, Patrick Giordano, Daniel Barrot, Shreekanth Mandayam, Alaa K. Ashmawy and Beena Sukumaran

533A Practical Approach to Numerical Modeling of Pipe-Soil Interaction

Yinghui Tian and Mark J. Cassidy

539An Analytical Tool for Predicting Lateral Behavior of Single-Pole Foundations

Seung-Rae Lee, Ho-Young Choi, Yeong-Hun Kim, Dae-Hong Kim and Dae-Hak Kim

546Numerical Study of the Mechanics of Inflatable Anchors in Clay

Yi Liang, Tim Newson, Sean Hinchberger and Peter Larkin

552Evaluation of the Predictive Ability of Simplified Deformation Analysis of Embankment Foundation Using Physical Properties of Soils Only

Takeshi Kamei, Takayuki Shuku and Toshihide Shibi

559Expansion Characteristics of Ground by Pulse Power

Tae-Hoon Kim, Kyung-Seob Cha, Seon-Ju Kim and Young-Su Chae

566Numerical Analysis for Electro-Osmotic Consolidation in Two-Dimensional Electric Field

Amnart Rittirong and Julie Q. Shang

573Dynamic and Static Behavior of Calcareous Sands

Horst G. Brandes and Jason Seidman

579Investigation on Collapse Potential of Loess Soil

Dolrerdee Hormdee

584Relationships Between the Compressive Strength and the Testing Method for Cemented Soils

Masanobu Kanaoka, Tomio Tamano, Tatsuaki Nishigata, Yoshihisa Nakayama, Hisashi Matsukawa and Bimal Shrestha

590Comparison and Strength Characteristics of Cements for Cement-Stabilization for Dredged Surface Soil

Min Soo Kang, Soo Sam Kim, Sang Jae Han and Myung Seok Yoon

598Soil Thermal Conductivity Study in Western Coastal Zone of Taiwan

Chu-Kuan Lin, Don Kulasiri and Lien-Kwei Chien

603A Simple Method for Estimating the Shear Strength Ratio of Soft Peaty Soils

Hiroshi Oikawa, Toshihiro Ogino, Hiroshi Itakiyo, Katsumi Ookubo, Masaru Igarashi and Masaki Tsushima

607Undrained Behavior of Lime Treated Soft Clays

E.Y. N Oh, M.W. Bolton, A.S. Balasubramaniam and B. Buessucesco

613Plate Anchor Failure Mechanism During Keying Process

Christophe Gaudin, Kien H. Tham and Samy Ouahsine

621Post-Cyclic Strength Degradation of Undisturbed and Remolded Marine Silty Clay

Shuyun Wang and Xiaobing Lu

625The Experimental Study on Effectiveness of Water Levels for Dynamic Impacts on Reclaimed Soils

Jing-Wen Chen, Fu-Cheng Chen and Chun-Wei Lu

631Sediment Properties in the Upper Part of the Hinlopen-Yermak Landslide, Northern Svalbard Continental Margin

S.L. Yang, M. Vanneste, C.F. Forsberg and A. Solheim

636Method for the Construction of a Rammed-Earth Wall Using Soil-Cement

Mamoru Fujii, Yoshihiro Hashimoto, Youiti Katoh, Ken Watanabe and Mauricio Jun Arai

641Application of Grouting the Sea-Crossing Bridge Foundation in the Busan-Geoje Fixed Link

Gyeong- Hwan Jeong, Chan-Woo Park, Jin-Wook Kwon, Jae-Hwan Kim, Chang Hwan Kim and Sang-Kyoon Jeong

649An Establishment on the Disaster GIS Mapping System for Nantou County in Taiwan

Kuang-Jung Tsai, Kun-Ting Chen and Chin-Chuan Lin

654Investigation of the Mechanism of Fault Formation Using Bifurcation Analysis

Toshihide Shibi, Takeshi Kamei and Takuya Ishikawa

660The Effect of Liquefied Stabilized Soil with Geosynthetics Against Thrust Force of Buried Bend

Toshinori Kawabata, Yutaka Sawada, Ayumu Kashiwagi, Akira Izumi, Kazunori Uchida, Yoshiyuki Mohri and Hirofumi Nakashima

665Use of Suction Piles for Temporary Mooring of Immersed Tunnel Elements

I.H. Cho, D.J. Kwag, S. Bang and Y. Cho

6703-D Numerical Investigation of Piles Under Monotonic and Cyclic Lateral Loads in Clay

Kazem Fakharian, Saeed Ahmari and Ali Amiri

676The Horizontal Resistance of a Steel Pile Installed in a Soil Cement Column

Fumitaka Arai, Haruo Noguchi, Naoaki Suemasa, Toshiyuki Katada and Tatsuya Takahashi

682The Capacity of Sheet Pile Foundation Under Eccentric Loading

Pongsakorn Punrattanasin

690P-y Curves of Piles in Saturated Degradation Sands with Residual Pore Water Pressures

Jianhua Wang and Chunxiang Qi

698A Parametric Study on the Installation of Tapered Suction Caissons in Clay

M. Zeinoddini, W.H. Shariati, M. Nabipour and F. Parchami

705Response of Skirted Foundations for Buoyant Facilities Subjected to Cyclic Uplift Loading

Hugo E. Acosta-Martinez and Susan M. Gourvenec

713Implementation of a Force-Resultant Model Describing Spudcan Load-Displacement Behaviour Using an Implicit Integration Scheme

George Vlahos, Mark J. Cassidy and Christopher M. Martin

721Use of PIV to Investigate Spudcan-Pile Interaction

C F Leung, Y Xie and Y K Chow

727Effect of Loading Rate on the Uplift Capacity of Plate Anchors

Dong Wang, Yuxia Hu and Mark F. Randolph

732The Prediction of Dragging Trajectory of a VLA at Early Stage

Yongshu Jiao, Qingfeng Zhang and Haixiao Liu

737Bearing Capacity and Keying of Plate Anchor in Normally Consolidated Clay

Zhenhe Song, Yuxia Hu and Erik Muelle

743Damage of Houses and Residential Areas by Niigata Prefecture Earthquakes (Part 1)

Katsuya Matsushita, Mamoru Fujii and Toru Takata

749Damage of Houses and Residential Areas by Niigata Prefecture Earthquakes (Part 2)

Toru Takata, Mamoru Fujii, Katsuya Matsushita and Hirakazu Seki

756Comparative Study of Experimental Results on the Wave-Induced Liquefaction

S.B. Yang, K. Zen and K. Kasama

762Shear Characteristics of Peat Consolidated Under Cyclic Loading

Masaru Igarashi, Masaki Tsushima, Hiroshi Oikawa and Toshihiro Ogino

768Lateral Loading Tests for Buried Bend with Light-Weight Thrust Restraint in Liquefaction

Toshinori Kawabata, Yutaka Sawada, Akira Izumi, Ayumu Kashiwagi, Kazunori Uchida, Yoshiyuki Mohri
and Mitsuru Ariyoshi

774Pullout Resistance of Reinforcement with Expanded End Subjected to Cyclic Load

Yasuyuki Nabeshima, Takeharu Konami, Taketo Hayashi and Hideyuki Ito

780Case History of Intermittent Treatment by Compaction Grout Piles

A M El-Kelesh, T Matsui and K Tokida

785Assessment of Field Applicability for Suction Drain Method

Soo Sam Kim, Sang Jae Han, Jong Yun Kim and Ki Nyun Kim

791In-Situ Test Research on Vacuum Dynamic Consolidation Method to Improve Double-Layered Soft Ground

Danda Shi, Jian Zhou, Wenbai Liu and Yibing Deng

797Implicit Integration Algorithm of Elastplastic Constitutive Relation for Cohesionless-Frictional Geomaterial

F.F. Yuan, Y.G. Zhan and M.T. Luan

802Effects of Consolidation on the Ultimate Capacity of Vertically Loaded Anchors

Hossein A Taiebat, Hassan Rahimi and Amir A Zad

810Calcium Leaching Properties of Lime-Treated Soil by Infiltration of Tidal River Water

H. Hara, D. Suetsugu, S. Hayashi and Y.J. Du

814Probabilistic Analysis of Consolidation Considering Uncertainties of Geotechnical Parameters in the Plastic Board Drain Method

Kyu Hwan Lee, Gil Lim Yoon, Woo Jin Chon, Tae Sun Yang and Jae Dong Koo

821Chemical and Physical Factors Influencing Behavior of Sodium Silicate-Cement Grout

Byung-Sik Chun, Hyung-Chil Yang, Duk-Hyum Park and Hyuk-Sang Jung


828Advanced Design Methodologies for SCRs

Luca De Amicis, Garry Mahoney, Frank Grealish and Adrian Connaire


The Proceedings of
The Eighteenth (2008) International

Vancouver, Canada, July 6-11, 2008



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1Numerical Simulation of Water Impact in 3D by LVOF

Tingqiu Li, Peter Troch and Julien de Rouck

8Numerical Investigation of Multidirectional Wave Focusing Properties

Shuxue Liu, Jinxuan Li and Yiyan Sun

16Numerical Implementation of Solid Boundary Conditions in Meshless Methods

J.T. Zhou, Q.W. Ma and S. Yan

24Grid Deformation-Multigrid Fictitious Boundary Method for Cylinder Undergoing Vortex-Induced Motions

Decheng Wan

32Prediction of Extreme Wave Loads in Focused Wave Groups

Tim Bunnik, Arthur Veldman and Peter Wellens

39Consideration on 3-D Effects on Results of Forced Oscillation Test in a 2-D Wave Channel

Masashi Kashiwagi, Changhong Hu, Takuya Hashimoto and Makoto Yasunaga

47Analysis of Freak Waves Formation with Large Scale Fully Nonlinear High Order Spectral Simulations

G. Ducrozet, F. Bonnefoy and P. Ferrant

55Numerical Simulation of Extreme Free Surface Waves

Jan Westphalen, Deborah Greaves, Chris Williams, Jun Zang and Paul Taylor

62An Unstructured 3D LES Solver for Free Surface Flow and Breaking Waves

Xin Lv, Qingping Zou, Dominic Reeve and Zhengyi Wang

69Wave Run-Up and Response Spectrum for Wave Scattering from a Cylinder

Jun Zang, Shuxue Liu, Rodney Eatock Taylor and Paul H Taylor

75Fluid-Structure Interaction Modeling, Relating to Membrane LNG Ship Cargo Containment System

W S Kim, B J Noh, H Lee, Z Mravak, J de Lauzon, J R Maguire, D Radosavljevic, S H Kwon and J Y Chung

85Simulating Surf Zone Hydrodynamics Using a Two Phase Flow Model

Zhengyi Wang, Qingping Zou, Dominic Reeve and Xin Lv

90The Lie-Group Shooting Method for Multiple-Solutions of Falkner-Skan Equation Under Suction-Injection Conditions

Chein-Shan Liu and Jiang-Ren Chang

98A Practical Hydrodynamic Optimization Tool for the Design of a Monohull Ship

Hyunyul Kim, Chi Yang, Rainald Löhner and Francis Noblesse

108Numerical Prediction of Interactions Between Wave Flows and Flexible Structures with 3D MICS

Nozomu Kuroda and Satoru Ushijima

116A New Numerical Model on Venting System of Liquid Cargo Tanks in FPSO

J.S. Lu and W.Q. Wu

122A Sensitivity Analysis of the Bottom-Up Algorithm for the Segmentation of HS-time Series

Takvor H. Soukissian and Christiana S. Photiadou

129Prediction of Dam Break Hydrodynamic Wall Pressure

André Baeten

137CFD Modeling of Wave Loads on Offshore Wave Energy Devices

Derek Causon, Ling Qian, Zheng-Zheng Hu and Clive Mingham

143Numerical Simulation of Strongly Nonlinear Wave-Ship Interaction by CIP/Cartesian Grid Method

Changhong Hu, Masashi Kashiwagi, Makoto Sueyoshi and Izumi Nakagiri

148On the Interaction Between Random Waves and a Freely Floating Body in a Fully Nonlinear Numerical Wave Tank

Chai-Cheng Huang, Hung-Jie Tang and Wei-Ming Chen

156Development of an Underwater Glider with Independently Controllable Main Wings

Nobumasa Ichihashi, Takuro Ikebuchi and Masakazu Arima

162An Eulerian Scheme with Lagrangian Particles for Solving Impact Pressure Caused by Wave Breaking

Hidemi Mutsuda, Yoshiaki Shinkura and Yasuaki Doi

170Identification of Dangerous LNG Sloshing Using a Rapid Sloshing Model Validated with Computational Fluid Dynamics

Bernhard Godderidge, Stephen Turnock, Chris Earl and Mingyi Tan

178The Effects of Tank Sloshing on the Coupled Responses of LNG Vessel and Floating Terminal

S. J. Lee, M. H. Kim, Y. S. Shin and B. K. Kim

184An Experimental Study and Numerical Simulation on Sloshing Impact Pressures with Two Identically Shaped Rectangular 2-Dimensional Model Tanks with Different Sizes

Yoon-Sik Hwang, Jun-Hyung Jung, Dae-Woong Kim and Min-Cheol Ryu

191How Fixing Devices Affect Measurement Accuracy in a Experiment of the Submerged Body Flow

Tsung-Lung Liu, Tsung-Chih Tsai and Der-Wei Chen

198Velocity Field Measurements Using Bubble Tracers in a Cavitation Tunnel

Bu-Geun Paik, Kyung-Youl Kim, Jong-Woo Ahn and Ki-Sup Kim

204Features of QALE-FEM and Its Applications to Nonlinear Wave Hydrodynamics

Q.W. Ma and S. Yan

212Floating Structure Responses in Shallow Water Rough Sea

Lin Li

223Theoretical Modelling of the Kinematics of Extreme Random-Wave Event Generated by Focusing

Nwaka Chuks Ojieh and Nigel Barltrop

231Spatial Wave Structure Created by Wind Input

Thomas A.A. Adcock and Paul H Taylor

237Vertical Response of Offshore Structures Affected by Sea Severities

Cheung Hun Kim, Suresh Rajendran and Sun Hong Kwon

244A Numerical Study of Probability Distribution of Nonlinear Responses

Yanming Zhang

250Weather Window Statistical Analysis for Offshore Marine Operations

Yongjun Chen, Peimin Cao and Pabitra Mukerji

256Observation of the Coherent Turbulent Structure Under Breaking Wave

Zhi-Cheng Huang, Shih-Chun Hsiao and Hwung-Hweng Hwung

264Numerical Simulation of Vortex-Induced Vibration of Two Circular Cylinders of Different Diameters

Hongwei An, Liang Cheng and Ming Zhao

272A Study on the Rotating Flow in an Annulus

Young-Ju Kim, Chi-Ho Yoon, Yong-Chan Park, Jongmyung Park, Joong Seok Kang, Seok-Ki Kwon, Nam Sub Woo and Young Kyu Hwang

278Numerical Simulation of a Flow Around an America's Cup Class Keel

M. M. Ambrogi, R. Broglia and A. Di Mascio

284A Viscous Free Surface Flow Solver Using the Spectral Element Method

Hong Gun Sung and Key Yong Hong

292Discussion of Morison Formula Applied to Floating Structure

S.H. Hao, G.H. Dong and Z. Zong

296Sea Wave Adaptation by an Elastic Plate

Igor V. Shugan, Hwung-Hweng Hwung and Ray-Yeng Yang

301Time-Domain Analysis of Motion Responses of Adjacent Multiple Floating Bodies in Waves

Kyong-Hwan Kim, Yonghwan Kim and Mun-Sung Kim

308A Coupled Model for the Wave-Induced Drift of Oil Slicks

Kai H. Christensen and Emanuele Terrile

314Mathematical Model of Wave Forces for the Depth Control of a Submerged Body Near the Free Surface

Key-Pyo Rhee, Jin-Woo Choi and Sung-Kyun Lee

322Numerical Investigations on Responses of Two Moored 3D Floating Structures to Steep Waves

S. Yan and Q.W. Ma

330Hydrodynamic Interaction in a Coupled Ship / Barge System and Its Effects on the Mooring Line and Fender Forces

Chen Xie, John M. Niedzwecki and Per Teigen

335Comparative Study on Time-Domain Analysis of Ship Motions and Structural Loads in Waves

Yonghwan Kim, Kyong-Hwan Kim, Myung-Jae Song, Mun-Sung Kim, Jaeouk Sun, Kang-Hyun Song, Ki-Seok Shin and Jin-Ho Yang

341The Beau Rivage Casino Substructure: Why the Design Survived Katrina

Jerry Johnson

348Dynamic Simulation of the Fish Cage Net and Floating Collar Subjected to Currents and Waves

Chun W. Lee, Gun H. Lee, M Youl Choe and Mi K. Lee

354Study on Critical-Uncontrollable Hydrodynamic Interaction Between Ships

Yanmin Xu, Zaojian Zou, Mingjun Liu and Kamlesh S. Varyani

360Computational and Experimental Studies on Parametric Roll of Containerships in Head Seas

Jin-Ho Yang, Young-Woo Lee and Yonghwan Kim

368Practical Green Function for Thin-Ship Theory

Francis Noblesse , Gerard Delhommeau , Hyun Yul Kim and Chi Yang

375Experiment and Numerical Study on Gliding-Hydrofoil Craft Rapidity

S.L. Yang and S.L. Chen

381Void Fraction in Green Water

Kuang-An Chang and Yonguk Ryu

386Prediction of Hydrodynamic Performance for Various Ship-Shaped Hulls Under Excessive Roll Mot Using an Unsteady Navier-Stokes Solver

Yi-Hsiang Yu and Spyros A. Kinnas

394Active Roll Stabilization of a Coastal Naval Vessel Using Azimuthing Propellers

Kevin A. McTaggart

402Innovative 3-D Implementation of Riser Wake Interference Assessment

Mason Wu, Jean-Francois Saint-Marcoux, Robert D. Blevins and Peter Quiggin

408Riser VIV Induced Fatigue Assessment by a CFD Approach

Kevin Huang, Hamn-Ching Chen and Chia-Rong Chen

416Fatigue Life Calculations of Risers by Taking Into Account the Higher Harmonic Force Components

Yahya Modarres-Sadeghi, Michael S Triantafyllou and Franz S Hover

423Numerical Predictions of Flow Structure for a Circular Cylinder with Exterior Surface Dimples

Jongmyung Park, Chi-Ho Yoon, Yong-Chan Park and Young-Ju Kim

428Hydrodynamic Forces on Multiple Hanging-Off Circular Cylinders in Uniform Flows

Rudi Walujo Prastianto, Koji Otsuka and Yoshiho Ikeda

436Experimental Study on Ship Equipments Vibration Reduction Based on Magnetorheological Damper

Zhongchao Deng, Dagang Zhang and Xiongliang Yao

441Numerical Study of Turbulent Drag Reduction Over Riblet Surface

H.Y. Zhang, H.X. Yang and G. Li

446Vortex Induced Vibrations and Galloping of Two Cylinders Placed in Tandem Arrangement

Stéphane Etienne

453Vortex-Induced Motion of a Deep-Draft Semi-Submersible in Current and Waves

Yongpyo Hong, Yongho Choi, Junyoung Lee and Youngbok Kim

460Fluid Forces and Structure-Induced Damping of Obliquely-Oscillating Offshore Structures

Osama A. Marzouk and Ali H. Nayfeh

469Experimental Study on Flow Induced Vibration of a Cylinder with Two Degrees of Freedom Near a Rigid Wall

Bing Yang, Fuping Gao and Yingxiang Wu

475Experimental Investigation of Vortex-Induced Vibration in Two-Dimensions

Robert D. Blevins and Charles S. Coughran

481High Harmonic Forces and Predicted Vibrations from Forced In-Line and Cross-Flow Cylinder Motions

J.M. Dahl, F.S. Hover and M.S. Triantafyllou

489Estimation of Collision Force of a Drifted Container Due to Run-Up Tsunami

Norimi Mizutani, Gyeong-Seon Yeom and Atsuhiro Usami

497Estimation of Extreme Storm Water Level in Japanese Bays by Using Stochastic Typhoon Model and Tide Observation Data

Hiroyasu Kawai, Noriaki Hashimoto and Kuniaki Matsuura

505Response of Coastal Structures Against Seismic and Tsunami Forces

S.R.K. Reddy and G.C.S. Reddy

511Nonlinear Simulation of 3D Freak Waves Using a Fast Numerical Method

S. Yan and Q.W. Ma

518Barge Mounted Low Temperature Thermal Desalination Plant

Kathiroli S., Purnima Jalihal and Phanikumar V S Sistla

523Time-Space Variation and Spectral Evolution of Sandy Beach Profiles Under Tsunami and Regular Waves

Gozo Tsujimoto, Fumihiko Yamada and Tetsuya Kakinoki

528Model Study of Tsunami Wave Loading on Bridges

Indrasenan Thusyanthan and Elena Martinez

536Guidelines for Ship Evacuation from a Tsunami Attack

Eiichi Kobayashi, Syunichi Koshimura and Shouta Yoneda

543Typhoon-Induced Wind and Wave Simulation in Suo-Nada Bay

Koji Kawaguchi, Hiroyasu Kawai and Toshio Nakano

551Dynamic System Simulation of Ships Evacuation Due to Tsunami Attack Considering Traffic Density Condition

Trika Pitana and Eiichi Kobayashi

558Improvement of the Japanese NOWPHAS Network by Introducing Advanced GPS Buoys

Toshihiko Nagai, Katsuyoshi Shimizu, Makoto Sasaki and Akihiro Murakami

565Improved Estimation of Ocean Wave Fields from Marine Radars Using Data Assimilation Techniques

Sina Aragh, Okey Nwogu and David Lyzenga

573Emergency Lightering in Open Seas

Tor Einar Berg and Gunnar Gudmundset

579Transformations of Wave Passing Around Cylinders

Ming-Chung Lin, Chao-Min Hsu and Chao-Lung Ting

586Experimental Study on Fluid Force on Bridge Beam Due to Tsunami

Susumu Araki, Ichiro Deguchi and Sadakazu Itoh

592Experimental Study of the Wave Energy Dissipation Due to the Porous-Piled Structure

Sung-Shan Hsiao, Hui-Ming Fang, Chun-Ming Chang, Tai-Shing Lee and Hsiang-Yu Huang

599Experiments on Nonlinear Wave Scattering by a Submerged Rectangular Step in the Presence of a Current

Zhenhua Huang and M.S. Ghidaoui

607A Study for Wave Absorbing Effect of Submerged Breakwater

Moon Seup Shin, Koo Yong Park and Hyun Jin Lee

613On Effect of Plane Arrangement of Submerged Breakwaters on Setup, Swash and Runup Over Beach

Dong-Soo Hur, Sung-Tai Kee, Woo-Dong Lee and Jong-Sung Yoon

621Multiphase-Model to Predict Arbitrarily-Shaped Objects Moving in Free Surface Flows

Satoru Ushijima

629Multidisciplinary Optimization of a Moored Rectangular Floating Breakwater

Ghassan Elchahal, Pascal Lafon and Rafic Younes

636Experimental Study on Braking Force Characteristics of Tugboats in Shallow Water

Linjia Yang, Seong Su Lee, Kinzo Inoue, Hiroyuki Sadakane and Wataru Sera

644Wave Reflection from Absorbing-Type Breakwaters

Ching-Yun Yueh, Shih-Hsuan Chuang and Ming-Tsung Wu

650Development of a Highly Dissipative Breakwater with Vertical Mixing Functions

Shinya Saeki and Takayuki Nakamura

656Reflection and Transmission of Irregular Waves by Multiple-Row Curtainwall-Pile Breakwaters

Chang-Hwan Ji and Kyung-Duck Suh

664Pore Pressure Buildup in the Subsoil Under a Caisson Breakwater

S.K. Sumer, B.M. Sumer, F.H. Dixen and J. Fredsøe

672Numerical Analysis of Wave Transformation Over Low-Crested Impermeable Breakwater

Zhong Peng and Qingping Zou

678The Near-Bed Mass Transport Under Surf-Zone Spilling Breakers

Hwung-Hweng Hwung and Zhi-Cheng Huang

684Using RANS to Simulate Breaking Wave on a Slopping Bed

Chih-Min Hsieh, Robbert R. Hwang, Ming-Jyh Chern and Wen-Chang Yang

691Numerical and Physical Modelling of Wave Overtopping Over a Porous Breakwater

M.T. Reis, M.G. Neves, K. Hu and M. ten Voorde

698Numerical and Experimental Study on Wave Deformation and Overtopping Around Vertical Seawall in Coral Reef Sea Area

Koji Kawasaki, Masami Kiku and Yasuo Sasada

706Hydraulic Performances of Non-Wave Overtopping Type Seawall Against Sea Level Rise Due to Global Warming

Keisuke Murakami, Yuji Kamikubo and Yasuto Kataoka

713N-Line Beach Evolution Model Considering Advection and Diffusion Effects of Nourished Sand

Yoko Shibutani, Masamitsu Kuroiwa and Yuhei Matsubara

721Evaluation of New Alternative Method for Beach Nourishment

Kyu-Han Kim, Agnes Y.W. Widayati and Chong-Kun Pyun

728A Numerical Model for Gravel Beach Deformation Based on Two-Way Method

Kwang-Ho Lee, Norimi Mizutani, Do-Sam Kim and Toshiaki Fujii

735Cross-Shore Change of Beach Profile in Two Shapes of Beach Slope Breakdown

Won Chul Cho and In Ho Kim

740Distribution of the Engineering Water Levels Along the Coast of China Seas Under Sea Level Variation

Meixiang Chen, Juncheng Zuo, Ling Du, Peiliang Li and Lei Li

748Wave Field Monitoring at Taipei Harbour, Taiwan

John Z. Yim, Chung-Ren Chou and W.-K. Wong

753Study on the Characteristics of Storm Surge Over Taiwan Eastern Waters by Wavelet Transform

Beng-Chun Lee, Chiung-Chu Huang, Chia Chuen Kao and Laurence Zsu-Hsin Chuang

759Finite Volume - Finite Difference Scheme for the Solution of 2D Extended Boussinesq Equations

Mara Tonelli and Marco Petti

768Generation of Rip Currents from Single Disturbance in Bottom Topography

Ichiro Deguchi, Mamoru Arita, Takumi Yoshii and Hirotaka Yabusaki

775Turbulent Solitary Wave Boundary Layer

B.M. Sumer, P.M. Jensen, L.B. Sørensen, J. Fredsøe, P. L.-F. Liu

782Overturning of a Solitary Wave on a Continental Shelf

Ching-Jer Huang and Chun-Yuan Lin

788Computation of Reflection Coefficient Using Wave Amplitude and Phase Function

Hyoseob Kim and Byung Soon Jung

795Typhoon Rainfall and Landsliding in the Pacific Ocean Side of Japan

Ranjan Kumar Dahal, Shuichi Hasegawa, Minoru Yamanaka and Astuko Nonomura

803Transformation of Short Wave Groups and Generation of Infragravity Waves on a Bar-Type Beach

Nan Myat Soe, M.R. Akbarpour Jannat and Toshiyuki Asano

811Wave Breaking Termination on Bar-Trough Shaped Beaches

Takashi Okamoto, Conceição Juana Fortes and David R. Basco

820Numerical Simulations of Shallow-Water Wave Propagation Over Arbitrary Bottom Topography Using High-Order Boussinesq Equation

Rae H. Yuck, Byung W. Park and Hang S. Choi

826Analytical Solution for Long Waves on Axis-Symmetric Topographies

Tae-Hwa Jung, Changhoon Lee and Yong-Sik Cho

833Viability Study of an Artificial Surf Reef in S. Pedro do Estoril, Cascais, Portugal

Pedro Bicudo, Margarida Custódio, Nuno Cardoso, Conceição Fortes, Maria Da Graça Neves,
Lourenço Mendes, Pedro Monteiro, Artur Palha, Maria João Nogueira and Luis Miguel Carvalho


The Proceedings of
The Eighteenth (2008) International

Vancouver, Canada, July 6-11, 2008



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Presented at:
The Eighteenth (2008) International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference held in Vancouver, BC, Canada, July 6-11, 2008

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International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers

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1The First (2007) ISOPE Strain-Based Design Symposium — A Review

Dan B. Lillig

13Mechanical and Metallurgical Properties of Grade X80 High Strain Linepipe Produced by Heat Treatment On-line Process

Nobuyuki Ishikawa, Mitsuhiro Okatsu, Shigeru Endo, Nobuo Shikanai, Ryuji Muraoka and Joe Kondo

21Development of X80/X100 Linepipe Steels with High Strain Aging Resistance

Jang-Yong Yoo, Dong-Han Seo, Seong-Soo Ahn and Ki-Bong Kang

27Concepts of Grade X100 for High Toughness and Strain Based Design Application

Volker Schwinn, Peter Fluess, Andreas Liessem and Jens Schroeder

33Thermal and Microstructure Simulation of High Strength Pipeline Girth Welds

Yaoshan Chen, Yong-Yi Wang and James Gianetto

40Preliminary Analysis of Tensile Strain Capacity of Full-Scale Pipe Tests with Internal Pressure

Yong-Yi Wang, Mark Stephens and David Horsley

48Girth Welds for Strain-Based Design Pipelines

D.P. Fairchild, M.D. Crawford, W. Cheng, M.L. Macia, N.E. Nissley, S.J. Ford, D.B. Lillig and J. Sleigh

57Advanced Tensile Behaviour Evaluation of Girth Welds

Andrea Fonzo, Gianluca Mannucci, Luigi F. Di Vito and Gilles Richard

64Strain Capacity of SENT Specimens - Influence of Weld Metal Mismatch and Ductile Tearing Resistance

Erling Østby, Mons Hauge, Erik Levold, Andreas Sandvik, Bård Nyhus and Christian Thaulow

72Fracture Control - Offshore Pipelines JIP Use of Abaqus/Explicit to Simulate Ductile Tearing in Pipes with Defects Loaded Beyond Yielding

Andreas Sandvik, Erling Østby and Christian Thaulow

79Effect of Crack Geometry and Tensile Properties on Tensile Strain Limit of X80 Linepipe

Satoshi Igi, Teruki Sadasue, Takahiro Kubo, Nobuyuki Ishikawa and Nobuhisa Suzuki

86Characterization of the Stable Tearing During Pipeline Strain Capacity Tests

P.C. Gioielli, W. Cheng, K. Minnaar and D.P. Fairchild

90Effect of Misalignment on the Tensile Strain Capacity of Welded Pipelines

S.A. Kibey, K. Minnaar, J.A. Issa and P.C. Gioielli

96Advanced Methods for the Strain Limit Assessment in Pipeline Applications Subjected to Extreme Loading

Tommaso Coppola and Giuseppe Demofonti

104Numerical Simulation of Buckling Resistance for UOE Line Pipes with Orthogonal Anisotropic Hardening Behavior

Eiji Tsuru, Kengo Yoshida, Satoshi Shirakami and Toshihiko Kuwabara

111Correlative Hardening Parameters to Strain Capacity of High Strength Linepipes

Nobuhisa Suzuki, Joe Kondo, Ryuji Muraoka, Mitsuru Okatsu and Satoshi Igi

118Evaluation of Influence Factors of Compressive Buckling by FE Analysis

Hidenori Shitamoto, Hiroyuki Makino, Shuji Okaguchi, Masahiko Hamada, Nobuaki Takahashi, Akio Yamamoto, Izumi Takeuchi and Shusuke Fujita

124New UST Inspection Procedure for Heavy Wall SAW Pipe

M Nagase, Y Hirose, T Horikiri and M Yamano

131Anisotropic Behavior of X100 Pipeline Steel

J. Matthew Treinen, William E. Luecke, J. David McColskey, Philippe P. Darcis and Yong-Yi Wang

136Evaluation of Material Response Subjected to High Plastic Deformation When Forged Into Saipem Submarine Repairing System

Gianluca Mannucci, Giuliano Malatesta, Roberto Brandi and Carlo Maria Spinelli

143Effect of Embedded Defects in Pipelines Subjected to Plastic Strains During Operation

Erlend Olsø, Espen Berg, Kjell Holthe, Bård Nyhus, Bjørn Skallerud, Christan Thaulow and Erling Østby

149Constraint Evaluation and Effects on J-R Resistance Curves for Pipes Under Combined Load Conditions

Sebastian Cravero, Richard E. Bravo and Hugo A. Ernst

157Development of High Strength SMAW Consumables for SBD Applications

Ashish Kapoor and Jonathan Ogborn

162Response of Pipelines Under Fault Crossing

Ming Liu, Yong-Yi Wang and Zhifeng Yu

166Deformation Behavior and Limit State of High-Grade Induction Bend Pipes Subjected to Large Ground Deformation

Masaki Mitsuya, Yoshikazu Hashimoto, Takashi Sakanoue and Hiroshi Yatabe

174Strain-Based Pipelines: Design Consideration Overview

Wan C. Kan, Michael Weir, Michael M. Zhang, Dan B. Lillig, Serghios T. Barbas, Mario L. Macia and Nick E. Biery

182Challenging Material and Fabrication Solutions for Deepwater Hydrocarbon Development

Jeremy C. Price, Paul A. Laws and V. Subramanian

189DWTT Properties for High Strength Line Pipe Steels

Takuya Hara, Yasuhiro Shinohara, Yoshio Terada and Hitoshi Asahi

194Toughness of Steel Plates for Offshore Structures Manufactured by TMCP

Sang-Ho Kim, Woo Kil Jang, Kyong Ho Lee and Soon Hyung Hong

200Correlation of Metallurgical Factors with the Susceptibility to HIC in ERW Pipes Using Slitted Hot Coils

Hyun Uk Hong, Jong Bong Lee and Ho Jin Choi

205The Effect of Metallurgical Factors on SOHIC in HIC Free Linepipe Steels

Wan Keun Kim, Hwan Gyo Jung, Seong Ung Koh and Kyoo Young Kim

211High-Performance Steel Grades for Special Applications in Ships and Offshore Constructions

Hermann Lücken, Andreas Kern and Udo Schriever

217Fluorescent Coatings for Corrosion Detection

H.G. Wheat and G. Liu

224Experimental and Theoretical Investigations on the Fracture Criteria for Structural Steels

Joonmo Choung, Ki-Young Yoon and Sang-Rai Cho

229Numerical Study on the Fatigue Crack Propagation Behavior in Flattened Martensite Dual Phase Steel

Naoki Osawa, Daiki Ueno, Ryo Shimoike, Kiyoshi Hashimoto, Kiyotaka Nakashima and Tetsuro Nose

236Stress Intensity Factors for Three Dimensional Cracks by Applying Slice Synthesis Methodology

Koji Gotoh and Yukinobu Nagata

241Microstructure Development of Ultra-High Strength Steel Weld Metal for Avoiding Hot and Cold Cracking

Yu-Ichi Komizo and Hidenori Terasaki

246Hyperbaric Gas Metal Arc Welding of API X65 Pipeline Steel at 12, 25 and 35 Bar

Odd M. Akselsen, Hans Fostervoll and Carl Henrik Ahlen

254Welding Under Service Conditions — Influence of the Load Conditions on the Integrity of High Strength Steel Welds

Thomas Nitschke-Pagel, Klaus Dilger and Helmut Wohlfahrt

261Prediction Method of Transient Temperature Distribution in Friction Welding of Two Similar Materials of Steel

Yoshihiro Isshiki, Gosaku Kawai, Hiizu Ochi and Koichi Ogawa

268Cryogenic Fatigue Tests of 9% Nickel Steel Weldments

P.C. Gioielli and N. Zettlemoyer

272Tensile Strength of Friction-Welded Joints of Copper Alloys to Steels

Hiizu Ochi, Gosaku Kawai, Yoshiaki Yamamoto and Yasuo Suga

277High Performance Steel Plates for Shipbuilding Applications

Kyung-Keun Um, Sang-Ho Kim, Ki-Bong Kang, Young-Hwan Park and Ohjoon Kwon

285GA-Based Heat Input Estimation Technique for Simulation of Shell Forming by Line-Heating

Naoki Osawa, Kiyoshi Hashimoto, Junji Sawamura and Hironori Tanaka

291Effect of Welding Heat Input on the Crack Arrestability of Thick Steel Plate Welds

Joon Sik Park, Gyu-Baek An, Bo Young Jung and Jong Bong Lee

294Tandem Electrogas Welding of Higher-Strength Hull Structural Steel

Hyok-Ju Kim, Tae-Won Jang and Dong-Ryeol Yoon

301Influential Factors Affecting Inherent Deformation During Plate Forming by Line Heating (Report 3) - the Effect of Crossed Heating Lines

Adan Vega, Yoshihiko Tango, Morinobu Ishiyama, Sherif Rashed and Hidekazu Murakawa

309Effect of Thickness on the Crack Arrest Toughness of Thick Steel Plate Welds

Gyu Baek An, Joon Sik Park, Bo Young Jeong and Jong Bong Lee

312A Predictive Method for the Transverse Residual Stress Distribution at a Thick EH40 Weldment

Dong-Ju Lee, Gyung-Gyu Kim, Sang-Beom Shin and Joong-Geun Youn

319Joints Between Plates or I Sections and a Circular Hollow Section Chord

J. Wardenier, G.J. van der Vegte and Y. Makino

327Cast Steel and Hollow Sections — New Applications and Technologies

Marian Veselcic, Stefan Herion and Ram Puthli

335A Study on the Fatigue Life of Large-Scale Tubular K-Joint

Sung-Woo Im and In-Hwa Chang

341An Application to Welded Joints of the Crack Inspection System by Using Magnetic Properties

Kiyoshi Hashimoto, Naoki Osawa, Junji Sawamura and Hiroshi Asai

345The Safe Operating Life of Isothermal Steel Vessels for Dock Storages of Liquid Ammonia

E.M. Basko, V.V. Larionov and V.N. Lazutin

350Lifetime Prediction of Fatigue Loaded Welded Joints with Help of Micromagnetic Parameters

Markus Bruns, Thomas Nitschke-Pagel and Klaus Dilger

355Using the Neuber Plot to Account for the Effects of Scatter, Corrosion and Welding in Strain-Life Fatigue Test Data

F.A. Conle and J.J.F. Bonnen

363Numerical Simulations of the Growth and Deflection of a Stress-Corrosion Notch on the Interface Between Two Brittle Materials on Ship Body

Zhibo Tang, Haijiang Zou, Linyan Lou and Bing Chen

370Analysis of Elastostatic Crack Problems Using B-Spline Wavelet Finite Element Method

Satoyuki Tanaka, Hiroshi Okada, Shigenobu Okazawa and Masahiko Fujikubo

377Fitness for Service Assessment of Spherical Oxygen Storage Vessel

Sangin Han, Jeongrock Kwon, Jiyoon Kim, Dong Kim and Chon L. Tsai

385Buckling Response of Impact-Damaged Composite Panels

Sarah E. Mouring, Daniel Kobza, Kamryn Sakamoto and Luke A. Louca

390Accurate Measurement of Loss Factor and Young's Modulus for a Composite Structure Using a Multi Degree of Freedom Curve-Fitting Method

Han-Il Park, Cheon-Hong Min and Soo-Ryong Bae

396A Study on the Degradation Mechanisms of Honeycomb Structure by Moisture Absorption

Yun-Hae Kim, Joong-Won Han, Kyung-Man Moon, Kook-Jin Kim, Sung-Youl Bae and Young-Dae Jo

401Study on Ductile Property of Corroded Reinforced Concrete Beam

Fang Ying Fan and Qiang Zhi Hu

407Experimental Study on Properties of Corroded CFRP Reinforced Concrete Column Under Repeating Load

Yilie Hou, Liwei Zhang and Yinghua Zhao

412Effect of W/C and Thickness to Corrosion Properties of Reinforced Concrete

Kyung-Man Moon, Hwang-Rae Cho, Yun-Hae Kim, Sung-Youl Bae and Myung-Hoon Lee

417Impact of Cooling Time on the Structure and Tribological Properties of Metal Matrix Composite Castings

K. Gawdzinska, J. Hajkowski and B. Glowacki

421Assessment of Risk of Failures and Possibility of Extreme Situations for the Substructure of Tanker Loading Unit (TLU)

E.N. Bellendir and O.M. Finagenov

427Assessment of the Level of Uncertainty of the Ship's Hull Girder Shear Stresses

Lyuben D Ivanov

434Cognitive Maps for Structural Reliability Control

Lev V. Kim

442An Integration Procedure to Calculate Response Spectral Moments of Offshore Structures

Halil Karadeniz

452Influence of Hydrogen from CP on the Fracture Susceptibility of 25%Cr Duplex Stainless Steel - Fe Modeling of Constant Load Testing Using Hydrogen Influenced Cohesive Zone Elements.

Vigdis Olden, Christian Thaulow, Torodd Berstad, Erling Østby and Bård Nyhus

459Instantaneous Bispectral Analysis of Non-Linear and Non-Stationary Ship Motion Data

Toshio Iseki

464Uncertainty Effects on Performance Based Evaluation of Offshore Platform Due to Dynamic Forces

Kenji Kawano, Yukinobu Kimura, Park Min-Su and Takeshi Iida

472Design Code Calibration of Coastal Defences Against Typhoon Attacks for Nuclear Power Plant

Defu Liu, Liang Pang, Botao Xie, Hao Jiang, Fengting Han and Yifa Yu

478Reliability Analysis of a Rotary Vane Type Steering Gear System

M R Martins and F B Natacci

484Computation of Slamming Forces on Wedges of Small Deadrise Angles Using a CIP Method

Q. Yang and W. Qiu

489Dynamic Effects on Stress Concentration Around Defects Within a Thick Steel Plate

Tadashi Shibue, Takashi Hayami and Shinji Nakano

496Over and Under Pressurizing of Ship Tanks During Ballasting and Deballasting — Hull Damage

Manoj Kumar, P.V. Suresh and V.G. Deshpande

503A Study of Ultimate Collapse Strength in Sagging of Ship Structures with Side Collision Damage

Tak-Kee Lee, Chae Whan Rim, Dae-Suk Han, Byung Hyun Kim, Jae-Myung Lee and Ki Sup Kim

509Study on Earthquake Resistant Reinforcement of Existing Quay in Fishing Port to Nankai Earthquake

Kojiro Okabayashi, Kozo Tagaya and Youya Hayashi

515Round Butte Selective Water Withdrawal Seismic Study

Gang Yang, Mark Rogge, Jing Li, Michael Isaacson, Wally Bennett and Norman Allyn

522Numerical Assessment on Inundation Risk and Efficiency of Countermeasure for Wave Overtopping in a Coastal Area

Tetsuya Hiraishi, Yoshihito Oshimura and Kyoichi Nagase

528Analysis of Rubble Mound Foundation Failure of a Caisson Breakwater Subjected to Tsunami Attack

Miguel Esteban, Nguyen Danh Thao, Hiroshi Takagi and Tomoya Shibayama

535NURBS Based Ship Form Design Using Adaptive Genetic Algorithm

Conghong Lu, Yan Lin, Zhuoshang Ji and Ming Chen

541Estimation of Welding Distortion Using Neural Network

Yasuhisa Okumoto

547Hydrodynamic Optimisation of High-Speed Trimaran Hull Forms

S. Brizzolara and D. Bruzzone

555Estimation of Buckling and Collapse Behaviours of Stiffened Curved Plates Under Compressive Load

Joo-Shin Park, Kazuhiro Iijima and Tetsuya Yao

563General Solution of Spatial Warping Curved Beams Under Multiple Loads

Lili Zhu and Yinghua Zhao

569Structural Analysis for MR. Sized Oil Tanker Applied Common Structure Rule

Jun-Kee Bang , Ha-Young So, Kyu-Ho Lee , Sung-Kwang Shin and Young-Dal Choi

572Study on FE Analysis of Membrane Type LNG Carrier's Aft Transition Area

Young-Kwan Kim, Woo-Kwon Chung and Young-Jin Jeong

577Precise 3-D Vessel Velocity Measurement for Docking and Anchoring

K. Tatsumi, N. Kouguchi, Y. Yoo, T. Kubota and Y. Arai

584Study on Resistance Performance of the Wave Piercing Catamaran

Tieli Li and Yan Lin

589Navigational Simulation Using Tidal Simulation and Tidal Effects on Sailing Ship

Shigeaki Shiotani

595Study on the Application of All Electric Vehicle Carriers in Upper Yangtze River of China

Wei Cai, Weiguo Wu and Keqiang Chen