The Proceedings of The Ninth (2010)
ISOPE Pacific/Asia
Offshore Mechanics Symposium

Busan, Korea
November 14-17, 2010

ISBN 978-1-880653-79-1
ISSN 1946-004X

Indexed by Engineering Index, Compendex and Others

International Society of
Offshore and Polar Engineers

The Proceedings of The Ninth (2010)
ISOPE Pacific/Asia
Offshore Mechanics Symposium

Busan, Korea, November 14-17, 2010

LNG FSRU and FPSO, LNG Plant Technology, Ocean and Wind Energy,
Arctic Energy and Transport, Arctic Structures and Ocean
Environment, Wave- Structure Interactions, Waves,
Structures and Environment, Flow-Induced
Vibrations and Structures

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ISBN 978-1-880653-79-1
ISSN 1946-004X

Indexed by Engineering Index, Compendex and Others

Edited by:
Jin S. Chung, ISOPE, Cupertino, California, USA

Sa Young Hong, Maritime and Ocean Engineering Research Institute, Daejeon, Korea

Presented at:
The 9th ISOPE Pacific/Asia Offshore Mechanics Symposium, Busan, Korea, November 14-17, 2010

Organized by:
International Organizing Committee of International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers Local Organizing Committee

Sponsored by:
International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers (ISOPE)
Korea Society of Ocean Engineers (KSOE), Korea
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Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co., Ltd
American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
Busan City Government
World Ocean Forum (WOF)

Symposium Korea Secretariat
Dr. S.Y. Hong Maritime and Ocean Engineering Research Institute (MOERI) Daejeon, Korea

Symposium Co-Chairmen
Jin S. Chung, ISOPE, Cupertino, California, USA
S.W. Hong, MOERI, Daejeon, Korea
H.-I. Park, KMU, Busan, Korea
S. Y. Hong, MOERI, Korea

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1Consequence Analysis of Major Hazards for Concept Design of LNG-FSRU

Hee Sung Lee, Hyun Chang Lee, Seung Hyuk Kim and Mun Keun Ha

5Study on Ship Motion Analysis of Turret-Moored LNG FSRU Compared with Experiment

Kyoung-Wan Lee, Yu-Rim Cho, Jea-Ouk Sun, Seung-Gyu Jeong, Young-Dal Choi, Hong-Gun Sung and Seok-Won Hong

10Numerical Simulation of Violent Sloshing Motion in Rectangular Tank Using Improved MPS Method

Sung-Chul Hwang, Byung-Hyuk Lee and Jong-Chun Park

15Offloading Operability Analysis of Side-by-Side Moored LNG FPSO

Hyeonsu Jeong, Munsung Kim, Jinho Lee, Byungwoo Kim and Munkeun Ha

21The Second Order Wave Exciting Force on a Floating Ship Considering Tank Liquid Dynamic Effect

Hiroshi Kawabe, Jongjin Park and Munkeun Ha

27Study on the Dynamics of Turret Moored FSRU in Waves

Seokkyu Cho, Honggun Sung and Sayoung Hong


34Simulation and Comparison of Liquefaction Technologies for LNG Offshore Plant Design

Wonsub Lim, Kyungjae Tak, Il Moon and Kwangho Choi

38The Study on Natural Gas Liquefaction Cycle Development

Sanggyu Lee, Kyusang Cha, Changwon Park, Chulgu Lee, Yongbum Cho and Young-myung Yang

43Design of Samcheok LNG Receiving Terminal of Korea Gas Corporation

Donghyuk Kim, Youngsoon Sohn, Kangwon Lee, Insoo Yoon and Youngmyung Yang

47Micro Channel Heat Exchanger for LNG-FPSO Application

Seungwhan Baek, Jinhyuk Kim and Sangkwon Jeong

53A Study on the NDE Reliability Matrix for LNG Plant System

Woong-Ji Kim, Song-Chun Choi and Chul-hee Yu


Offshore Wind Energy

57Static and Dynamic Analysis Modeling for Offshore Wind Turbine Foundation Structures

Hongwang Ma and Longzhu Chen

61Noise Analysis in Offshore Wind-Farm

Yonghwan Park, Ingyu Lim, Jaekwang Eom, Seongmyun Hwangbo, Kihyun Kim and Kwangkeon Park

66Structural Response of Offshore Monopile Foundations to Ocean Waves

M. Li, H. Song, H. Zhang and H. Guan

74Floating Type Ocean Wave Power Station: Unique Work of Oscillating Platform

Tatsuya Kinoshita, Kensuke Matsumoto, Masayuki Orita and Toshiaki Kanemoto

80The Motion Performance of Two Offshore Wind Turbine Floating Platforms with Combined Tension Leg-Mooring Line System

Nianxin Ren, Yugang Li and Jinping Ou

87Development of Software for Coupled Aero-Elastic Dynamic Analysis of Wind Turbine System

Chae Whan Rim, Je Sung Bang, Seok Jun Moon, Tae Young Chung, Hu Je Cho and Dea Sung Bae

91Time Domain and Frequency Domain Characterization of Floating Offshore Wind Turbine

Wei Shi, Hyun-chul Park, Chin-wha Chung and Young-chan Kim

99CFD Application to the Evaluation of Wave and Current Loads on Cylindrical Platform Model for Ocean Wind Turbine

Yeon-Seok Park, Zheng-Shou Chen and Wu-Joan Kim

Ocean Energy

106Research of Behavior of Large Rotary Pontoon of Offshore Wind Turbine in Waves

Victor V. Cheboxarov and Valery V. Cheboxarov

114Effect of Pitching on Aerodynamic Loads for Floating Wind Turbines

Yong-gang Li, Ji-hua Mo, Yan-ping He and Qing He

122Research on a Method Decreasing Motions and Drift Force of a Floating Renewable Energy Facility in Waves

Yasutaka Imai, Kazutaka Toyota and Shuichi Nagata

127Field Test of Straight-bladed Vertical Axis Wind Turbine with a Directed Guide Vane Row

Shinya Okuhara, Kazuyoshi Fujitani, Hiroyuki Takita and Manabu Takao

130The Characteristics of Maximum Velocities in Wave Induced Water Flow Duct of Caisson Structure due to OWC Shape and Slope by 2-D Numerical Experiments

SJ Yoon, HT Kim and JS Lee

1373D Numerical Investigation on Reservoir System for an Overtopping Wave Energy Convertor

Zhen Liu, Beom-Soo Hyun, Keyyong Hong and Jiyuan Jin

144Potential Use of an Oscillating Water Column Located Inside Perforated Caisson

Yong Liu and Yucheng Li

149Study on the Float-Type Wave Energy Converter with Power Stabilization Technique

Kesayoshi Hadano, Katsuya Matsuoka, Pallav Koirala, Keisuke Taneura and Kimihiko Nakano

155Thrust Generation by Waves

Shuichi Nagata, Yasutaka Imai, Kazutaka Toyota and Hiroshi Isshiki

163Experimental Study of Dynamic Response and Energy Absorption of Fixed Circular Cylindrical OWC Columns in Regular Waves

Yukitaka Yasuzawa and Yoshitaka Okumura

169Improvement of Straight-bladed Vertical-axis Water Turbine for Tidal Current Power Generation

Koju Hiraki, Ryo Wakita and Masanobu Inoue

175Tidal Current Power Rotor Performance under Various Conditions

Chul H. Jo, Kang H. Lee, Jin Y. Yim and Yu H. Rho

179A Study on Energy from Salinity Gradient in Primorye, Russia

Valeriy Viktorovich Knyazhev

182Spectrum Analysis of OTEC System Using Ammonia/Water Mixture as Working Fluid by Continuous Operation

Takafumi Morisaki, Satoru Goto and Yasuyuki Ikegami


188Development of Oil and Gas Production and Transportation Infrastructure of Russian West Arctic Offshore Regions

V.I. Pavlenko and E.K. Glukhareva

195Strength Assessment for Bow Structure of 107k DWT Arctic Tanker under Special Ice Loads

Jae-Yeol Lee, Myo-Jung Kwak, Sung-Geun Lee, Han Yu and Claude Daley

202Performance Studies for Technological Complex Platform "Prirazlomnaya" - Moored Tanker in Ice Conditions

E.B. Karulin and M.M. Karulina

209Glacial Ice Loads for Large Bulk Carriers

James W. St. John

217A Comparison of the Ice Test Results for Korean Icebreaking Research Vessel

Chun-Ju Lee, Seong-Rak Cho, Seong-Yeob Jeong and Eun-Jee Chun

222A Cold Room Experimental Study on the EG/AD Model Ice Properties

Jung-Hyun Kim and Kyungsik Choi


226The Registration of Temperature during Calculation of the Ice Abrasion

A.T. Bekker, T.E. Uvraova and E.E. Pomnikov

230Numerical Simulation of Ice Loads on Gravity-Based Concrete Structures of "Sakhalin-I" and "Sakhalin-II" Projects

Alexander T. Bekker, Olga A. Sabodash and Aleksey Yu. Kochev

237Prediction of Extreme Wind Speed under the Background of Climate Change

Lizhen Wang and Jiachun Li

244Experiments on Purification of Sedimentary Sludge by Micro-Bubble and Microorganism Activation

Kyoichi Okamoto and Kenji Hotta

249A Study on Quantitative Evaluation for Influence between the Habitats of Clam Ruditapes Philippinarum in Tokyo Bay

Fumikazu Ohtsuka, Mao Hironaka, Koichi Masuda and Tomoki Ikoma

2553D Spatial Definition of a Water Surface

Matthew Harry, Hong Zhang, Charles Lemckert and Gildas Colleter


262Numerical Analysis of Floating-Body Motions in Finite Depth

Taeyoung Kim and Yonghwan Kim

269Numerical Simulation of 3D Free-Surface Flows by Using CIP-based and FV-based Methods

Kyung-Kyu Yang, Bo-Woo Nam and Yonghwan Kim

275An Experimental Study on the Hydro-elastic Analysis of a Circular Cylindrical Shell

Cheon-hong Min, Han-il Park, Byung-mo Kim and Seong-Pyo Kim

282Investigation of Gap Effect in Slamming Experiment

D.W. Kwak, C.W. Park, S.H. Lee, Y.M. Choi, J.Y. Jung, S.H. Kwon and S.B. Lee

286Simulation of Radar Image due to Ship Generated Waves

Young Jun Yang, Sun Hong Kwon, Seung Geun Park and Jun Soo Park

290Investigation of Characteristics of Impact Pressure Pattern in Sloshing Experiment

H.I. Choi, S.H. Kwon, Y.M. Choi, K.H. Lee, S.B. Lee and J.Y. Shin


294Effects of Submerged Dike on Overtopping Against Seawall of Composite Profile in Regular Waves

Hua Liu, Xiaoyu Guo and Yanan Liu

299Numerical Calculation of Multidirectional Wave Run-up in Pile Group by a FEM Boussinesq Model

Shuxue Liu, Zhongbin Sun and Junxuan Li

306Experimental Study on Phase Difference between Total Horizontal and Vertical Forces Acting on Perforated Caissons Located on a Rubble Mound Foundation

Zhisheng Xia, Dapeng Sun, Yong Liu Yucheng Li and Qingyu Wan

313Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation for the Yangshan Port Waters

Lihong Pan, Jianrong Zhu, Hui Wu and Xiaotao Du

319Experimental Study on Hydrodynamic Loads on a Horizontal Slab and Pile

Yamei Lan, Wenhua Guo, Hua Liu, Qiuhong Song and Junting Yuan

325Modeling for Ship Shifting and Berthing Jobs Scheduling at Dockyard

Jianping Chen and Jiawei Ye


332Laboratory Investigation on the In-Line Dynamic Characteristic of Long Flexible Riser Under Vortex-Induced Vibration

Guo-qiang Tang, Lin Lu, Bin Teng, Han-il Park, Ji-ning Song and Jian-qiao Zhang

339Experimental Study on VIV of a Flexible Pipe with Soil Support

Xiao Chao Li, Yong-Xue Wang, Guang-Wei Li, Mei-Rong Jiang and Xu He

344Strength of Tubular Members - Numerical Comparison of API RP2A to ISO Codes

N.S. Potty, Z. Nizamani and A.B. Idrus

351Sea Environment Assessment for Evaluation of FPSO Hull Structural Scantlings

Booki Kim, Xiaozhi Wang and Yungsup Shin

359The Mode of Deformation Status of the Offshore Pile Structures with Low-Rigid Raft Foundations

A.T. Bekker and N.Ya Tsimbelman