Journal of Ocean and Wind Energy (JOWE)


Vol. 2, No. 1 February 2015


Table of Contents


Development and Validation of an Aero-Hydro Simulation Code for an Offshore Floating Wind Turbine ..... 1
Liang Li, Zhiqiang Hu, Jin Wang and Yu Ma    
Comparison of Experimental Results and Computations for Tension-Leg-Buoy Offshore Wind Turbines ..... 12
Anders Myhr and Tor Anders Nygaard  
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Magnetohydrodynamic Generator for Wave Energy ..... 21
Baolin Liu, Jian Li, Yan Peng*, Lingzhi Zhao, Ran Li*, Qi Xia and Ciwen Sha  
An Experimental Study of Wave Power Generation Using a Flexible Piezoelectric Device ..... 28
Yoshikazu Tanaka, Takuya Oko, Hidemi Mutsuda, Rupesh Patel, Stewart McWilliam and Atanas A. Popov  
Mooring Response of a Floating Offshore Wind Turbine in Nonlinear Irregular Waves ..... 37
Christof Wehmeyer and Jørgen Hvenekær Rasmussen  
Numerical Study of Interactions Between Phase II of OC4 Wind Turbine and Its Semi-Submersible Floating Support System ..... 45
Wenchao Zhao and Decheng Wan  
Optimum Geometry of Monopiles With Respect to the Geotechnical Design ..... 54
Kirill Alexander Schmoor and Martin Achmus