Journal of Ocean and Wind Energy (JOWE)


Vol. 1, No. 4 November 2014


Table of Contents


Response Analysis of a Spar-Type Floating Offshore Wind Turbine Under Atmospheric Icing Conditions ..... 193
Mahmoud Etemaddar, Martin O. L. Hansen and Torgeir Moan    
Hydrodynamic Analysis of a Semi-Submersible-Type Floating Wind Turbine ..... 202
Changhong Hu, Makoto Sueyoshi, Cheng Liu and Yingyi Liu  
Reanalysis of Jacket Support Structure for Computer-Aided Optimization of Offshore Wind Turbines with a Genetic Algorithm ..... 209
Sebastian Schafhirt, Daniel Zwick and Michael Muskulus  
Experimental Results for Tension-Leg-Buoy Offshore Wind Turbine Platforms ..... 217
Anders Myhr and Tor Anders Nygaard  
Numerical Study of an Oscillating Wave Energy Converter with Nonlinear Snap-Through Power-Take-Off Systems in Regular Waves ..... 225
Xiantao Zhang, Jianmin Yang and Longfei Xiao  
Numerical Simulation of the Tensile Resistance of Suction Buckets in Sand ..... 231
Martin Achmus and Klaus Thieken  
Small-Scale Testing of Cyclic Laterally Loaded Monopiles in Dense Saturated Sand ..... 240
Giulio Nicolai and Lars Bo Ibsen    
Contributions to an Electrical and Economic Assessment of Offshore Wind Energy in Shallow Waters: Application to a Portuguese Site ..... 246
João Limpo, Rui Castro, António Sarmento, Alex Raventos and Carlos Correia