Journal of Ocean and Wind Energy (JOWE)


Vol. 1, No. 2 May 2014


Table of Contents


Design and Power Management of a Wind-Solar-Powered Polar Rover ..... 65

Jiao Chen, Jianhong Liang, Tianmiao Wang, Taoyi Zhang, Yao Wu and Xuanxia Linghu


Offshore Wind Turbine Jacket Substructure: A Comparison Study Between Four-Legged and Three-Legged Designs

..... 74

Kok Hon Chew, E. Y. K. Ng, Kang Tai, Michael Muskulus and Daniel Zwick

Numerical and Experimental Modeling of Scour at Foundation Structures for Offshore Wind Turbines ..... 82

Arne Stahlmann

Numerical Study of the Decoupled Aero-Hydrodynamic Properties of an Oscillating Water  Column and Their Systemic Coupling Under Nonlinear Sea Wave Excitation

..... 90

Georgios D. Gkikas

The Characteristics of Wave Impacts on an Oscillating Wave Surge Converter ..... 101

Alan Henry, Ashkan Rafiee, Pal Schmitt, Frederic Dias and Trevor Whittaker

Investigation of Local Vibration Phenomena of a Jacket Sub-Structure Caused by Coupling with Other Components of an Offshore Wind Turbine ..... 111

Wojciech Popko, Fabian Vorpahl and Panagiotis Antonakas

Simulation of Fluid-Structure-Interaction on Tidal Current Turbines Based on Coupled Multibody and CFD Methods ..... 119

Matthias Arnold, Po Wen Cheng and Frank Biskup