Journal of Ocean and Wind Energy (JOWE)


Vol. 1, No. 1 February 2014


Table of Contents


Offshore Code Comparison Collaboration Continuation (OC4), Phase I—Results of Coupled Simulations of an Offshore Wind Turbine with Jacket Support Structure ..... 1
Wojciech Popko, Fabian Vorpahl, Adam Zuga, Martin Kohlmeier, Jason Jonkman, Amy Robertson, Torben J. Larsen, Anders Yde, Kristian Sætertrø, Knut M. Okstad, James Nichols, Tor A. Nygaard, Zhen Gao, Dimitris Manolas, Kunho Kim, Qing Yu, Wei Shi, Hyunchul Park, Andrés Vásquez-Rojas, Jan Dubois, Daniel Kaufer, Paul Thomassen, Marten J. de Ruiter, Tjeerd van der Zee, Johan M. Peeringa, Huang Zhiwen and Heike von Waaden    
Design Optimization of Wind Turbine Support Structures—A Review ..... 12
Michael Muskulus and Sebastian Schafhirt  
Offshore Wind Farm Layout Optimization—State of the Art ..... 23
Pedro Santos Valverde, António J. N. A. Sarmento and Marco Alves
Validation of an Integrated Simulation Method with High-Resolution Load Measurements of the Offshore Wind Turbine REpower 5M at Alpha Ventus ..... 30
Daniel Kaufer and Po Wen Cheng  
Lift of a Rotating Circular Cylinder in Unsteady Flows ..... 41
Stefan Carstensen, Xerxes Mandviwalla, Luca Vita and Uwe Schmidt Paulsen  
Influence of Control Strategy on FOWT Global Performance by Aero-Elastic-Control-Floater-Mooring Coupled Dynamic Analysis ..... 50
Yoon Hyeok Bae and Moo-Hyun Kim
Cyclic Behavior of an Overconsolidated Marine Clay at Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm ..... 59
Thi Minh Hue Le, Gudmund Reidar Eiksund and Pål Johannes Strøm