International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 5, No. 3, September 1995


Table of Contents


Drag Reduction and Vibration Suppression of a D-Section Structural Member Through Momentum Injection

..... 161
S.R. Munshi, V.J. Modi and T. Yokomizo

A Universal Linear System Model for Kinematics and Forces Affected by Nonlinear Irregular Waves

..... 166
Cheung Hun Kim and Jun Zou

Time-Domain Second-Order Wave Interaction with Three-Dimensional Floating Bodies

..... 171
Michael Isaacson and Joseph Y.T. Ng

Added Mass and Damping on an Oscillating Surface-Piercing Column with a Horizontal Cylinder: Square Cross Sections

..... 180
Jin S. Chung and Moo-Hyun Kim

Forces on and Flow Around Oscillating Roughened Cylinders - Part 1: Effect of Roughness Height

..... 188
Koji Otsuka, Futoshi Niwa and Yoshiho Ikeda

The Response of a Thick Flexible Raft to Ocean Waves

..... 198
Michael H. Meylan and Vernon A. Squire

Wave Drifting Forces on Very Large Floating Structures

..... 204
Mikio Takaki and Yoshihiko Tango

Laboratory Measurements of Breaking Inception and Post-Breaking Dynamics of Steep Short-Crested Waves

..... 212
Ali R. Kolaini and Marshall P. Tulin

Application of a Higher Order BEM in the Calculation of Wave Run-Up on Bodies in a Weak Current

..... 219
Bin Teng and Rodney Eatock Taylor

Effect of Additive Noise on Parametrically Excited Ship Rolling

..... 225
C.Y. Liaw

Creep of Shallow Plate Anchor in Soft Clay

B.M. Das

Estimation of Skin Friction of Pile Shaft in Remolded Clay

Huei-wen Chang, Hsin-hsing Liao and Yu-huang Lu