International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 28, No. 3 September 2018


Table of Contents


Experimental Investigation of Hydrodynamic Response of an Ocean Uranium Extraction Machine Attached to a Floating Wind Turbine ..... 225
Maha N. Haji, Jocelyn M. Kluger, Justin W. Carrus, Themistoklis P. Sapsis and Alexander H. Slocum
Sloshing Load Assessments for a Midscale Single-Row FLNG ..... 232
Chang Seop Kwon, Hyun Joe Kim, Jong Jin Park, Dong Yeon Lee, Booki Kim and Yonghwan Kim
Statistical Analysis of Turbulent Dispersion in the Sea Surface Layer Based on Satellite-Tracked Drifter Data ..... 240
Agnese Pini, Giovanni Leuzzi and Paolo Monti    
On the Coupling of Incompressible SPH with a Finite Element Potential Flow Solver for Nonlinear Free-Surface Flows ..... 248
Georgios Fourtakas, Peter K. Stansby, Benedict D. Rogers, Steven J. Lind, Shiqiang Yan and Qingwei Ma    
Switching Control for 3-D Waypoint Tracking of a Biomimetic Underwater Vehicle ..... 255
Rui Wang, Yu Wang, Shuo Wang, Chong Tang and Min Tan
Nonlinear Wave Loads on High-rise Pile Cap Structures in the Donghai Bridge Wind Farm ..... 263
Ling Chen, Jifu Zhou, Xu Wang and Zhan Wang
Reliability-Based Inspection Planning of 20 MW Offshore Wind Turbine Jacket ..... 272
Tomas Gintautas and John Dalsgaard Sørensen
Strain-Based Pipeline Repair via Type B Sleeve ..... 280
Justin M. Crapps, Xin Yue, Ronald A. Berlin, Heider A. Suarez, Petr A. Pribytkov, Brent A. Vyvial and Jared S. Proegler
An FEA-Based Methodology for Assessing the Residual Strength of Degraded Mooring Chains ..... 287
Justin M. Crapps, Haiping He and David A. Baker
Influence of Different Load Histories on the Cyclic Material Behavior of Nodular Cast Iron for Thick-walled Application ..... 294
Christoph Bleicher
Qualitative Estimation of Momentary Liquefaction in a Sandy Seabed Based on Pore Water Pressure ..... 303
Feng Wen, Jian-Hua Wang and Jin-Jian Chen    
Undrained Capacity of Suction Piles Subjected to Moment Loading ..... 312
Saeed Abyaneh, Justin Kennedy, Alasdair Maconochie and John Oliphant    
Evaluation of p-y Approaches for Large-Diameter Piles in Layered Sand ..... 318
Klaus Thieken, Martin Achmus, Mauricio Terceros and Katrin Lemke    
On the Cautious Estimation of Characteristic Soil Strength for Axial Pile Capacity ..... 328
Knut O. Ronold    

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