International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 14, No. 3, September 2004


Table of Contents


The Scattering of Flexural-Gravity Waves by an Ice Field .... 161
Timothy D. Williams and Vernon A. Squire
Prediction of Oil-ice Sandwich Formation .... 169
Koh Izumiyama, Shotaro Uto and Shigeki Sakai
An Energy-conserving Oceanographic Profilerf orUse UnderMobile Ice Cover: ICYCLER .... 176
George A. Fowler, Greg R. Siddall and Simon J. Prinsenberg
A Fracture Study of Ice Under High Strain Rate Loading .... 182
Piyush K. Dutta, David M. Cole, Erland M. Schulson and Devinder S. Sodhi
Global Design Ice Loads’ Dependence of Failure Mode .... 189
Morten Bjerkås
Chinese Transmission Lines’ Icing Characteristics and Analysis of Severe Ice Accidents .... 196
Xingliang Jiang, Lichu Shu, Wenxia Sima, Shujiao Xie, Jianlin Hu and Zhijin Zhang
Numerical Investigation of Wave Interaction with a Fixed Vertical Circular Cylinder .... 202
P. Queutey, M. Visonneau and P. Ferrant
Fully Nonlinear Wave-body Interactions with Fully Submerged Dual Cylinders .... 210
Weoncheol Koo, M. H. Kim and Armin Tavassoli
Torsional Mechanics in Dynamics Simulation of Low-tension Marine Tethers .... 218
Bradley J. Buckham, Frederick R. Driscoll, Meyer Nahon and Branka Radanovic
Design Method of Wave Power Generating System with Wells Turbine .... 227
Masami Suzuki and Chuichi Arakawa
Numerical Analysis of Large-scale Offshore Vertical-axis Wind Turbine .... 233
Victor V. Cheboxarov, Valery V. Cheboxarov and Alexander T. Bekker