International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 11, No. 3, September 2001


Table of Contents


Examination of Factors Affecting Total Ice Load Using Medium-scale Field Indentation Test Data ..... 161
Takahiro Takeuchi, Naoki Nakazawa, Muneo Kawamura, Masafumi Sakai, Satoshi Akagawa and Hiroshi Saeki
Absorption of Outgoing Waves in a Numerical Wave Tank Using a Self-Adaptive Boundary Condition ..... 168
Gaelle Duclos, Alain H. Clément and Gontran Chatry
Wave Drift Force and Moment on VLFS Supported by a Great Number of Floating Columns ..... 176
Masashi Kashiwagi and Shogo Yoshida
Numerical and Experimental Transient Tests for Ship Seakeeping ..... 184
A. Colagrossi, C. Lugni, M. Landrini and G. Graziani
Calculations of Nonlinear Free Surface Flows Around Submerged and Floating Sea Caches ..... 191
Hamn-Ching Chen, Tuanjie Liu and Erick T. Huang
Porous Flow in a Vertical Breakwater Induced by Nonlinear Waves ..... 194
Norimi Mizutani and Ayman M. Mostafa
Hydrodynamics in the Swash Zone ..... 202
Marco Petti and Sandro Longo
Lateral Undrained Resistance of Suction Caisson Anchors ..... 211
C.P. Aubeny, J.D. Murff and S.K. Moon
Bearing Capacity of Unsaturated Oil-Contaminated Sand ..... 220
Eun Chul Shin and Braja M. Das
The Effect of Rotor Blade Shape on the Performance of the Wells Turbine ..... 227
M. Webster and L. M. C. Gato
Characteristic Properties of Hydrodynamic Conditions in Near-bottom Layer of Clarion-Clipperton Ore Zone of Pacific Ocean in 1993 231
Mikhail F. Pilipchuk and Mikhail T. Savin
A Note on Design and Operation of Waterjet Nodule Lifter of Manganese Nodule Collector 237
Sup Hong, Jong-Su Choi, Jin-Ha Kim and Chan-Kyu Yang