International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 10, No. 3, September 2000


Table of Contents


How Big Are the Big Waves in a Gaussian Sea? ..... 161
Krzysztof Podgórski, Igor Rychlik, Jesper Rydén and Eva Sjö
Modeling of Velocities in Giant Waves ..... 170
S.P. Kjeldsen, W. M. Drennan and M. G. Skafel
An Analytic Model for Wave Propagation Across a Crack in an Ice Sheet ..... 173
Vernon A. Squire and Tony W. Dixon
Predicting Extreme Loads on a Power Line from Freezing Rainstorms ..... 177
M.L. Lu, P. Oliver, N. Popplewell and A. H. Shah
Smart Seafloor Mining Vehicle: Simulation with Successive Learning Track-Keeping Control ..... 182
Jin S. Chung and T. Qi
Experimental Study on Dynamic Positioning Control for Semisubmersible Platform ..... 187
Tadahiro Hyakudome, Masahiko Nakamura, Hiroyuki Kajiwara and Wataru Koterayama
Numerical Simulation of Pipeline Local Scour with Lee-Wake Effects ..... 195
Fangjun Li and Liang Cheng
Modeling the Dynamics of a Shallow-Water Oceanographic Surface Mooring Using Full-Scale Data ..... 200
Mark A. Grosenbaugh, Jason I. Gobat and Calvert F. Eck
Fatigue Behaviour of Nailed Tubular Connections ..... 209
N. Kosteski, J.A. Packer and A.M. van Wingerde
Dynamic Characteristics of a New Material Protective Device for Ship Collision ..... 217
Kuniaki Shoji, Tokiko Takabayashi, Shigeo Mita and Chisato Nonomura
Centrifuge and Numerical Modelling of Horizontally Loaded Suction Piles ..... 222
H.G.B. Allersma, R.B.J. Brinkgreve, T. Simon and A.A. Kirstein
Response of Open-Ended Piles in Sand to Simulated Earthquake and Seaquake ..... 229
Yongkyu Choi, Moon S. Nam and Michael W. O’Neill
Calibration of Analytical Solution Using Centrifuge Model Tests on Mooring Lines ..... 236
S. Bang, H. Han and R.J. Taylor
ISOPE Membership ..... 169
Proceedings of 3rd ISOPE OMS-99, India ..... 186
Proceedings of ISOPE-2000 Seattle Conference ..... 194
Call for Papers — ISOPE-2001 Stavanger ..... 216
Information for Authors inside back cover  
New ISOPE Address ..... 228