International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 7, No. 1, March 1997


Table of Contents


Formation of the Ice Cover's Flexural Oscillations by Action of Surface and Internal Ship Waves - Part I. Surface Waves ...... 1
A.E. Bukatov and V.V. Zharkov  
Structure of Ice Grown on High-Voltage Conductors ...... 13
M. Farzaneh, J. Bouillot, Y. Teisseyre, E.C. Svensson and R.L. Donaberger  
Indentation Contact and Penetration of Ice by a Semicircular Indentor ...... 16
Brian Veitch and Jukka Tuhkuri  
Ultimate Strength Analysis of Stiffened Panels in Ships Subjected to Biaxial and Lateral Loading ...... 22
Xiaozhi Wang and Torgeir Moan  
Springing and Ringing Due to Laboratory-Generated Asymmetric Waves ...... 30
C.H. Kim, C.T. Zhao, J. Zou and Y. Xu  
Effects of Axial Dampers and Elastic Joints on the 3-D Dynamic Responses of a Deep-Ocean Pipe with Torsional Coupling ...... 36
Baorong Cheng and Jin S. Chung  
Investigation of Effect of Surface Decarburization on Mechanical Properties of Molybdenum Using Multifractal Formalism ...... 44
A.G. Kolmakov, I.J. Bunin and G.V. Vstovsky  
Investigation of Resonant Tensioning in Submerged Cables Subjected to Lateral Excitation ...... 48
B.L. Newberry and N.C. Perkins  
Effect of Lay Angle on Various Characteristics of Spiral Strands ...... 54
Mohammed Raoof  
Modelling Heat Buildup in Large Polyester Ropes ...... 63
M.S. Overington and C.M. Leech  
The Irregular Wave induced Seepage Force on the Bottom of a Circular Cylinder ...... 70
Dahong Qiu and Qilong Wang  
Pile Skin Friction in Clays ...... 77
U.A.A. Mirza