International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 1, No. 1, MARCH 1991


Table of Contents


Real Time Estimation of Waves and Drift Forces

..... 1
J. Knoop and R. Eatock Taylor
Comparison of Higher-Order Boundary Element and Constant Panel Method for Hydrodynamic Loadings ..... 8
Y.H. Liu, C.H. Kim, and X.S. Lu
The Effect of Unsteady Motion on the Drag Forces and Flow-Induced Vibrations of a Long Vertical Tow Cable ..... 18
M.A. Grosenbaugh
Modern Method of Ultimate Strength Analysis of Offshore Structures ..... 27
Yukio Ueda and Sherif M.H. Rashed

The Static Strength and Stiffness of Multiplanar Tubular Steel X-Joints

..... 42
G.J. van der Vegte, C.H.M. de Koning, R.S. Puthli, and J. Wardenier
The Seasonal Variability of the Physical-Mechanical Characteristics of Sea Ice ..... 53
V.P. Gavrilo, G.A. Lebedev, V.I. Fedotov, N.V. Cherepanov
Effect of Interaction of Wave and Forward Speed on Hydrodynamic Forces on Marine Structures ..... 58
Makoto Ohkusu
Some Recent Research on Random Wave Forces ..... 64
Michael Isaacson

Stress Response of Offshore Structures by Equivalent Polynomial Expansion Techniques

..... 71
G. Sigurdsson and S.R.K. Nielsen
The Condition at Infinity for Second Order Wave Diffraction ..... 77
Baoyuan Li and Yulin Lu .