International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 25, No. 1 March 2015


Table of Contents


Numerical Simulation of Long Wave Runup for Breaking and Nonbreaking Waves ..... 1
Mostafa S. Shadloo, Robert Weiss, Mehmet Yildiz and Robert A. Dalrymple  
Hydroelastic Waves Generated by Point Loads in a Current ..... 8
D. Q. Lu and Ronald W. Yeung  
Numerical Simulations of the Flow Past Surface-Piercing Objects ..... 13
Andrea Colagrossi, Salvatore Marrone, Benjamin Bouscasse and Riccardo Broglia  
Numerical Investigation of Focused Waves on Uniform Currents ..... 19
De-zhi Ning, Xiao-ling Zhuo, Tian-cong Hou and Bin Teng  
Resistance and Seakeeping Optimization of a Fast Multihull Passenger Ferry ..... 26
Giuliano Vernengo, Stefano Brizzolara and Dario Bruzzone  
Simulation and Validation of an AUV in Variable Accelerations ..... 35
Howan Kim, Zhi Quan Leong, Dev Ranmuthugala and Alexander Forrest  
Development of Surface Flaw Interaction Rules for Strain-Based Pipelines ..... 45
Huang Tang, Doug P. Fairchild, Wentao Cheng, Wan Kan, Mike Cook and Mario L. Macia  
Effect of Heat Treatment on Hydrogen Diffusion Behavior of Process Pipe Steel ..... 56
Do Kyeong Han, Hwan Gyo Jung, Kyoo Young Kim and Sung Jin Kim  
Interpretation of the South Stream Ring Collapse Test Program Results ..... 63
Ruud Selker, Pedro M.C. Ramos and Ping Liu  
Optimization of the Existing Methods for Recovery of Base Metals from Polymetallic Nodules ..... 71
Miguel Pelegrín Rodriguez, Ruben Aja and Ramón Causse Miyares