International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 22, No. 1 March 2012


Table of Contents


Interannual Variability of Tropical Indian Ocean Associated with Indian Ocean Dipole Events Co-occurred with El Niño ..... 1
Shuangwen Sun, Jian Lan and Yi Wang
Numerical Simulation of Diffracted Wave by Vertical Cylinder Using VOF Method ..... 7
Bo Woo Nam, Sa Young Hong and Hong Gun Sung
On Predicting Boat Drift Under Time-Varying and Uncertain Sea Environment and Boat Parameters ..... 13
Zao Ni, Zhiping Qiu and T. C. Su
Numerical Analysis on Added Resistance of Ships ..... 21
Kyong-Hwan Kim, Min-Guk Seo and Yonghwan Kim
Real-Time Probabilistic Prediction of Storm Water Level at Japanese Ports ..... 30
Hiroyasu Kawai, Noriaki Hashimoto and Masaru Yamashiro
A Study of Numerical Simulations of Ship Motions While Underway Using a Coastal Wave Database ..... 38
Kenji Sasa, Daisuke Terada, Shigeaki Shiotani and Eiichi Kobayashi
Ice Force Measurement Technology of Jacket Platform in Bohai Sea ..... 46
Yanlin Wang, Qianjin Yue and Xiangjun Bi
Soil Freezing Characteristics and Temperature Distribution in In-Ground LNG Storage Tank ..... 53
Eun Chul Shin and Jeong Jun Park
Experiment on Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Based on Unscented Kalman Filter for Unmanned Underwater Vehicles ..... 63
Arom Hwang, Woojae Seong and Pan-mook Lee
Effective Arrangement of Rubber Fenders of Wind-Measuring Met Mast Due to Boat ..... 69
Kang-Su Lee and Ro-Sik Park
Buckling Resistance of Line Pipes with Girth Weld Evaluated by New Computational Simulation and Experimental Technology for Full-Scale Pipes ..... 76
Eiji Tsuru and Jun Agata    
Anisotropic Damage Behavior in High-Strength Line Pipe Steels ..... 83
Yasuhiro Shinohara, Yasuhiro Shinohara, Jacques Besson and Yazid Madi    
Effects of Methane Hydrate Saturation and Confining Pressure on Strain-Rate Dependence of Artificial Methane-Hydrate-Bearing Sediment in Triaxial Compression Test ..... 90
Kuniyuki Miyazaki, Norio Tenma, Yasuhide Sakamoto, Tsutomu Yamaguchi and Seisuke Okubo