International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 13, No. 1, March 2003


Table of Contents


Characterization of the Sea-Ice Floes Issuing from Their Fractal Properties ..... 1
Alexandre Chmel, Victor N. Smirnov and Leonid V. Panov   
Hydroelastic Response of Cylindrical Shell Structures During Earthquakes in Ice-covered Sea ..... 4
Takuji Hamamoto and Toshifumi Nojima   
On the Estimation of Nonlinear Volterra Models in Offshore Engineering ..... 12
Yngve Birkelund, Alfred Hanssen and Edward J. Powers   
Model and Field Experiments on a Wave Observation Buoy ..... 21
Wataru Koterayama, Masahiko Nakamura, Kenji Sato and Tetsuro Ikebuchi   
Computation of Nonlinear Wave Re.ections and Transmissions from Submerged Horizontal Cylinder ..... 29
T. Schnberg and J. R. Chaplin  
Investigation of a Dynamic Property of Draupner Freak Wave ..... 38
Nungsoo Kim and Cheung Hun Kim   
Effects of Breakwaters on Motions of an Elastic Floating Plate in Waves ..... 43
S. Nagata, H. Niizato, H. Yoshida, Y. Ohkawa and K. Kobayashi   
Depth Control of an Underwater Vehicle Using Linear Parameter-varying Techniques ..... 52
R. Gao, E. Kondo, H. Kajiwara, W. Koterayama and M. Nakamura   
Optimization of Ship Structure Based on Zooming Finite Element Analysis with Sensitivities ..... 60
Mitsuru Kitamura and Tetsuya Uedera   
Considerations for Judging Suitability of Filling Materials for an SCP ..... 66
Hideo Tsuboi, Kenji Harada, Yasuo Tanaka and Tamotsu Matsui   
Influences of Penetrometer Tip Geometry on Bearing Strength Estimates ..... 73
P. J. Mulhearn ..... 79
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