International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 12, No. 1, March 2002


Table of Contents


Joint Distribution for Wind and Waves in the Northern North Sea ..... 1
Kenneth Johannessen, Trond Stokka Meling and Sverre Haver
A Theoretical Approach to the Slamming Impact Pressure Acting on the VLFS ..... 9
Ken Takagi
Measurement of the Instantaneous Characteristics of Natural Response Modes of a Spar Platform Subjected to Irregular Wave Loading ..... 16
L. M. Teisseire, M. G. Delafoy, D. A. Jordan, R. W. Miksad and D. C. Weggel
Bayesian Estimation of Directional Wave Spectra for Ship Guidance System ..... 25
Toshio Iseki and Daisuke Terada
Stationary and Hopf Bifurcations of Equilibrium Positions of a Cylinder Situated in Near and  Far Wake Fields of an Upstream Cylinder ..... 31
Wusheng Wu, Shan Huang and Nigel Barltrop
Ice Gouge Measurement Strategy ..... 34
J. P. Poplin, A. T. Wang and C. B. Leidersdorf
Recommended Hot-Spot Analysis Procedure for Structural Details of Ships and FPSOs Based on Round-Robin FE Analyses ..... 40
Wolfgang Fricke
Stress Analysis for Structurally Discontinuous Parts in a Mega-Float Structure ..... 48
K. Kada, T. Fujita and K. Kitabayashi
Ultimate Horizontal Loading Capacity of Suction Piles ..... 56
S. Bang and Y. Cho
Electrokinetic Strengthening of Marine Clay Adjacent to Offshore Foundations ..... 64
S. Micic, J. Q. Shang and K. Y. Lo
Vertical Load-Displacement Response of Untrenched Offshore Pipelines on Calcareous Sand ..... 74
J. Zhang, D. P. Stewart and M. F. Randolph

INDEXED by Science Citation Index Expanded and Engineering Index, Inc.