International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 11, No. 1, March 2001


Table of Contents


The Floating Continuous Ice Cover Flexural Oscillations When a Load Is Moving Along a Complicated Trajectory ..... 1
A.E. Bukatov and V.V. Zharkov
Icing Event Occurrence in Quebec: Statistical Analysis of Field Data ..... 9
Masoud Farzaneh, Konstantin Savadjiev and Jacques Druez
Morphogenetic Modelling of Wet Ice Accretions on Transmission Lines as a Result of Freezing Rain ..... 16
Krzysztof Szilder, Edward P. Lozowski and Masoud Farzaneh
Joint Distribution of Wave Height and Wave Crest Velocity from Reconstructed Data with Application to Ringing ..... 23
Per A. Brodtkorb, Dag Myrhaug and Håvard Rue
Runup on a Cylinder Due to Waves and Current: Potential Flow Solution with Fully Nonlinear Boundary Conditions ..... 33
Pierre Ferrant
Hull/Mooring Coupled Dynamic Analysis of a Truss Spar in Time Domain ..... 42
M.H. Kim, Z. Ran and W. Zheng
Collapse Capacity of Corroded Pipes Under Combined Pressure, Longitudinal Force and Bending ..... 55
Yong Bai and Soren Hauch
Risk-Based Inspection Planning Applied to 14 Steel Jacket Structures ..... 64
D. Barton and B. Descamps
The Performance of a Wells Turbine with 3D Guide Vanes ..... 72
M. Takao, T. Setoguchi, T.H. Kim, K. Kaneko and M. Inoue
Tidal Current Power Generation System Suitable for Boarding on a Floating Buoy ..... 77
T. Kanemoto, D. Tanaka, T. Kashiwabara, M. Uno and M. Nemoto