International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 9, No. 2, June 1999


Table of Contents


A Nonlinear Spectral Model for Directional Random Waves at Decreasing Depths ..... 81
Laura Rebaudengo Lando, Renata Gentile and Giulio Scarsi
An Application of Fully Nonlinear Numerical Wave Tank to the Study of Chaotic Roll Motions ..... 90
Katsuji Tanizawa and Shigeru Naito
An Investigation on the Applicability of Simplified Mathematical Models to the Roll-Sloshing Problem ..... 97
Alberto Francescutto and Giorgio Contento
Performance of Mini-Triaxial Test and Its Practical Applications to Soil Investigation ..... 105
Yasuyuki Nabeshima, Kazuhiro Oda and Tamotsu Matsui
Nonlinear Response Analysis of a Towed Seafloor Plow ..... 112
Robert F. Zueck and Steve Karnoski
MSE and FEM Modeling of Thrusts to Elastic Joints of Long Vertical Pipe in 3-D Nonlinear Motions ..... 117
Jin S. Chung and B. Cheng
Impact of Stiffness on the Response of a Multimodule Mobile Offshore Base ..... 126
H.R. Riggs, R.C. Ertekin and T.R.J. Mills
Direct Spectral Fatigue Analysis Method for Offshore Structures ..... 134
Zhaochang Zheng, Yuyong Wang and Fred W. Williams
Nonlinear Open-Close Loop Active Control of Articulated Leg Platform ..... 141
B.P. Suneja and T.K. Datta
Design of Spiral Strands Against Axial Fatigue ..... 149
Mohammed Raoof
Advantages of Plate-Type Heat Exchanger over Tube-Type Heat Exchanger for OTEC Power Plant ..... 158
Tomohiro Mitsumori, Yasuyuki Ikegami and Haruo Uehara