International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 7, No. 2, June 1997


Table of Contents


Formation of the Ice Cover's Flexural Oscillations by Action of Surface and Internal Ship Waves - Part II. Internal Wave Manifestations in Ice Bend ..... 81
A.E. Bukatov and V.V. Zharkov
A Numerical Model for Fluid-Particle Flows ..... 89
F. Lalli and A. Di Mascio
Vortex Regimes Around a Freely Vibrating Cylinder in Oscillatory Flow ..... 94

A. Kozakiewicz, B.M. Sumer, J. Fredsøe and E.A. Hansen

Experiment for Optimum Buffer Damping in Reducing Longitudinal Vibration of a Long Pipe String ..... 104
Kazuo Aso, Katsushige Kan and Hitoshi Doki
Nonlinear Coupled Responses of a Tethered Spar Platform in Waves ..... 111
Z. Ran and M.H. Kim
Slow Motion Responses of Compliant Offshore Structures ..... 119
Peimin Cao and Jun Zhang
Fixed Finite Element Model of Heat Transfer with Phase Change - Part I. Theoretical Formulation and Numerical Algorithm ..... 127
B.B. Budkowska and I. Kreja
Fatigue Reliability and Life-Cycle Cost Analysis of Mooring Chains ..... 135
T. Lassen and K. Syvertsen
Simple Assessment of Post-Grounding Loads and Strength of Ships ..... 141
Jeom Kee Paik and P. Terndrup Pedersen
The Influence of the Can Length on the Static Strength of Multiplanar XX-Joints ..... 146

G.J. van der Vegte and J. Wardenier

Dynamic Nonlinear Response of OWC Wave Energy Devices

..... 154
A.H. Clément