International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 28, No. 2 June 2018


Table of Contents


Characteristics of Internal Waves Generated by a Self-propelled Model Under a Pycnocline ..... 113
Ke Chen, Hongwei Wang, Yunxiang You, Xinshu Zhang and Minhua Shu
Evaluation of Dolphin Swimming Speed and Thrust Based on CFD ..... 120
Xianzhou Wang, Peng Wei, Ye Yuan, Zhiguo Zhang and Dakui Feng
Measurements of Water-Wave Cloaking by an Array of Circular Cylinders ..... 128
Robert W. Read, Harry B. Bingham and John N. Newman    
Bragg Reflection of Water Waves by Multiple Composite Flexible Membranes ..... 135
Wei-Wei Ding, Zao-Jian Zou and Jing-Ping Wu    
Numerical Simulation of Post-Storm Recovery and Time-Averaged Swash Velocity on an Engineered Beach with Ridge-Runnel System ..... 143
Jens Figlus, Youn-Kyung Song, Patricia Chardón-Maldonado and Jack A. Puleo
CFD Computation of Wave Forces and Motions of DTC Ship in Oblique Waves ..... 154
Cong Liu, Jianhua Wang and Decheng Wan
CFD-Based Study of Steep Irregular Waves for Extreme Wave Spectra ..... 164
Ankit Aggarwal, Mayilvahanan Alagan Chella, Hans Bihs, Csaba Pákzodi, Petter Andreas Berthelsen and Øivind A Arntsen
Prediction of Forces and Pressures on a Wedge and a Ship Section with CIP-Based Methods ..... 171
Peng Wen and Wei Qiu
Antisway Control of a Crane on an Offshore Support Vessel Based on the Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation ..... 182
Luman Zhao, Myung-Il Roh and Seung-Ho Ham
Coupled DEM–FEM Analysis of Ice-Induced Vibrations of a Conical Jacket Platform Based on the Domain Decomposition Method ..... 190
Shuailin Wang and Shunying Ji
Simplified Approach on the Ultimate Hull Girder Strength of Asymmetrically Damaged Ships ..... 200
Muhammad Zubair Muis Alie    
Yield Strength Prediction of UOE Pipes: From Forming to Flattening ..... 206
Jiwoon Yi, Soo-Chang Kang, Hyun-Moo Koh and Jinkyo F. Choo    
Estimation of Soil Heave Inside a Suction Pile ..... 212
Amir Soltan Mohammadlou and Solmaz Darsanj    
Effect of Near-Surface Crustal Layers on Undrained Vertical Penetration Response of Subsea Pipelines ..... 218
Bithin Ghorai and Santiram Chatterjee    

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