International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 27, No. 2 June 2017


Table of Contents


Hydrodynamic Interactions of Multiple Bodies with Water Waves (Prof. Jin S. Chung Award Lecture, 2016) ..... 113
Masashi Kashiwagi
Comparative Study of Water-Impact Problem for Ship Section and Wedge Drops ..... 123
Sa Young Hong, Kyong-Hwan Kim and Sung Chul Hwang
A Comparative Study of the Generalized Wagner Model and a Free-Surface RANS Solver for Water Entry Problems ..... 135
Charles Monroy, Sopheak Seng, Louis Diebold, Alexis Benhamou and Šime Malenica    
Experimental Investigations of the Characteristics of Pressure Sensors for 2D Wedge Drop ..... 144
Kyong-Hwan Kim, Young-Myung Choi and Sa Young Hong    
Numerical Investigation of Water-Entry Problems Using IBM Method .....  152
Liang Yang, Hao Yang, Shiqiang Yan and Qingwei Ma
Numerical Study of 2-D Vertical Water-entry Problems Using Two-phase SPH Method ..... 160
Lin Ma and Hua Liu
Study of Water-entry Impact of Wedge and Ship-like Section Using Potential Theories and CFD .....  168
Yonghwan Kim, Kyung-Kyu Yang, Jung-Hyun Kim and Zhang Zhu
On the Tidal Resonance of the Bristol Channel ..... 177
Chanshu Gao and Thomas A. A. Adcock
Wave-dissipating Performance of Twin-plate Breakwater Under Oblique Random Waves ..... 184
Qian Gu, Guoxing Huang, Ningchuan Zhang and Cun Hu
Determination of Roll Damping Coefficients for an FPSO Through Model Tests and CFD Analysis ..... 193
Chang Seop Kwon, Hyun Joe Kim, Dong Woo Jung and Sung Wook Lee
Grain Refinement of Zn–22Al Superplastic Alloy Using Friction Stir Processing ..... 204
Hamed Mofidi Tabatabaei and Tadashi Nishihara    
Simplified Evaluation of Brittle Crack Arrest Toughness in Heavy-thick Plate by Combined Small-scale Tests ..... 210
Teppei Okawa, Hiroyuki Shirahata, Kiyotaka Nakashima, Kazuhisa Yanagita and Takehiro Inoue    
Onboard Monitoring System of Overbend Pipe During Deepwater S-Lay Installation ..... 216
Peng Xie and Qianjin Yue    

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