International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 12, No. 2, June 2002


Table of Contents


A Comparative Study on Geotechnical Characteristics of Marine Soil Deposits Worldwide ..... 81
Hiroyuki Tanaka  
A Theoretical Study of the Vertical Uplift Capacity of Suction Caissons ..... 89
W. Deng and J. P. Carter  
Wave-Induced Local Steady Forces on a Column-Supported Very Large Floating Structure ..... 98
Masashi Kashiwagi  
Markov Theory for Groups of Very High Waves ..... 105
T. H. Dawson  
Wave Duration/Persistence Statistics, Recording Interval and Fractal Dimension ..... 109
Alastair D. Jenkins  
A Floating Pontoon Breakwater with a Wave-Wall ..... 114
N. Williams and W. G. McDougal  
Variations in Air-ice Drag Coefficient Due to Ice Surface Roughness ..... 121
S. Prinsenberg and I. K. Peterson  

New Simplified Model for Collapse Analysis of Stiffened Plates and Its Application to Offshore Structures

..... 126
Patrick Kaeding and Masahiko Fujikubo  
Hot-Spot Stress Design Curves for Fatigue Assessment of Welded Structures ..... 134
S. J. Maddox  
Impulse Turbine for Wave Power Conversion with Air Flow Rectification System ..... 142
M. Takao, T. Setoguchi, K. Kaneko, T. H. Kim, H. Maeda and M. Inoue  
Optimum Control of Oscillation of Wave-energy Converters ..... 147
Johannes Falnes  
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