International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 9, No. 4, December 1999


Table of Contents


Recent Research and Development of Numerical Wave Tanks – A Review ..... 241
C.H. Kim, A.H. Clément and K. Tanizawa
Shoaling of Periodic Waves over Barred-Beaches in a Fully Nonlinear Numerical Wave Tank ..... 257
Stéphan T. Grilli and Juan Horrillo
Fully Nonlinear Numerical Simulation of Self and Dual Wave-Wave Interaction ..... 264
A.H. Clément and L. Gil
A Finite Element Model of Gravity Waves with Free Surface ..... 271
Bing Chen, Yucheng Li and Guozhang Lai
Experimental Study of the Ringing Response of a Vertical Cylinder in Breaking Wave Groups ..... 276
S. Welch, C. Levi, E, Fontaine and M.P. Tulin
Responses of a Barge-Mounted Platform in Waves and Currents ..... 283
S.Y. Hong, Y.R. Choi, D.J. Kim and M.H. Kim
Nonstationary Movement of Load Along Ice Cover ..... 293
Victor M. Kozin and Valentina D. Zhyostkaya
Design Load Calculations for Iceberg Impacts ..... 298
Mark Fuglem, Karen Muggeridge and Ian Jordan
Effects of Inertia Forces on Wave-Induced Seabed Response ..... 307
D.S. Jeng, M.S. Rahman and T.L. Lee
Parameter Estimation and Numerical Analysis of Self-Weight Consolidation of Slurried Marine Clay ..... 314
Fumiyoshi Kondo, Md. Asgar Ali Sarkar, Takefumi Nakazono and Masato Kunitake