International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 8, No. 4, December 1998


Table of Contents


Hydrodynamic Coefficients of Rolling Rectangular Cylinders ..... 241
R.W. Yeung, S.-W. Liao and D. Roddier
A Study of Parametric Roll Motions by Fully Nonlinear Numerical Wave Tank ..... 251
Katsuji Tanizawa and Shigeru Naito
The Relation Between Wave Length and Wave Period Distributions in Random Gaussian Waves ..... 258
Georg Lindgren, Igor Rychlik and Marc Prevosto
Wave Propagation Past a Pile-Restrained Floating Breakwater ..... 265
Michael Isaacson, John Baldwin and Shankar Bhat
Wavelet Analysis of the Transient Response of Spar Platforms ..... 270
Donald A. Jordan, David C. Weggel, Richard W. Miksad and Jose M. Roesset
Predictions of Morison-Type Forces in Irregular Waves at High Reynolds Number ..... 273
Geir Moe and Ove Tobias Gudmestad
Effect of Water Inside a Ship on Its Damage Stability ..... 280
Roby Kambisseri, Tetsuya Hamano and Yoshiho Ikeda
A Simplified Analysis of Imperfect Thermally Buckled Subsea Pipelines ..... 283
James G.A. Croll
Geometric Nonlinear Modelling of Submarine Pipeline Crossings ..... 292
Constantine Kalliontzis
Dynamic Curvature in Catenary Risers at the Touch Down Point Region: An Experimental Study and the Analytical Boundary-Layer Solution ..... 303
C.P. Pesce, J.A.P. Aranha, C.A. Martins, O.G.S. Ricardo and S. Silva
Curtains on Board Tanker for Preventing Spilt Oil Diffusion ..... 311
Masayoshi Kubo, Kenji Asaki, Kazusei Yamamoto and Tsuyoshi Oki
Applicability of Darrieus-Type Turbine for Extra-Low Head Tidal Power Generation ..... 318
Preethisri Ananda Gajanayake, Akinori Furukawa and Kusuo Okuma