International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 26, No. 4 December 2016


Table of Contents


Remote Sensing of Sea Ice Using Co- and Cross-Polarization Measurements with Shipborne Radar ..... 321
Armin Parsa and Desmond Smith
Reinvestigation of Ice-Induced Vibrations of Conical Jacket Structures Using Dimensionless Parameters ..... 327
Yihe Wang, Leong Hien Poh and Qianjin Yue
Low-Temperature Fracture Toughness Estimates for Very High Strength Steels ..... 333
Kim Wallin, Päivi Karjalainen-Roikonen and Sakari Pallaspuro    
Corrosion Behavior of Al 6082 T6 Hard Anodized Aluminum Alloy Specimens in Deep-Sea Environment ..... 339
Elisa Canepa, Roberto Stifanese and Pierluigi Traverso    
Development of Frost Penetration Depth Prediction Model Using Field Temperature Data of Asphalt Pavement ..... 341
Jeong Jun Park, Eun Chul Shin and Byoung Jo Yoon
Axial Cyclic Loading Tests on Pile Segments in Sand ..... 348
Kristina Thomassen, Lars V. Andersen and Lars B. Ibsen
Experimental and Numerical Study of Rotor Dynamics of a Two- and Three-Bladed Wind Turbine ..... 355
Torben Juul Larsen and Taeseong Kim
A Simulation Model for Single and Multirotor Wind Turbine Performance ..... 362
Kirk A. Martin and John M. Niedzwecki
Experimental Analysis of Two-Phase Flows and Turbine Pump Performance ..... 371
Tsutomu Shimizu, Yoshitaka Yamamoto and Norio Tenma
Toward Enhancement of MPS Method for Ocean Engineering: Effect of Time-Integration Schemes ..... 378
Yuma Shimizu and Hitoshi Gotoh    
Assessment of Wave-induced Fatigue Damage to Marine Pipelines in Intermediate Seas ..... 385
Abbas Yeganeh-Bakhtiary, Naser Shabakhty, Ali Valipour and Hamzeh Gol-Zaroudi    
Tsunami-Tide Simulation in a Large Bay Based on the Greatest Earthquake Scenario Along the Nankai Trough ..... 392
Satoshi Nakada, Mitsuru Hayashi, Shunichi Koshimura, Syouta Yoneda and Ei-ichi Kobayashi    
Probabilistic Storm Surge Hazard Assessment for a Site on Lake Huron ..... 401
Ahmed “Jemie” Dababneh, Jeffrey A. Oskamp and Tom Edwards    
Analysis of Lifting Operation of a Monopile Considering Vessel Shielding Effects in Short-crested Waves ..... 408
Lin Li, Zhen Gao and Torgeir Moan    
Design Modification of a Damaged Free-Fall Lifeboat for Floating Production Storage and Offloading Through Free-Fall Tests ..... 417
John-Kyu Hwang, Myung-Il Roh and Ju-Hwan Cha    
Numerical and Experimental Study on the Influence of the Set Point on the Operation of a Thruster-Assisted Position Mooring System ..... 423
Lei Wang, Jianmin Yang, Huacheng He, Shengwen Xu and Tsung-chow Su    

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