International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 13, No. 4, December 2003


Table of Contents


Sway and Roll Hydrodynamics of Cylindrical Sections

..... 241
R. K. M. Seah and Ronald W. Yeung  
A Field Modeling Approach to Prediction of Hot Gas Movement Induced by Marine Compartment Fires ..... 249
Changhong Hu and Nobuyoshi Fukuchi  
Hydroelastic Responses of the Mega-Float Phase-II Model in Waves ..... 254

Shogo Miyajima, Hideyuki Seto and Makoto Ohta

Simulation of Draupner Freak Wave Impact Force on a Vertical Truncated Cylinder ..... 260
Nungsoo Kim and Cheung Hun Kim    
Vortex-excited Vibration of a Circular Cylinder in Planar Oscillating Flow ..... 266

Kenjirou Hayashi, Futoshi Higaki, Toshiyuki Shigemura and John R. Chaplin

Laboratory Experiments with an Optical Instrument for Measuring, Recording and Imaging Washover ..... 274

Norbert E. Yankielun and James H. Clark

Real-time Acoustic Monitoring of Ocean Interiors Using Ocean Acoustic Tomography ..... 280

Iwao Nakano, Hidetoshi Fujimori and Toshiaki Nakamura


Cylindrical Diaphragm Wall Movement During Deep Excavation for In-ground LNG Storage Tank in Coastal Area

..... 285

Dong-Soo Kim and Byoung Chul Lee


Nonlinear Behaviour of Laterally Loaded Long Piles Penetrating Soft Clay Below Water Table Subjected to Cyclic Loading—Sensitivity Analysis Part II: Numerical Investigation

..... 293
B. B. Budkowska and D. G. Priyanto    
Dilative Behavior of Granular Materials ..... 301

Jing-wen Chen, Chih-ying Lin and Wei-feng Lee

Electrocementation of a Marine Clay Induced by Electrokinetics ..... 308
S. Micic, J. Q. Shang and K. Y. Lo    
Air Turbine with Staggered Blades for Wave Power Conversion ..... 316
Toshiaki Setoguchi, Tae-Ho Kim, Kenji Kaneko, Manabu Takao, Yeon-Won Lee and Masahiro Inoue