International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 12, No. 4, December 2002


Table of Contents


On the Contribution of Swell to Sea Surface Phenomena −Part 2

..... 237
Hisashi Mitsuyasu and Yuichi Maeda  

Limitation of 2nd-order Theories for Laboratory High Sea Waves and Forces on Structures

..... 243
Amitabh Kumar, Cheung Hun Kim and Jun Zou  

Hydrodynamic Forces on Vertical Piggyback Cylinders in Regular Waves

..... 249
Shan Huang and Robert Olsen  

Kinetics of Hydrate Formation from Nucleation Theory

..... 256
Bjørn Kvamme  

Field Experiment of Ice Dome Spanning 20~30 Meters

..... 264
Tsutomu Kokawa  

Design for Thermal Buckling of Åsgard Transport Gas Trunkline

..... 271
Per R. Nystrøm, Knut Tørnes, Jan S. Karlsen, Geir Endal and Erik Levold  

The Upheaval Capacity of Pipelines in Jetted Clay Backfill

..... 280
M. F. Bransby, T. A. Newson and P. Brunning  

Application of Fuzzy Sets Theory in Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Assessment

..... 288
Anatoly B. Zolotukhin and Ove T. Gudmestad  

Direct Calculation Approach and Design Criteria for Wave Slamming of an FPSO Bow

..... 297
Ge Wang, Shaojie Tang and Yung Shin  

SCFs and Fatigue Design of Multiplanar Tubular DT Joints

..... 305
Spyros A. Karamanos, Arie Romeijn and Jaap Wardenier  

Field Validation of Soil Friction Transition During Suction Pile Installation

..... 311
Y. Cho, S. Bang, S. R. Karnoski and R. J. Taylor  

INDEXED by Science Citation Index Expanded and Engineering Index, Inc.