International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 10, No. 4, December 2000


Table of Contents


Wave-Induced Motion of Floating Cylinders Fitted with Bilge Keels ..... 241
D. Roddier, S.-W. Liao, and R. W. Yeung
Resistance in Unsteady Flow: Search for an In-line Force Model ..... 249
T. Sarpkaya
Analysis of Ocean Waves by Crossing and Oscillation Intensities ..... 255
Rychlik and M. R. Leadbetter
Experimental Study of Breaking Wave Flow Field Past a Submerged Hydrofoil by LDV ..... 263
P. De Blasi, G. P. Romano, F. Di Felice and F. Lalli
Simulation of a Self-Adaptively Controlled OWC in a Nonlinear Numerical Wave Tank ..... 269
G. Chatry, A.H. Clément and A.J.N.A. Sarmento
Wave-Current Forces on Rectangular Cylinder at Low KC Numbers ..... 276
V. Vengatesan, K.S. Varyani and N.D.P. Barltrop
Safe Speeds of Navigation in Ice as Criteria of Operational Risk ..... 285
Alfred Tunik
Load-Deformation Relationships for Gusset-Plate to CHS Tube Joints Under Compression Loads ..... 292
M. Ariyoshi and Y. Makino
Comparative Evaluation of Numerical Schemes for 2D Mooring Dynamics ..... 301
K. Chatjigeorgiou and S. A. Mavrakos
Surging Motions of a Towed Undersea Cable Plow ..... 310
James J. Burgess
On the Mathematical Modelling of Roll Motion of a Ship with a List ..... 316
Fabrizio D’Este and Giorgio Contento
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